Say No to the Noah Movie

Why I Won’t Go See Noah

Eric Hovind March 24th, 2014

The new movie “Noah” will be hitting the screens this Friday, March 28th. I thought you could use a few facts to help you determine if you should go see this film that is claiming to be “inspired by the Biblical story”. Hopefully these facts, of which you may not be aware, will make you think twice before you give your money over to Paramount Pictures and the director of the movie, Darren Aronofsky.


Facts To Consider

  1. Darren Aronofsky, the director of the film, is a “card carrying atheist” and open about it.
  2. At the opening of the Noah Movie in Mexico, Darren Aronofsky said: ”It’s a very, very different movie. Anything you’re expecting, you’re f    wrong.”
  3. Aronofsky also said: “I’m Godless. And so I’ve had to make my God, and my God is narrative filmmaking, which is — ultimately what my God becomes.”
  4. Aronofsky is not interested in the Biblical record, fossil record, or hundreds of cultural records that testify to the Flood being a true event. He summed up his view of the Biblical account like this: “I don’t think it’s a very religious story, I think it’s a great fable that’s part of so many different religions and spiritual practices. I just think it’s a great story that’s never been on film.”
  5. Paramount Pictures is the funder for this movie. They also produced the Wolf of Wall Street which used the F word more than 500 times at an average of one every 21 seconds and blasphemed the name of God almost two dozen times.
  6. Reason #1 in the article, “5 Reasons Why Atheists Should Look Forward To Noah” is “Darren Aronofsky is God.” The article concludes, “So get out there, enjoy the film and lap it up like the deity that you’ve always wanted to be!”
  7. Critics are not so thrilled about the project saying, “Some have been bowled over by his epic take on the story of the ark, while most others find his movie messy and ill-conceived, with the result not quite coming together.”

While these seven reasons don’t begin to cover the totally un-Biblical approach taken on this Historical Account, they are enough for me to say, “No, Thank You!” Hollywood only hears $$$, so if you don’t give it to them, they WILL listen!

And, you have to wonder, is this atheist just seeing if he can make fun of the Bible and get Christians to pay for it?

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I much prefer Ray Comforts version of Noah! Take a look. Available for download today. CLICK HERE

Noah movie plain wrong   —

Blog Editors Note:

“And as it was in the days of Noe, so shall it be also in the days of the Son of man. They did eat, they drank, they married wives, they were given in marriage, until the day that Noe entered into the ark, and the flood came, and destroyed them all” (Luke 17:26-27).

These people were destroyed in the Flood because of their sinfulness – “And God saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually” (Genesis 6:5).

The apostle Peter writes that Noah was a preacher of righteousness in a godless society, “And spared not the old world, but saved Noah the eighth person, a preacher of righteousness, bringing in the flood upon the world of the ungodly” (2 Peter 2:5). Therefore, as well as rejecting God’s Word, there must have been increased immorality in the areas mentioned by Jesus.

Life will go on as normal until the Lord comes again, but such normality will become increasingly depraved to the point that people only think about pleasure – hedonism (eating, drinking, parties, marrying and giving in marriage). Those who live for themselves with no thought for God will reject any idea that judgment is on its way.

And so what better way to blunt the story of Noah, the preacher of righteousness, by dulling out the warnings of scriptures, and indeed history, by producing a modern day nebulus Eco-Noah. A man who builds a craft with no idea of the implications, a man who’s ignorant, who fails to realise the real reason for his boat.

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232 thoughts on “Say No to the Noah Movie

    1. Because other civilizations have similar stories does not diminish the possibility of the event really happening but rather helps confirm the story is based on true events. Also because Moses’ account was written later than some others does not make it less accurate or means that it was taken (stolen) from the writings of other cultures.

  1. You should definitely avoid it since your faith is so easily shaken then. Put your fingers in yours ears and go lalalalalalalalala instead. Or better yet, go see God’s Not Dead for some strawman idiocy and demonization of everyone who aren’t christians. I especially like the part when the muslim family kicks their daughter out of the house for becoming christian. It’s almost exactly like when christians kick their children out of the house for being gay.

    1. Kelly,

      The movie is loosely based on the bible. A man called Noah, a boat, and a whole lot of rain. But thats it…It’s a poor copy. Its insulting!

      If anything or anyone is maligned by someone, and that person is dear to you, you stand up for that person right?

      Just like you have in your comment

      1. it would appear that a lot pf people do not believe in freedom of speach or others’ interpretations of a story wether said person in religious or not. Quit hating on people because they do not share the same view as you. If you do not want to see the movie than don’t. Stop telling others not see something because it’s not what you believe or feel is untrue.

      2. Hi Spencer,
        Thanks for your comment. I guess from what you are saying, I don’t have freedom of speech.

        Do you not warn someone of danger? That’s what this blog does.

    2. I’m a christian and I’m hardly bothered by even watching this movie. I doubt it even remotely attempts to discredit god, it’s just a portrayal of a popular story, so what Lance has to say is pretty much moot. Also, why does it matter that the movie publisher that backs it produces movie that aren’t necessarily appropriate? Some people need to learn some common sense and realize not everything will cater to them in this world and that you should be a good person to be a good person, not because “the bible” or something else told you to be that way.

      1. Does no one know the difference between god and God?
        When you are referring to the Lord, Jesus Christ, you always use a capital G.
        If you are talking about “objects” people worship, you use a small g.
        It’s not just correct, but RESPECT!

      2. Sandra, did you really just attack an entirely irrelevant part of my argument? Really? You wrote an entire paragraph because I wouldn’t capitalize god? I don’t really care too much about semantics like that and I’m not pedantic. God doesn’t seem to be an apparent name, but Jesus does. Lord also is a noun so I don’t see why I should be required to capitalize it. I have respect but I think you’re just trying to waste my time.

      3. Wow, your comment just tells me that you are what my Pastor calls “A Blended Christian”. We are supposed to be a peculiar people, those that are obedient to Christ because we know that we know that the only way to the Father is through His Son, Jesus Christ.. I hope you receive God’s Wisdom and that He sheds His mercy and grace upon you because at the end of the day He is who you will have to answer to, Not me.. God’s Peace and Blessings be with you.

      4. There are no good people, only a fool would think he or anyone could be a good person. It is only through your personal submission to Jesus that any good can come of your life’s work, I pray for your soul that you would meet Jesus and he would free you from your ignorance and hate. Only through seeking for Jesus will you avoid a searing hell

      5. Jezus or jezus isn’t a name in the original bible written in aramenic. So when you are using your jezus christ or whatever it’s in fact.. blasphemy. If you want to devote your life to some nice stories, then please, get your stories and facts straight.

      6. I’ve been informed by some people that apparently I’m “not a christian” and I just “play” one. Since obviously their definition of being a Christian is the proper one! It’s not like there’s different ways of interpreting the bible… No that’d be crazy, insane. Different sects of Christianity? Heresy! And apparently everyone is evil? Life is just one continual road of disappointment from here. Thanks guys.

      7. I agree. So what that he produces movies that drop the f bomb several times. Everyone, has skeletons, everyone sins (even though your sin may be different than others)….you are not perfect yourself. If you dont like the movies he produced that you find offending, thats your right, your opinion, BUT you cannot judge a person for sinning differently than you. That itself is called hypocrisy. ALSO, the movie say’s it is INSPIRED by the biblical story. So that should tell you, if you are educated enough, that IT IS NOT BASED ON ALL THE ACTUAL ENCOUNTERS. I, myself, am actually looking forward to seeing it.

      8. Being a “good person” will NOT get you into heaven!!! The ONLY way to heaven is through JESUS CHRIST!!! If you think that there is any other way to heaven, then you are sadly mistaken!!!

      9. No one can claim to know someone else’s relationship with God. That’s why it’s called a personal relationship. I highly doubt that my God would be pissed off if I chose to reference him as god.

      10. Making the distinction between “god” and “God” is wildly obsolete, considering that most people commenting on this thread read the Bible in English and have never read it in the original Hebrew. “God” only has significance because individuals give it the meaning of the “one true God,” and not “god, aka false idol.” Attempting to control what grammar one person uses to refer to “God” is really meaningless.

        I agree with dionvc that Christianity isn’t about isolating yourself from atheists or other religions. God has made all individuals equal, and if He supposedly has created everything in this world, then He probably allows other religions, or lack thereof, to exist.

        Dionvc also talks about how good morals are not mutually exclusive with Biblical preachings. I don’t believe that people need to be Christians to do good deeds. Qualifying acts as “Christian” and “non-Christian” are mostly technicalities and is actually really judgmental, (and aren’t we supposed to leave God to do the judging?) If God truly uses all people to do His will, then it suggests that atheists aren’t inherently bad people, and that Christians aren’t inherently good people.

        Finally, Kelly says that the only way into heaven is through Jesus Christ. While this may be backed by Biblical support, it also suggests that the ultimate goal for Christians is to enter the Kingdom of Heaven, and that their faith is contingent on their entrance into Heaven. Do you, Kelly, believe that Jesus is simply your ticket to eternal life?

      11. Fantastic points, Matt_D

        I don’t think anyone could word it better. You also mention some people see Christianity as simply a ticket, or door, to eternal life. That is why it’s important to be a good person regardless of what religion says, because only being good for that reason doesn’t seem correct.

    3. “It’s almost exactly like when christians kick their children out of the house for being gay.”

      Thank you for providing an example of strawman idiocy.

    4. Where’s the “like” button? I’m in total agreement with you. If christians are so upset about theis film not being a sermon that includes everything they’d like, then you need to put up the money to produce a better one. The reason that unbelievers make these films is because there’s no decent christian film producing company that can do it half as good. Tired of preachy crap that no one but other christians go to see.

      1. No! It’s because this is ONLY just another attempt to make money AND mock Christianity! be real! And when a REAL “Christian” movie comes out…it’s Christians fault to not go see it! they’re afraid to & would rather waste their money on other junk!

      2. Tired of preachy crap??? Yeaaa I’m sure you’ll be tired of “preachy crap” when Jesus Christ comes back to take His children.

    5. Oh for the love of GET OVER IT !!! This is a MOVIE……let me repeat…a MOVIE, it’s meant to entertain, not to quote or portray exact events in biblical history. A MOVIE !!!! Bet you all didn’t bitch when the little mermaid came out, and I’m sure that was completely factual !! <<>>

      1. Exactly it is a movie but the issue is that it is advertised as being inspired by the Bible which as a movie it is Not. If it were inspired by the Bible then this would be a non issue.

      2. Can we please talk about how no one fussed this much over Evan Almighty, which is clearly a modern day interpretation of the story of Noah’s Ark? It wound up being a pretty thought-provoking criticism of the neoliberal pervasion of government practices, while maintaining a humorous tone. Were y’all Christians outraged by how un-Biblically Steve Carell portrayed Noah, or the historical inaccuracies of how big the flood was? Or maybe even that Morgan Freeman can’t possibly portray God, because there is NO WAY God could be Black (?!)

        Cindy Vance puts it quite bluntly, but this movie isn’t meant to completely adhere to the Biblical text. Some commenters have said that The Ten Commandments contained a few “acceptable” deviations from the original text. If that is true, then where is the brightline between what deviations are “acceptable” and which are not? Is it truly that outrageous that giant rock people threw rocks at Noah while he was building his boat, when people are so ready to believe that a guy with a long stick parted an entire sea?

    6. CrazyPeopleScareMe are you saying that muslims don’t ever disown their children if they become Christians? I know some sons of muslim parents who were disowned, I also know a muslim man whose family was okay with him becoming a Christian. I know Christian parents who kicked their homosexual child out of the house, and I know Christian parents who didn’t take issue with it.

    7. CPSM……… Long ago, in a small Texas town far away, there was a Muslim girl who joined our Christian church one Sunday… The Muslim family continued to reside in our community…. but we never saw our classmate again … We wondered what happened to her… Do you have any speculations?

    8. Dear friend, I tend to agree that God’s not dead was a horribly made film and I am hoping the artistic value of Noah is much better, but the sad truth is that in the Islamic faith it is extremely common to kick children out of the home for converting both in America and over seas. It can be extremely dangerous to convert from Islam. This is something that my heart breaks for, so please do not treat it as if it was made up to fit the ideals of the film. Again, i agree they tried to make everything in that film fit their agenda, but that is one thing that is truly a reality and has cost not a few their lives.

    1. Would you like anyone to come in & mock/defame you & your household? I don’t think so! Not crying…it IS called however, standing up for your beliefs/faith!!!
      AND…clearly…you did not read and/or know the man who made it! Duh!

  2. Wait, do you guys actually BELIEVE the arc story happened in the first place? Do you know how ludicrous that sounds? It’s just as ridiculous as saying that Adam and Eve were the first two people on the face of the Earth and that’s where the entire human race came from. MOST OF THE THINGS IN THE BIBLE DID NOT REALLY HAPPEN. IT IS A BOOK WRITTEN IN ANOTHER LANGUAGE BY MEN A LONG LONG TIME AGO.

    1. Not disagreeing with the point, just the CAPITALIZED reasoning…there are tons of books, some of which are records of historical facts, “written in another language by men a long long time ago.”


      By that logic the Peloponnesian war, black death, & Punic wars never happened and Ashurbanipal, hammurabi, Amenhotep and Johannes Kepler never existed. Do you know how ludicrous THAT sounds? It’s just as ridiculous as saying that one species over a long period of time can turn into another species and that’s where the entire human race came from.

      1. That’s really the summation of what you’ve learned of evolution and biology? ‘one species over a long period of time can turn into another species’?
        If you only understood how ludicrous THAT sounds.

        How disappointing for you that you have missed out on the absolute wonder of the natural world. (No matter HOW you think it started.)

    3. You can’t pick and choose which parts of the bible to believe. If you do not believe it is the divine inspired word of God, then there is no point in saying you believe in God.

    4. As far as you know these are ridiculous stories in the Bible, that YOU believe are not true. But one day you will find out that they were true. By the way……The WHOLE Bible is True. Just because you don’t believe….doesn’t make it untrue. I will be praying for you to make things right before it’s to late.

      1. Everyone bashing each other on here clearly isnt as “christian” as they claim. Its actually quite sad seeing all of these hateful comments and then claiming to be christian. LOL…how about keeping your comments to yourself. If you dont want to see the movie then fine. Dont bash someone else for their opinion. Am I offended that someone would take God for granite and make jokes? Absolutely. But, if they dont want to believe or try then they have a lot coming for them when the maker of Earth comes back! Wanna see a good christian movie?? 3 words for you…GODS NOT DEAD!

    5. Okay Chase, answer me this:
      Has any archaeological evidence found to date contradicted the Bible? How many archaeological manuscripts of the Bible have been found compared to any other historical document or story out there, yet some still don’t see the Bible as credible? When you find the answers to those questions, and if you’re still not convinced, try doing research of the idea that, as others above have mentioned, there are other accounts of a flood happening in other cultures; whether that’s in a form of historical account or written in a story telling type of manner, there are other versions of this story. At this point, you should’ve done more research and understood the Bible is entirely consistent and is a reliable book for understanding, not just moral principles and the understanding of Christianity, but the idea that it is also reliable in a historical sense. Whether it’s Old or New Testament, the Bible in all of its 66 books is accurate. If the Bible has no contradictions and is accurate, thus making it a reliable resource, and understanding that everything in it is reliable, then the ark, age of Noah, and everything else can be understood as fact (and understand that there are parts of it written as historical narrative, and others in different styles). Ad antiquitatem fallacies don’t work anymore either. We understand through archaeological evidence the Bible is backed by many different finds including the recently discovered Dead Sea Scrolls. Just because it was written a long time ago does not mean it is not accurate and untrue. Also, do not call the idea that Adam and Eve being the first humans is ludicrous. We had to have come from somewhere. Something cannot come from nothing without a Causer, and original evolution theory is not credible in that it has no actual proof and does not use the traditional scientific method as they say they do. So what are we left with? Either you make up the story of how we got here, or we accept the fact that a Causer created humans. Next time, do more research before commenting on something with language that attacks the Scripture (which I revere) without knowing the true facts and understanding them.

      1. You’re statement about “original evolution theory” makes no sense. Are you trying to say ‘the theory of evolution? (as in, natural selection that leads to speciation?) Or are you referring to the origin of life? Those are TWO separate processes. The origin of life has been hypothesized, and I supposed if you chose to discount that all living things on this planet share most of their genes in common (remember the a-t c-g thing from biology?) then I don’t know what you would consider to be actual proof. And clearly you don’t remember the scientific method or how to apply it.

        But let me help you out with the theory of evolution part, and by the way, YOU are living proof of its truth…

        Are you exactly like your father? How about your grandfather? Maybe the 5th great grandfather on your mother’s side? No?
        So, you’re exactly like your mother then. Oh, no again? OK, so you notice how every single generation in your family gets to be just a little bit different than the last? For my family, its getting taller. Every generation is taller than the last. At 6’3 its hard to believe, but true!, that my great grandmother was only 4’5. Nuts right? Nope, not nuts. Evolution. Changes that appear from one generation to the next. That’s exactly what evolution is. I’m taller than my mother. She’s taller than her mother. Its a very simplistic example, but one you can understand. If evolution did not happen, if every generation (of any living thing – your family, dogs, apple trees, bacteria) did not change just a little bit then corn would still look like grass. Cows would still look like those drawings in cave-art. You would look just like your great grandmother, and every single person to be born before and after her.
        WHY is that so hard to understand?

      2. Once I accepted the first four words of the bible the rest was easy. Plus no other book has prophesy to back up what it says.

      3. The bible isn’t a historical document. The earth is not just a few thousand years old. It is filled with metaphors on how people should live their lives and be good people. Some things it suggests are great like loving one another as you would love yourself. Other things like stoning gay people, adulterers, children who backtalk parents, people who work on the sabbath, and it goes on and on and on…are completely ridiculous and written by men in a culture much different than ours a long, long time ago. If you interpret the bible as the actual words of god, you are insane. Just because people told you that because they want to have power over your life and make you live in fear of a hell that doesn’t exist is your problem and shouldn’t be forced upon other people to believe. And for those who don’t say it is forced, and yet believe that if you don’t agree with exactly how they interpret the bible is correct and you will burn forever otherwise, are again insane.

      4. This entire paragraph is made of your own assumptions and rationalizations stated as fact to back up what you believe. The only thing backed by the examples you’ve quoted are the stories.

    6. Of course it happened. The evidence for it all over the earth. And Adam and Eve were the first two people on the face of the earth. It takes a lot more faith to an Athiest than it does a Christian. Look at the facts. Look at the evidence.

    7. Chase I hope one day your eyes will be open. Nothing in the Bible is ludicrous. Its real and I pray for your soul. Remember: JESUS LOVES YOU :) even though it sounds like u are a non-believer in GOD.

    8. I hope you have proof to back that up because there is actual historical evidence that does prove that such events found in the Bible did happen. It is God’s holy word and did happen. Why would our Heavenly Father lie to us and make up stories? He wouldn’t and doesn’t. The flood did happen and some people can prove that. Also, the Adam and Eve story is absolutely true. You should go visit the Creation Museum. Yes, the Bible did use to be in another language, but it was translated into a language that the normal person could read. In the 1500s, a man by the name of Martin Luther, who was a monk, rebelled against the Roman Church because of the way they were operating. They were able to read the Bible because it was written in Latin, but the normal person was not able to. He translated it into German so the public could read it because he discovered how the church would hide things from the people. Also, the Bible may have been written by the men from the Bible, but it was inspired by God. Those words are God’s words. The men just put them down on paper, as a written record for us today. The Bible is God’s instructional manual for our lives. It tells us how to live life the way God would want us to. If you don’t listen and believe me now, then you will find out one of these days how true and real those words and stories in the Bible are.

      1. You keep talking about facts and evidence, yet, you provide none. Im glad you brought up the creation museum, check out the debate that Bill Nye did there. Im sure you will enjoy it

    9. you are so right and thank you for pointing out that what these people forget that all they believe was written by everyday common men.

  3. I find one fact most saddening: it is tearing Christians apart. We are fighting amongst ourselves about this movie. That’s the most horrific part. Divide and conquer, and right now, we are pretty divided.

    1. So. Satan wins both ways: whether one sees the movie or despises his brother for doing so. This, too, is a sign of what is coming. Pray.

    2. Liz…we’re not divided! Some are just weak in their faith! Some just do not know/understand! Why? Because they do not read the Bible nor trust God! Thus the term…”casual Christians”! ;-)

  4. I didn’t want to see it earlier thinking that it was going to be too religious and boring like the bible but now I’m definitely going to see it. Thanks for the article!

    1. To give a quick reply to the last few comnents.
      1) yes it is just a movie, but its the inference by the film director that it based on the bible, but its a poor excuse for makng the movie ‘float’at the box office
      2) – Liz, christians will be divided as long as there is a standard of truth
      3) – To Chase – if you are sincere you find that a great many scientists acknowledge we come from ONE couple. You know it makes sense!
      4) – To Dave enoy the movie… Look out for the breaking up of the waters from the oceans, and the torrential outpouring of rain,and then consider that this didn’t happen? Most people groups have a boat flood story, the babylonians, Chinese, indians

    2. Exactly, Brad! As one christian blogger put it, “This movie will lead more people to think about God than all the hate-filled criticisms of it put together.” Sad, but true. I am going to see it so I can use it as a tool to discuss what unbelievers will be thinking about when they see it: God.

  5. Why would you expect anything different from a godless person? Stop being so legalistic and marginalizing your impact by having a holier than thou mentality that nobody cares about. Christians need to stop expecting nonchristians to act like them. They need Jesus, not Christians who come up with lists of why they won’t being seeing a movie they made.

    1. It’s not nonchristians we are expecting to act like us, merely expecting Christians to act like Christians. 2 John 1:10 (NLT) says: “If anyone comes to your meeting and does not teach the truth about Christ, don’t invite that person into your home or give any kind of encouragement.”
      Eph. 5:11 (also NLT) says, “Take no part in the worthless deeds of evil and darkness; instead, expose them.”
      Yes they need Jesus, just like the people in Athens. When Paul preached Jesus to them he showed them where their beliefs were wrong and where Jesus is true.

    2. Hello??? He wasn’t judging, only stating facts! Would you want to put $$ into the hands of someone who will use it to buy weapons for gangs, that will or could hurt/kill you or your family/friends! I highly doubt it! He simply doesn’t want anyone to be mislead! Or money going into his hands to use against God!
      Stop judging in error!
      Yes…they need Jesus…and they SURELY WON’T get it here or in the house of Satan!!
      Be real BEFORE speaking!

  6. Also this isn’t the right war. You and other Christians need to be engaged in the right war. This is not it. Read your bible.

    1. I read mine and it said to expose the worthless deeds of evil and darkness. (Ephesians 5:11)
      So, yes that is the right war. ” For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.” (Ephesians 6:12)
      People that make movies like this are pawns of these spiritual forces of evil.
      Read YOUR bible.

  7. judging?? eric?? no movie or person can change my mind about god and jesus its my job to show people the truth and the way to god.if I do all I can to do that then its up to them to believe or not, but not for me to judge them as it should be with any Christians!!!!!!!

  8. To Lance or Eric,

    I just want you to know I had a student re-post this blog as to why Christians (particularly conservative, fundamentalist Christians) are epically failing at life. Congrats on being so inspirational. Are you aware of how poorly you write and construct your arguments, and just do it anyway because this is your opinion and you want to share it with the world? Or do you genuinely think you’re saying something wise? If it’s the former, we have some to talk about regarding the appropriate formats to share personal feelings. If it’s the latter, there’s really no hope when you’re in a special bubble.

    1. Where is the proof that conservative, fundamentalist Christians are epically failing at life? How is “failing at life” defined? I would put forth the premise that any Christian that is “failing at life” is doing so because they are not conducting their lives as the Bible says to do.
      You also failed to construct an argument.

      1. Let me translate. Failing at life equates to being a cultural and intellectual embarassment. Basically, she re-posted the blog as an example of why non Christians don’t take conservative Christians seriously.

  9. For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son , that who so ever believeth in him shall have everlasting life, these comments are so sad that most of these people don’t know that we server an awesome God.

  10. Let’s be honest the movie looks stupid nothing about the movie has historical record.Then again neither does the actual story from bible last time I checked the world is older then 6000 years and no person lives longer then about 100 years lmfao

  11. Seen it last night. Not good. The “Watchers” ticked me. It’s like I was watch Greek mythology instead of a bible story. So backward. It was not worth my money. Maybe I would have enjoyed it better in 3D. Ugh. Horrible movie. Believer or unbeliever don’t waste ya time. Weird movie.

      1. Evolution is European mythology. Shapeshifting monkeys, life from non-life, complexity randomly developing out of chaos, etc, etc, etc.

  12. It’s interesting to see such well formed opinions about a movie we haven’t seen, specifically members of the Christian community. I guess we’re so eager to condemn something and to take offense that we’re willing to base our judgement off of what we’ve heard from others, without actually viewing the film for ourselves. That’s called closedmindedness, right?. The thing about a closed mind is that we never would have arrived at our current proclamation of faith had we not first started with a mind open enough to consider the possibility that God exist. We didn’t just take people’s word for it and let the world tell us what to believe. Our entire belief system is based on us searching for and experiencing something for ourselves so how can we ask unbelievers to open their mind about something as significant as eternity when we can’t do the same over a two hour film? Letting other people form our opinions for us is one of the most dangerous things we could ever do. So whether we’re supporters or critics, believers or nonbelievers, let it be because we earnestly searched for ourselves.

    “You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.”
    Jeremiah 29:13

    1. What is your opinion about meth, or child porn, or human trafficking? Do you hold a negative opinion or positive about those things? How can you speak against those things unless you have engaged in them?

      This nonsense about having to see a movie to form an opinion is ridiculous. We live in the information age. A few keystrokes and a few clicks can tell you what is in the movie from people who have seen it.
      HOWEVER, I am willing to go see this movie for free and if it isn’t as bad as what I have heard, I will then pay the ticket price and tell people I know to go see it. Bear in mind, I’m not even requiring it to be 100% accurate, just better than what I have read about it.

    2. I may not have seen the movie but I have read an in depth review of the movie that tells of “rock monsters” throwing boulders at Noah as the Ark was constructed. This told me that it was in no way “inspired by the Bible” and as such helped me to make a decision not to view the movie. I made the decision not anyone else but I appreciate the in depth review from someone that had to sit through it.

      1. It’s amazing how utterly ignorant people are of the word “inspired”. Literally, if the director used characters, a foundation of a plot, or any ideas whatsoever from his “inspiration” he is totally correct in saying it was inspired by that. The director used the character Noah, the base story of the flood as a foundation, and tossed in a few other ideas form the original story and built everything else himself. Therefore, his statement that it is “inspired” by it is totally accurate. Being inspired by a story doesn’t mean you have to regurgitate the story in its exactness. ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’ was inspired by ‘Snow White’ but those are two totally different stories as well. Relax on the offensiveness over your misperception of a word’s meaning.

  13. just because the guy is atheist doesn’t mean Christians cant or shouldn’t go see it. im a christian and i have atheist friends, they are no different than i am, except they dont believe in god. people treat atheist like they are aliens and are tottally different when its not true

    1. I think the real reason that Christians should not go see it (even with the intention of refuting its contents) is that we have too long given money which God has given us stewardship over, to things which work directly against Him and His people. As one post mentioned above, Christians aren’t making spectacular Biblical epics because we just don’t have the budget Hollywood has.
      Now, suppose instead of giving these studios the money to corrupt the Biblical account, we took even half the money we spend on entertainment and put it into something true to the scripture.
      If you know your Bible, this movie won’t shake your faith, but you should be a better steward of God’s money.

  14. The first six reasons on this list are completely irrelevant.

    1. You’ve never seen a movie directed by an athiest? I find that incredibly hard to believe. Do you watch sporting matches where the players are atheists? Or is that also a no-no?

    2. The director said the movie won’t be what you’re expecting. Which if course must mean that the movie will be offensive. Except that he in no way said that. He’s saying don’t come on with an expectation that you know exactly what’s going to happen. That’s a hype builder. Not a reason to stay away from the movie.

    3. This is basically the same as number 1. If you’re planning on going to see the movie and basing your view of God on his story, then yes, you probably shouldn’t go see it. Or do anything ever because you are too willing to submit to someone else’s will and ideas.

    4. That’s what storytellers do. They tell great stories. I doubt that Joss Whedon believes the story of the Avengers. But he made a good story about it. Another point

    1. Sorry hit enter too early. Continuing where I left off:

      Another irrelevant point that has nothing to do with the content of the movie.

      5. This is my favorite. The studio is the same? So what? You’ve never seen anything made by paramount pictures? Am I not allowed to watch Indiana Jones anymore? Completely irrelevant to Noah.

      6. Actually this might be my favorite. An unrelated blog says that the director is God so we can’t go see the movie? If I call you, the write of this blog God, does that mean no one can read your blog anymore? Another completely irrelevant point.

      7. Finally! A point that actually has something to do with the movie! Unfortunately, by this time, you’ve shown everyone that you’re don’t know what you’re talking about, which renders this point completely useless.

      I don’t intend to be rude, but mindless condemnation based on unrelated events is pathetic and sad. Who knows, perhaps this movie that you believe satan intends for evil, God can use for good?

  15. These “historical records” that christians cling to and use as their only defense to prove the flood DO NOT prove that there was a world flood. There are no fossil records to prove this, as the author would like you to believe. He likely made that up entirely, or read it on some other brain-washing site. They indicate a large, regional flood over much of the middle east. Come over to the Americas, Europe, India, Northern Asia and Australia, there is ZERO evidence of a flood covering the entire earth 3000+/- years ago. There likely was a flood in the Middle East, as records show, and the actual account grew into a tremendous fairy tale. What people forget is that there were tribes in Europe, Australia, and the Americas at the very time Noah was said to be alive (and those tribes and their peoples had been established for hundreds, and in some cases thousands of years), that did not include this great flood as a part of there history and story telling because to them it never happened. They didn’t experience a flood. There’s nothing wrong with being a christian and having your beliefs, but don’t try to push fairy tales and false history on others. It’s damaging to those who don’t have the ability to know better, and to those of us who know better, it just makes us discredit your beliefs even more.

    1. Finally someone says something sensible. Anyone who believes in a 6000 yr old earth should go look up the Chicxulub crater in Mexico and try and rationalize how it got there without wiping out the entire human race. The archaeological record is filled with evidence for evolution, not the flood. If you can find any real research that supports a worldwide flood then I welcome your response, but I warn you that I will also respond with actual evidence so this may not be a battle you wish to enter.

      1. Ed,

        There are several competing theories as to the cause of the Cambian explosion, which a quick google search would do much better at explaining in depth than I could. Personally I doubt it was as much of an “explosion” as many say, as there is evidence of several complex organisms in the Precambrian era. One recent theory sites an increase in volcanic activity on mid ocean ridges, which led to a large increase in calcium ion concentration. The calcium could then be used in an exoskeleton and fossilized much more readily than soft bodied organisms which came before, leading to the appearance of an explosion. But that’s only one theory which could easily be wrong. The true beauty of science to me is that everything hasn’t been explained yet. Get out there and hunt for answers instead of blindly believing in what others tell you to believe. Open your mind and see the universe as it really is.

      2. A few years ago, they were digging a foundation in Cabot, Ark to build a new jr high school. Lots of confirmed shark teeth were unearthed by bulldozers as reported in the press. How did lots of shark teeth happen if this area was not under water (ocean) at one time?

      3. Mona,
        indeed Cabot AR was once in the gulf of Mexico. The Ozarks were the southern most land mass in North America in an early age. Check geologic records.
        Fact Checker

      4. Mona,

        Quite simply, Cabot was likely under water at one time. Plate tectonics have been moving since the formation of Earth’s crust. What once was an ocean could be a mountain ridge millions of years later. That why there are ancient oceanic fossils on top of mountains. A better question might be: how would sharks survive in an ocean that has just had a very large and sudden influx of fresh water completely altering the ecosystem they once lived in?

  16. The movie was not that bad. I enjoyed it and I AM A CHRISTIAN. Yeah, it wasn’t 100% “correct” according to the Bible but there are SEVERAL books missing from the Bible and it’s not like any of us were there to witness the events. We are living on faith! With that being said, the movie is not as awful as people are making it out to be. I liked it!

    1. There are no books missing from the Bible. If you study the history of the canon, you will see that there were strict guidelines as to what was included and what wasn’t. Most of the “lost” books either aligned themselves with the gnostic heresies of the day or were simply good works but not divinely inspired.

      1. Sorry, but there are books of the Bible that King James’s writers decided to not include in it. When the Bible was translated it was done by 12 men that King James decided could do the job. There have been many books that have been found and were proven to be lost books. Check the archeological finds. I did see the movie and enjoyed it. I am also Christian. Do I believe that the Bible is the true word of God, no. I believe that God so loved us that he did send us his Son who gave his life for us. However, I find it hard to believe that 12 men who did not live when the books were written, and did not know the authors, could know what the authors of each book truly meant. Noah, in the King James version, was only mentioned a few times. The director publicly stated that this was a work of mostly fiction that started when he was a young teenager knowing the story of Noah and having wondered what would have happened in all the missing spaces in Noah’s story. So he filled in the spaces with what he thought could have happened. Were liberties taken – yes. Were there small parts that followed the Bible – yes. When I was leaving the movie I listened to all the older men and women who had just seen the movie. They made snide comments about it, and made jokes. One has to have an open mind and clearly theirs were not. Do I believe that rockmen were on the earth? I don’t know because we cannot know what God did. What we do know is that he sends his angels to earth, but in what form we could not possibly know. Christianity is about love, The Bible is about love. The meanings to all the stories in the Bible are about love. It comes right down to this: When you pick up a rock, God is there. When you open a door he is there. He is in everything and everywhere. Take the movie for what is – a movie. Sit down eat your popcorn and sip on your drink, open your mind and enjoy the story. Enjoy it just as you would Star Wars, Indiana Jones, or even Singing in the Rain. Life is too short to criticize every little thing. Negativity is not what love is about.

  17. its a movie…. thats it. if your looking to media and film to confirm tour faith I pitty you. this story was around long before your bible was …. lets talk about historical Gilgamesh… not Noah. How can you complain about inaccuracy when your basing its inaccuracy off of inaccuracy? I think the pot is calling the kettle black

  18. While I find all comments to be interesting, as a free thinker, I will still see the movie. .and reserve the privilege of critical assessment of the movie, for myself!

  19. I myself will not wast my money on such trash,, God is real, and he will destroy the earth again, but with fire and brimstone this time, wake up, don’t fight over it, believe what you want, myself i believe in God!!!! Judge not least ye be judged, in other words don’t judge other people,

    1. The movie does not in any way say that God is not real. In the movie Noah and his family have a relationship with God. Especially Noah does. It seems you are being judgmental about something you know nothing about. Criticizing a movie clearly on what you have heard is making a judgment.

      1. So the guy with a relationship with God attempts to kill his family while on the ark. So basically in the movie a relationship with God will turn you into a lunatic. Yes, I am making a judgment. I can judge movies all day long. As Christians we are to distinguish between the clean and the unclean.

    2. “Really” are you really that disconnected with The Bible that even your own statements can’t avoid the logical fallacies that are imparted within your mind? God will not turn you into a “lunatic” and if you actually understand how passages in The Bible work you would also understand that there is implicit understanding that all of the scripture is interconnected. With that being said you have decided to not take note that God only give you what you need and not what you want. He will not give you a sane mind, but merely the ability to control your emotions. He will not give you the perfect life but he will provide you with challenges that test your faith. Sometimes I believe that I understand The Bible better than “Holier than Thou” Christians who pervasively judge others openly and in a most degrading manner. Furthermore, a Christian would be exemplary at understanding that when putting the several books of The Bible together there are stories that are meant to be metaphorical or hyperbolic and there are accounts of events that have been documented to have occurred in history. However, when you read the entire book literally, you blindly negate the contradictions which present themselves quite often. Also, I would like to add that the author of this page would probably be the most entertaining person to explain why “true Christians” took part in The Crusades, but I forgot, people who see it in only one light without giving others a chance would rather erase that part of history and claim that it was the “evil-doers” (Muslims) who caused that. The answer is that all of us are sinners, but those who preach to be a greater understander of the gospel leads not a life under God, but rather a life trying to get God to listen to his apologies.

      1. Methuselah,

        Well written!

        However lets clarify an untruth in amongst the seeming brilliant orthodoxy. The Crusaders were fed, clothed, paid gold and silver by the Roman Catholic Church. Many were of the Knights Templar and who later were known for their infamy as flagrant devil worshippers in the form of the idol “Baphomet”.

        Safe to say, their fight against muslim maruaders, and the massacre of 1000’s of Jew’s, does not put them in the category of true Christians… No

      2. So, in the author’s response to the question about the crusades – is the author saying that Roman Catholics are not Christians?

  20. My humble opinion of the Noah movie…IT’S A MOVIE….God wrote the real story!!!!!! Nothing humans write can compare to reality. This is just a movie… The frustrating thing for me is that the whole world gets to watch the Christian community argue over what is right and what is wrong about a “movie.” Wow! What an example we are! Now….do we believe that perhaps conversation about the TRUTH can come from an inaccurate movie? Hmmmm?

  21. So much is lost in translation every time the biblical texts are written and rewritten. So much more has been lost to kings and powerful men who wanted the bible to reflect what they wanted and to keep their subjects under their thumbs. It’s been changed so many times already…why make such a big deal if someone makes a movie out of it and takes creative liberties with it. It’s kinda like that game telephone…by now there’s not that much of the original text left as it was first written anyhow.

    1. Your arguments were noted, addressed, and summarily dismantled years ago. If you are using words like “changed,” “rewritten,” and “telephone,” to describe the Bible, then you are way behind the times.
      By your very words you label yourself ignorant on this topic, and you are easily spotted by true scholars. You are entitled to your own opinion, but not your own facts.
      In all honesty I used to make similar assumptions, if for no better reason than to demean Christians. Curiosity, however, got the better of me and I began to do some honest research…

  22. Wow, didn’t no people would get this upset about a movie. Movies based on true events are never verbatim, and since we have no one who can account for this period we have to just look at it as just what it is, a movie. I think its so funny the director is a so called non-believer, why take on such a commitment and not believe in what your doing. I think that’s what upsets a lot of people, there in that “how dare you phase” you do this and don’t even believe.

  23. A woman was in need of food, the atheist next door saw her crying to God for food and help. He decided to buy her some food and set the bags on her door step. The man then went and hid in the bushes to wait upon her return. The lady returned and cried out to God thanking Him for the answered prayer. All of a sudden the man jumped out of the bushes and told her that He sat those bags of food there, not God. She said God did it. The man said no no i did it not this God you speak of but the lady said God did it! The man left and without understanding that God used him to help someone in need that was faithful…. God did it and made the devil pay for it :) hey just read your Bible if you want to hear the real story its better than any movie because the words come to life! God is a consuming fire! Jesus died so that we may have eternal life. I challenge anyone that reads this to grab your Bible and read Matthew 11:28

  24. Sooo, the author could have just written the following and got the same point across:
    1. Director’s an atheist.
    2. Director’s an atheist.
    3. Director’s an atheist.
    4. Director’s an atheist.
    5. The movie is using the same production/distribution company as another, completely unrelated movie, and therefore the film should be boycotted. Even though the production/distribution company has nothing to do with the actual creation of the film, I still say no because production/distribution companies should hate money and produce only things I am comfortable with.
    6. Director’s an atheist and someone who is also unrelated to the actual creation of the film wrote an article about it. People should only write articles pertaining to people I am comfortable with. If anyone I don’t like has an article written about them, I will boycott.
    7. Critics don’t like it.

  25. Want to go see the movie. As a liberal Presbyterian I never took much stock in the story of the flood. Much of the old testament is symbolic. There were two great migrations out of Africa. The 2nd went as far north as the black sea, before one large group moved West ( Europeans), and the other East (Asian). At the end of the last ice age a glacier melt between Turkey and Greece – the Black lake became the Black sea. Thus was a major environmental change. Water rise so quickly the story after being told around campfires for 1000’s of years became a flood story.

  26. Really, I see a lot of quoting the bible, and I am all for God and righteousness. But I want to say I have seen and heard lots of people professing Christianity and quoting the bible only to act negatively in the other direction with the way they try to push it on other people. When Jesus preached he did not stay in the synagogue to do so, he went into the public and taught. He did not try to stuff it down the peoples throats, but they liked what they heard and followed him. I think there are a lot of people in different professions, including the clergy who have gone wrong in Gods eyes to one degree or another today. I think from listening from this blog, it is not a bad movie. I think if it puts a non Christian to think about his or her life and want to go closer to God than it is beneficial for God whether the person who made it is Christian or not. Instead of arguing among yourselves about it, why aren’t you remembering that God can turn anything negative into good for Himself? If you believe. Remember most Christians were not to begin with and most converted because someone in their lives put in a comment or showed their nonjudgmental attitude towards them. And it took sometimes many years for them to convert, not over night or not with a movie, not with someone quoting scripture. Most of us had to live a sinful life and know we wanted more out of life and looked for a different way. If this movie makes people look a different way towards God it is good. I always cringe when people quote scripture and say to stay away from people who are not Christian, because I and a number of other people I know who are now Christian would never have become one in your standards, because nobody would have even talked to them. You can push just as many non-Christians who would have converted down the road away by this type of talk. Yes we know what the bible says and God will help the non Christians soul into wanting to know more with the right seeds being planted, so don’t get all pushy and quoting. The right seed is kindness and living a life that is loving to each other and others.

    1. I agree! Use this movie as an opportunity to teach as a visual aid on the AWESOME power of our Lord to those who don’t know him! This blog is another example of the power of Satan. Even he can quote the scripture to his own advantage!

  27. God is great. God bless you all. Jesus is real and was sent by the living God to die for our sins. Not just Christians but atheists also. Your ignorance does not stop his love. No true christian should argue anyone on this page. When you argue with a fool, you only prove there are two. Once again, God bless…

  28. This entire blog is written on a basis of legalism. Why are you so worried that the director is an atheist? do you seriously believe that God is incapable of using atheists to bring his word to people? The views or ideals of the person in charge has nothing whatsoever to do with weather or not the movie is bionically sound, and unless you have spent a significant amount of time and resources studying the movie and the flood, you cant make that decision. If you have, then were is the factual evidence or support for your argument? The world operates on the basis of money, in fact its better that and atheist is making this movie, because it shows that people have a desire to see and learn about biblical truth enough for even the secular world to get involved.

    The real question i want to ask Mr. Writer is this. Have you never in your life said the F word? Have you never made a mistake? If so, then why are you judging this director?

      1. Obviously Jesse your faith is more bionic than biblical…go along to the movie and then come back to me. Your argument is like suggesting a mechanic has enough skills that he can do open heart surgery? This movie shouldn’t be used as some sort of way Of helping boost people’s faith (although for some it may), nor should we expect it to preach the gospel.

  29. Reading these comments reinsure me why I’m an atheist. God had no part in writhing the bible it was done by men then rewrote to the better liking of men this happen many times the bible you see today has been changed many time by MEN not a god.

  30. the article is not directed to those who have already seen the movie. It is directed to those who haven’t, on that basis my point is completely valid. If he wants to argue the biblical soundness of the movie then he should provide fact. The only thing this article does is attack the people that made the movie.

    1. Jesse, you have at least got most of the reason the article was written, for those who haven’t seen the movie.

      The other point is there is no biblical soundness to the movie.

  31. I believe religion to be man made BS and the Bible to b nothing but Complete make believe. I thought this movie would be more gospel B S. After reading this I can’t wait to see it, I’ll watch it the same way I’d view 300 or Troy.

  32. I don’t seem to remember a time that God only used people who were without fault to do anything for His kingdom. I mean Peter denied Christ three times after being around Him IN PERSON. I pray that the majority of Christians in this world are not only experiencing life with only like minded individuals because that’s not how I see Christ living His life when He walked this earth. If God doesn’t use even those who deny Him to do good things or produce beautiful things in this world then I don’t think we read the same Bible.

    1. If something good or beautiful had been produced, I doubt there would be a debate. As it is, portraying Noah as a lunatic in this Biblically illiterate society hardly qualifies as either.

  33. I like how this Christian gentlemen sees that talking about how wrongly is to go see this movie, rather than using it as an opportunity to bring those who are lost to Christ. I never did understand that about those who follow Him. They claim Christ as their Savior, but are the first to find everyone else’s faults and use those against them. “He who is sinless, cast the first stone,” I dare you!

    Oh, and F.Y.I. you shouldn’t capitalize the word God, unless you are talking about The God, the trinity, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit. He actually capitalized “god” when referring to the false gods that this director worships, and the director himself. Take that home, chew it.

  34. I had a great comment but I learned a long time ago it’s hard to convince a closed minded individual that they are that way. BUT you have every right to your opinion. I just hope one day we read the same Bible.

  35. Why does nobody mention the nephilim …..I mean it doesn’t take much research to realize …it was not just men having sex with men and women having sex with women or murders happening…we have and will always have that but the bloodline pollution of the nephilim was the reason for the extermination

  36. Hey guys, just a quick thought about this. 1. He included a flood. 2. He put on the animals. 3. IT’S A MOVIE SOUGHT TO ENTERTAIN THE GENERAL PUBLIC! Welcome to the real world, where your life and beliefs are not dictated by a book that has no publication page and no real evidence. SO, on that note, the bible is fiction. WHICH MAKES THE STORY OF NOAH FICTION, so who cares if the movie is twisted none of it is true anyway.

    1. So because the movie of Noah is fiction, and that its somehow just harmless entertainment then all is well. Is it not even slightly obvious thzt there is a propaganda in media, that films, amd other forms of medis, are used to shape public opinion. The fact that the Lord Jesus spoke out in Matthews gospel, making reference back to Noah’s day to reflect a time in the future, shows historical validity. You state the bible must be fiction? The bible is too challenging for most people, so it’s easy just to come up with throw away lines and generalities, knowing that most people agree with you, and won’t challenge you.

      Nevertheless I think I trust the word of men like Newton, Einstein, Pasteur, Luther, Calvin, Wesley, Wilberforce, Edwards, and many many others to the veracity and accuacy of the bible

  37. After reading all the comments I just have to chime in. For those that say they are true christians, why are you berating someones opinion. For you are not supposed to judge as it says in the bible. The bible that has the words King James Version on it, which means its a translation. So unless you have the one that says original copy keep an open mind on how someone else perceives it. By the way God and Jesus, two different identities. I believe it was Constantine that forced the holy trinity to keep from being to close to the pagan religions of the time. Know your history, or your bible, why would Jesus pray to himself, (which if he was he was calling himself father think about it). So to the point so there is a movie about Noah that a director put his translation on from the translation you know. If you dont want to see it dont. But what should excite you is there is a movie about Noah that may get people interested in your religion. Which you may want to go see the movie so if a non christian person asks you about it you can talk knowledgeable about it instead of just throwing hate out there, which again you’re not supposed to be doing in the first place.

    1. I am not judging. I compare the movie to the word of God and report what I see. God is the one who states how we are to respond to this. No current or past translation of the Bible portrays Noah as a humanity hating lunatic. God has judged, I just repeat what He says.

  38. Just curious. . .to the writer of this blog. . .by your reasoning of why people shouldn’t see this movie, I’m assuming you’ve never seen “End of the Spear”, the movie about Nate Saint, one of the missionaries to the Auca Indians that was murdered by them? The actor that played Saint was an openly gay man. So you didn’t see that one either, right?

  39. Besides who out there hasn’t seen the movie “The Ten Commandments”? Do you not think there were some artistic liberties taken to make that movie.

    1. The liberties taken in Ten Commandments do not conflict with anything in the Biblical account. The liberties taken in Noah directly contradict Scripture. Aronofsky has bragged that it is an “unbiblical” biblical movie.

  40. I first want to say… Capitalization?? Really? did you really try to make that a problem.. im sure everyone already knew that.

    Second.. He gave us a choice.. Life or Death and he also gave us free will.. SO that guy that made this movie made his choice to be a nonbeliever. HIS CHOICE BTW.

    and third… WHO CARES ? its a movie.. you can choose not to support him and not see the movie.. OR you can NOT care and watch it for entertainment purposes.. WHO CARES.? watch it or not.. its just a movie….

    I also want to add that just because that guy isnt a believer, that doesnt mean to attack him and what his beliefs are… what are we doing.? i mean, what if someone did that to you…

  41. Well, this thread proves the purpose, does it not? I think the atheistic tones in the above comments -most often meant to ridicule,rather than rationalize- expose the intent. The point the author of this article is trying to make is focused on the intent of the director and producers of the film and less on the belief systems of those who would watch it. In fact, I believe he tries to focus the provision of his information TOWARD the devout Christian and not toward the secular agnostic or atheist. If you intended to comment about his intent, you missed the mark…from what I could stand to read from your accusatory comments.

    You want to sound ‘smart’ or ‘intelligent’ but more importantly, like most atheists, you somehow believe you can sound ‘better than’ anyone who follows a religion and put them in their place. To those you target, you sound like every mouth before you and your message of “plugging your ears” is a mirror of what we Christians hear from you.

    The fact of the matter is, this story IS found in many more places than the Bible, and in none of them was Noah a blood-lusted genocidal man who built boats with the assistance of ‘rock people’. The point of this article is to bring some light to those who expected otherwise and knew nothing of the creators of this story. The POINT is, to those who would care, spending your money on this should come with some forewarning…to those it matters to.

    You may now unleash your spittle-laden ‘smartness’ on my post…

  42. aleast they bringing God Back in the public eye he has been long gone from us a long time you people need to get a real job

  43. I am a Christian and I must say that a lot of what I see on here saddens me. As Christians a core principle of our beliefs is to lead others to Jesus. Unfortunately, while this may be the intention, telling someone I’m right and you’re wrong is counter-productive. As my pastor has said numerous times ” there is a right way and a wrong way to try leading someone to Jesus. ” I don’t judge anyone for choosing to believe or not believe, for that is how my Lord and Savior wishes it. I have had non-believers ask my why I waste my life living as a Christian and always tell them this:
    ” When I die, if I find that there is no God, no Heaven or Hell, then what have I lost by living my life as The Bible tells me I should? On the other hand, if I choose NOT to believe and upon death find they DO exist…. I’ve lost everything.” It’s that simple. I believe because I choose to do so. Do not condemn me for my beliefs as I do not condemn you for your lack of beliefs.

  44. I disagree with this review because at the root of this movie is a biblical story. It doesn’t tell us about the story of Gilgamesh or any other flood epic, it tells a rendition of Noah and his family. I understand the author of this blog does not want to support atheists, but some of the most rigid atheist have become believers because they delved into subjects about the bible. Many atheists have better knowledge about the bible than many believers, because they want to know the truth.

    Take another stance, go enjoy the movie about Noah from the bible and then reflect with others after the movie about if it was accurately depicted or not let it lead you closer to God. Next, pray for Darren Aronofsky whether he is an atheist or not, because who truly knows, but he and God. Next, pray for Eric Hovind. We need to find the positive in this world and pray continuously.

    1. In the end i think it is how you have lived, and how you have treated others that will be the measure of ones life – not what you have professed to believe.

  45. This doesn’t even need a long comment to explain..

    This movie is “BASED” on the Biblical story of Noah. “BASED” means you can do whatever you want with it, as long as the concept(in this case, Noah building the Ark) is the same.

    Example: Paranormal Activity is “based on a real story”. This means some people with the same names could have thought they saw a ghost out of the corner of their eyes in their house, and the people that made the movie extended that into a lengthy conjecture that they were haunted and the ghost did some crazy stuff.

    In other words, he doesn’t want to talk about the Biblical aspects, or the details of the Noah and the Ark story. The movie “Noah” is simply an adaptation of the story based on the overall concept of Noah and the Ark.
    (By the way, this is a good marketing ploy in that this way Atheists and those of other religions will also want to see the movie because it isn’t shoving religion in their face.)

  46. Everyone should be open to different interpretations. The Reformed Christianity of John Calvin (Calvinist) taught us the priest hood of the individual. We do not need a priest to interpret the Bible for us. We can read the Bible in our own language (not Latin).
    Has anyone read the Book of Enoch? It is part of the Bible in the Ethiopian Orthodox, and Ertrican Orthodox Churches.

  47. As with every religious opinion this one is no different from any other. Being there is little information on Noah`s life leading up to the flood and none on his wife. So we are only speculating as to the events being portrait.Which are strictly for entertainment purpose. Keeping that in a narrow perspective it weights little on my faith and confirms the knowledge i already held true that if you don`t know the truth then you are swayed by lies too defend something that already has victory and needs no defending just believing.What i find most appealing about the movie is how an self called pagan atheist director had it right about one thing. In that “Love and Mercy” prevailed over hate and destruction to advance mankind forward in its gift of grace.(Gen 6:8) {But Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord}. And grace hath appeared before all men to teach us Godliness so we may attain the peace in knowing that great love in his mercy.That it does not turn bad people good but regenerates the dead to life, in the spirit who gives life eternal thru righteousness in faith of what has already been done for us in Christ Jesus.

  48. Just BC he idolizes money and is not saved does not mean we as Christians cannot and should not enjoy a good movie. You by posting this are gossiping and the bible specifically says we should run from gossip. Also you are passing judgment which the Word says we shouldn’t do. Instead of speaking against him you should be praying for his salvation.

  49. I think all this argument is nonsense. I love God. I know what to believe–first off. Secondly, this article, like many in the field of writing, has a particular audience to which it appeals to. If you are offended easily by his beliefs then you are not his audience. Please do the right thing and quit judging him for what he believes in. In reality, he published an article for he believes in and you just write short uncredited, moot comments in the attempt to selfishly convey this article being directed towards an uninvited audience in hopes you can spark an argument and win attention. And as for the targeted audience, children of God, let us not argue what is right and wrong. Let us only argue that God is great, and worth our praise, and that He is the one above us! I write this comment in hopes that someone who reads this, at least one, is touched and moved to understand that His grace can outstand all this baffling candor. We need to regroup to Him Brothers and Sisters.

  50. Ok first of all I think it’s ridiculous to slam any type of Christian movie no matter who made it. I believe God can and will allow good to come from this. I don’t believe as a Christian that I have to boycot this film. There are so many Christian beliefs in this world yet I don’t sheild myself or my family from their words. I believe in Gods word and I believe they are life giving to those that will open their ears and heart. Gods word is NOT a bedtime fairy tail. One day every knee shall bow before him.

    So many times we as Christians get so caught up on being holier than thow attitude yet we ourselves need Gods mercies more than most.

    Go see the movie and stop trying to detour God working through avenues that we don’t understand.

    1. It isn’t a Christian movie. If (as you say and I agree) God’s word is not a bedtime fairy tale then we must speak up whenever it is maligned or perverted.
      You don’t HAVE to boycott the film but if you see it, you are funding and supporting something which is antibiblical.
      It is not a holier than thou attitude. It is a “God’s word is holy and we are not” attitude. If His word is misrepresented we must speak up.

  51. Lol. Some of you people are just ridiculous. It’s Hollywood. There’s no truth to anything. they embellish a story to put on the big screen and make money. Add in some special effects and a great plot and you’ve got a blockbuster hit. Noah is a story that everyone knows if they grew up in or currently goes to church. It’s a work of fiction based on another work of fiction. There is little physical evidence that any of it actually occurred the way it was depicted in the bible. That is a book written by man, translated my man, edited by man and changed by man to suit the desires of the church. It’s the greatest work of fiction and the largest collection of short stories in existence.

  52. From the perspective of a Christian, actor, filmmaker, and long respecter and listener of the Hovind family:

    No harm to see the film

    It brings the Bible into the headlines.

    Arronofsky is an atheist, but a great artists that has given an important story a great aesthetic lift to show the potential of how epic and imaginative a biblical film can be.

    Our mission to spread the word is best by example. Possibly consider living the love without separation from what an atheist or any deist does. They need to discover our level of understanding, empathy and compassion if they are ever to reconsider that their is a God that has taught us this.

    I encourage you to see this film, and think of how we can use this as a subject piece and pray that Darren and all atheists begin to see just how awesome Christians can be.

  53. This Is so rediculous. If an athiest wants to make Movie BASED on a Bible story and spend millions to do so. Why not let him do it? You are everything wrong with Christianity. Jesus would much rather spend an afternoon watching Noah with Arronofsky then pointing fingers at sinners with you. Well done sir, you have successfully waisted the past 15 minutes of my time. I could have gotten through at least 60 f words of wolf of Wall Street by now. Enjoy your soap box made for one. It’s allot easier to see everyone else’s faults from up there huh?

  54. God works in such mysterious ways to
    Use an athiest with great movie making skills to make a movie about non believers being destroyed by their unbelief…. I bet he got a kick out of that.

  55. WHY, YES! One should never dare to give his money “over” to anyone or anything that does not conform to his individual ideological system! If you ask me, God really ought to consider “smiting” the godless creators of this film…yeah, that sounds effective.

  56. Why is it that Christians always judge? They seem to judge everyone else when it says in the bible not to judge lest ye be judged yourself. Why must Christians warn other Christians about films and the like, when they judge them to be bad,. Do not Christians have minds of their own so that they do not have to be protected from things that they may or may not like. If they judge me are they not committing MORTAL SIN? Why would they do that? They do not know if God (if there is one), has saved me or not, after all he is God and can do what he wants. Maybe he has another plan for me. Christians do not know. Hell, he may have another separate plan for you.. Save yourself, and let me worry about myself. You want to judge something–judge a beauty contest.

    1. Don,
      This movie is to be ‘judged’. The word means to assess, test, see that it complies to a certain standard.

      It is no different when Toyota was judged when their cars failed….they were fined..of course!

      You might want to go to this movie, but you may not want to go to another…you decide, you analyze, you read reviews, you watch the trailers… That’s judging.

  57. I hope I don’t burst anyone’s bubble here, but I heard George Lucas isn’t a Jedi. He doesn’t even REALLY believe the Force is real. Just sayin’.

  58. So you will only watch movies that completely align with your beliefs. Sounds like you do not watch a lot of movies then. If the director is indeed an atheist and he has directed a biblical adaptation it may be interesting to watch and then judge for yourself.

    Every single major production company usually only cares about the $. This is not a revelation but instead the nature of film making these days. The points you make are personal reason why you don’t want to see it.

    1. M
      Not sure why it a matters whether I have seen 5 movies or 50 movies in a year? I will simply not support any movie that purports to be bibical, and is clearly not, regardless of how many trivialize it with – “its just a movie”. While I’m on that topic how many movies are totally unsuitable, that portray all sorts of vile things, murder, sadism, masochism, witchcraft, lust, greed. Yes Wolf of wall street is “just a movie”, yet I’m unwilling even to look at the trailer.

      That is why the bible mini series and Exodus and Son of God are not given my time, of which I am accountable.

  59. If you can invest in Michael Kors, Prada, Gucci or any other name brand/ designer, who probably were not led by Christ when making these expensive products (that we proudly display), I’m sure going to see the movie “NOAH”, which is no more than 12 BUCKS!!, which is suppose to be made for entertainment, should be no different. #FORGETTHEFOOLISHNESSANDLIVE!

  60. This is a very sad string of comments… I believe the Bible to be 100% true, I believe God is the creator, and someday I will meet him… I also believe that Christians need to not be so judgmental of each other, and of non believers… There is a way to stand up for what you believe in without being ugly to each other… The Bible says be Bold, not mean…

  61. Guys, this is only a movie. Yeah its from a atheist, so what? This is obviously from a different stand point. Even for making money. Every heard of Gilgamesh? Maybe even Zoroastrianism? Did you even realize that most stories from Christians were actually graduated stories from Zoroastrianism? Such as the flood. Names were changed but the same exact story. Even how Jesus and god came to be is the same. Like many researches say “if you want to take over the world, take former laws and keep them but spice them up a little. People will be used to the old laws and there for will not be of a issue then slowly add fluff onto it”. I know most people in the bible belt area are to ignorant to really just research about other religions and notice how many religions and stories have the same exact stories but names are changed. I was raised a southern baptist, but i drifted which I admit and left the practices. The people who are at the churches were to focused “blinders” as i like to call it. So just let the movie go, and play. Maybe just be silent, go see the movie if you want and enjoy it. You do realize that during that time of age most people were doing a lot of promiscuous things and during happy times when all is well when war is not a big thing, Yes new religions are formed and the take from old religions to make the new ones. That is why Hindu and a few others are a lot of alike because they were formed around 6th century B.C.E. Now if you don’t believe me that Christianity got a few things from Zoroastrians then think about this “Christian ideas such as “angels, the end of the world, a final judgment, the resurrection, and heaven and hell received form and substance from … Zoroastrian beliefs”.. Maybe do a little research as some things in the bible, and like other texts of ancient books were added onto, and things removed from so that people could better read it. Meaning lost pages! or added details that actually didn’t happen.

    So do all of us a favor, and just either enjoy the movie or pretend it didn’t happen. :)

  62. Why the does this guy care?Atheists are people too. Just because we don’t see the world the way you and other Christians do, doesn’t make us “devil lovers” or “devil worshipers. ” this is a movie like all the rest, produced to make money, not produced to change points of view.

  63. I sure didn’t hear the Christians putting up a stink when Mel Gibson produced “Passion of the Christ”. They flocked to the theaters and poured millions of dollars over, and Gibson turned out to be one of the biggest anti-sematic jerks in the 21st Century. Okay, let me get this straight, do not pay money to see a movie produced by an atheist…but do pay money to see a movie produced by a hate-filled Christian. Food for thought. :-)

  64. Wow. The comments here are amazing! Have you seen it yet? This movie is awesome. I am well versed in the Bible and know the story well. It is an extremely dramatic version of the story. There is no cussing. Methuselah is portrayed as a wise man with a gift from God. Noah is richeous and willing to carry out God’s plan despite anyone else’s beliefs. It is a great battle of good versus evil. And very entertaining. Sure Aronofsky took some liberties in the film the same way Gibson did in “The Passion” but the clamoring of the faithful begged for you to go see Jesus beaten and bloody for three hours. There are many fascinating stories in the bible. Just as far fetched and sensationalized as this one. The writers of the day took liberties when writing the Bible because they wrote the books decades even centuries after the “events” took place. That is fact. Just go see it. It’s not going to change your faith but it may open your eyes a bit.

  65. So, my question, as a Christian, is: since everyone is so adamant about boycotting “Noah,” will you also be boycotting all other movies produced by Hollywood that do not fall strictly in line with biblical principles?

  66. I guess we can all find out if there’s a heaven or a hell sometime in the future. I try to be a good person just for the sake of being a good person. I’m not about to give up everything just for the thought that someone MIGHT be right. Just because a flood happened a long time ago doesn’t mean that there’s a God. It doesn’t necessarily mean that there isn’t either. If the polar ice caps melted right now. Would it mean that there is a god? I believe there could be a God. But if the bible is true then there’s a hell. I’d be happy knowing all those truly sadistic people out there go to hell. But all this “My religion is better than yours” stuff is not for me. Honestly I’d be happier if there were aliens out there that had the capacity for peace with us.

    1. Dear Dillan, please be warned…Aliens are here, and yes they maybe welcoming, but they will deceve and destroy msnkind under the very guise of peace.

      I am telling before it happens!!!

  67. “it’s a great story that’s never been on film”
    umm it’s been put on film at least 4 or 5 times! Just b/c a story isn’t released by a huge studio with a $100mil+ budget doesn’t mean the previous movies didn’t exist!
    This statement makes as much sense as saying remakes & reboots are absolutely necessary so a new generation of audiences can see the film for the first time… ummm.. there’s an invention called BLU-RAY, DVD, even VHS! If studios think a movie isn’t timeless enough (fashions & technologies go out of style) to the point they must remake a movie every 10 or 20 years so the audience can see it (in lieu of not tolerating the old-fashioned fashion & tech) then they should just drop the fake-p.r. crap & say the truth: they want to milk money out of the name, period.
    As for Noah, i’ll make up my own mind.. probably on PPV or HBO – mostly b/c there are so many movies releasing in 2014 I have to mind my budget on which ones I can watch/KNOW i’ll enjoy at the theatre.

  68. Why people still believe in fairy tales is truly beyond me. If you’d never been taught to believe in a “God,” or for that matter, if you’d never even known the concept of a “God” existed, you could easily decide for yourself.
    It’s rather obvious to any intelligent person that religion was created by man when governments failed to control the populous, and what better way to get people to do what you want them to do than by making them believe they’re actually doing what they want to do. It’s bloody brilliant.
    If it wasn’t painfully obvious, I’m a Gnostic Atheist, also known as strong Atheist, or Antitheist. I’ve nothing wrong with religious people themselves, but religion is a wholly terrible thing.

  69. Thank you for such a great article. I’ve heard several bad things about this movie and how is not based biblically and it just breaks my heart how satan can take such an amazing and anointed story from the bible and turn it into a “joke” such as this movie. May GOD continue to bless you!!!!!

  70. I did go see the movie. I thought it was based on a true story but by me being a Christian knew right off the bat that is was not all biblical some parts and very little at, that was true but for people that are new believers they might not know that it’s not biblical. So far that reason I would recommend you reading for yourself of which is true and what is not true. I do believe one day we aren’t going to have the previlage to have a copy of the bible and we need to know it by our knowledge so we won’t be easily miss lead.

  71. All movies are a work of art(except documentaries). Everything in it has it’s rule and laws of physics, even if it is inspired by an a historical event(not even sure if it really did happen). So don’t criticize the film if it isn’t what you were used to in the real world.

  72. So taking the muslim story and flipping in to my own interpretation would be OK and wouldn’t receive ANY criticism. ……RIGHT?

  73. I’m really glad the author of this article gave no insight on any bit of this film’s content but rather just looked to victimize the director all because he isn’t a Christian. It’s sad that this is how legalized the church is becoming. And proclaimed “Christians”, such as the author of this article, wonder why people don’t want anything to do with God? Christian’s waste so much time in their comfortable churches complaining about how the rest of the world needs to “fall in line” with their beliefs. It’s pathetic that the church expects the unbelieving to just “know better”.

    I have to say as well, I do agree with crazypeoplescareme. I was not impressed at all with God’s Not Dead. How is it that a Hollywood film director who is an open atheist that willingly chooses to make a film based on Noah and the flood who, need I remind you, acknowledged the fact that the film strayed away from the original text in some parts is being rebuked, victimized and hated by “believers”? But for some strange reason, when poorly produced content such as God’s Not Dead that depicts those who deny God’s existence and/or authority as ignorant, arrogant, assholes is put out in theaters, Christian’s flock to it and praise its legalistic, cliche, and passively hateful message geared towards the unbelieving?

    Years ago, I would have loved a film as shallow as God’s Not Dead, but the more I go through life and see all of the broken people that walk this earth, the more I realize its stuff like this just dishonors God’s character entirely. It completely nullifies the power of the gospel for those who need it most. Legalism runs rampant throughout the church, and films like God’s Not Dead prove that.

    1. I know a good argument is good for the soul, but we need remain aware of the facts.

      Darren A is an athiest. He himself said that ”It’s a very, very different movie. Anything you’re expecting, you’re    wrong.”

      As they say don’t let the facts get in the way of good story. Mentioning these points is hardly victimization.

  74. for it is written, “As I live, says the Lord, every knee shall bow to me, and every tongue shall confess to God.” ~ Romans 14:11

    This means that no matter what you believe in today, you WILL bow down to the Lord Christ Jesus, and you will confess that He is the savior. Whether you’re in heaven or hell, you will bow down to Him, but you’re on earth right now with a free will and a choice to make a decision to accept Christ Jesus as your savior. Christians will be taken away at the rapture, leaving only the heathen on earth. If you see this event take place and you’re not taken away at the rapture, then expect to see the antichrist and a time so horrible on earth, like there never was before, nor ever will be again. The only way you can make it to heaven then is if you were to not take the mark of the beast, you confess Jesus as your Savior, and you die by decapacitation for the Lord; the antichrist will declare himself to be God and will force you to worship him. So make your choice today and pray for the Holy Spirit to reveal Himself to you. You can call me whatever you like, but at the end of the day, you will see these words become a reality, by then, I pray that it saves your eternal life, even if you do have to suffer on earth just for a whisp of time during the Great Tribulation that is to come after the rapture of the church.

  75. It’s a difference between based on and inspiring, when a movie it’s based in a book or a true story it’s exactly or more accurate about what’s based on but when the movie is inspired it won’t be exactly so this movie it’s no base in the Bible just inspired.

  76. Well it doesn’t need a christian to interpret a book. Atheist or not if he followed what was written on the bible then there shouldn’t be any issues. You are simply pointing out the background of a person and not what he has made. Its like how Saul aka Paul was seen by other christians due to his previous beliefs and actions. Therefore you just casted a stone because you are perfect

  77. This movie is all wrong and if you knew scripture and the Bible you would know this movie has so many things that are lies. GOD IS NOT A VINDICTIVE GOD! I have no more to say besides learn about our LOARD GOD in the Bible not a two hour movie.

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