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I posted an article yesterday on the Hillsong United band having just finished their tour in the USA.

Watch the video clip below which runs for just over 6 mins, recorded at one of their recent concerts.

A Pyramid appears on stage! The pyramid shape represented the idea of new life, emerging from a mound of earth to be bathed in the light and warmth of the sun. However, to the ancient Egyptians, it was more than just an image.The Egyptians thought that it somehow incorporated the very power of life itself and even the force that made it possible for new life to emerge after a period of dormancy.According to Rosicrucian tradition the great pyramids of Giza were most sacred in the eyes of initiates. Contrary to what historians affirm,their tradition relates that the Giza pyramids were not built to be the tombs of pharaohs, but were actually places of study and mystical initiation.

I trust like me you will be horrified, at the PAGAN ritual, the overt and dark OCCULT symbology, and the incredible lack of anything remotely Christian!! This is just plain Idolatry!

These people are deluded!


So watch with interest…Also note the number of times, a phrase is repeated over and over, and appears to be the way this track was recorded for the album. The song is called Oceans – from their latest album “ZION”.

Click on the link here;


Hillsong United in concert