Obama and the Plan for World War 3

Posted – 30/11/2013

Ia a recent story and video from John Rolls and Steve Quayle “multiple-call-ups-for-syria-heads-up-everyone-two-different-states, another indication that war criminal Barack Obama and the military industrial complex are preparing to launch an offensive against Syria or even launch WW3 against Iran, Russia and China? Taken along with the fact that according to Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, the Obama administration is now blackmailing Russia to start WW3, the road to WW3 is clearly paved.


According to a whistleblower, more troops are now being called up in preparation for ‘something big’ in Syria. With Americans sick and tired of the warmongering ways around the world, do these leaders really think that they will be able to continue to get away with this belligerence towards the world before the American people shut them down?


Watch the following video – nominated as Best Documentary of 2013 [36 mins]

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