Posted 9th March 2014

The Choice Facing America.. What would the world be like if America had never existed?

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America the movie is scheduled for national release on Independence Day

The movie, America, is a celebration of the uniqueness of America, and a powerful and moving rebuttal to America’s critics both at home and abroad. This film begins with a simple premise: What if America never existed? What if Columbus never landed in America because there was no America?

In that case, Columbus would have kept going, and perhaps made it to his intended destination, India. How different history would have been if that occurred.

There is a crisis in America — an identity crisis. What does it mean to be an American? Is America moral or is America’s wealth a product of theft? We will also contrast the principles that built America, the spirit of 1776, with the ideas that are weakening America — the spirit of 1968.

Which America do you want?