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Pope Francis, Roman Catholic Church

Pope Francis Transmits Canonisation in 3D Deception

Pope Francis To Usher In Vatican 3D TV Transmission At Unprecedented Canonisation Ceremony

Argentina's cardinal Jorge Bergoglio, elected Pope
VATICAN CITY – Pope Francis will become the first pontiff seen globally in 3D during the upcoming April 27 ceremony in St. Peter’s Square when two of his predecessors, John Paul II and John XXIII, will be canonised as saints.

The unprecedented double canonisation event will be produced in 3D by the Vatican TV Center (CTV) in a partnership with Rupert Murdoch’s Sky Italia, BSkyB and Sky Deutschland payboxes, and Sony. The ceremony will also be beamed into 3D movie theatres across Europe and in North and South America, in what is being touted as the first convergence of HD, 3D and 4K technologies for such a high-profile multimedia 3D event.

At a press conference in the Vatican, CTV chief Monignor Dario Vigano said the live transmission will require “more satellites than the Sochi Olympics.”

Vigano underlined that the Vatican decided to offer the canonisation ceremony to the world in 3D in order to give people who would want to attend but cannot, for many reasons including economic ones, the chance to get a “fully immersive” experience.

The production will use 13 3D cameras positioned in spots that will give a unique and exclusive vantage point of St Peter’s Square.

The HD feed will be carried by 100 broadcasters, including Italo pubcaster RAI, and viewed by an estimated 200,000 global TV audience.

The 3D TV feed will be beamed into Italy, the UK, and Germany on Sky.

The fact that CTV has teamed up with Sky on the 3D TV project, rather than RAI, which has until now been the Vatican’s customary TV partner in Italy, marks a major coup for Sky Italia.

Sky Italia managing director Andrea Zappia said he was “very proud” of the partnership with the Vatican which will also mark the first time Sky Italia, BSkyB, and Sky Deutschland team up on a live event.

More than 100 movie theatres in Italy will screen the ceremony in 3D through Nexo Digital, which will also beam it into movie theatres around the world, everywhere for free.

The ceremony is being called “a completely unprecedented event in the history of the Church” as four popes are “symbolically united” for the first time.

The three-hour ceremony on Sunday began at 10am CEST , but broadcast began at 9.30am CEST/ 3.30am ET / 12:30am PT.

Up to 1,200,000 images of the two popes are expected to be transmitted on screens around Rome during the event.

The canonisation was also being made available to watch online via live stream broadcast for free on

Viewers will also be available to watch the historic event live in 3D movie theatres. Cinemas in Europe, the US and Latin America have been holding special 3D screenings for the spectacular event on the big screen.

This was to allow audiences around the world to feel “that they are actually there in St Peter’s Square, fully immersed in the event…in a way that would once have been unthinkable”, organisers say.

To find your nearest screening, go to

More information about the canonization is available on The Pope App. Updates will also be provided on Pope Francis’ Twitter account.

Roughly five million pilgrims are expected in Rome for the event, which will see four popes united in St Peter’s, given that the Vatican has confirmed that former Pope Benedict XVI will attend. Benedict, who stepped down from the papacy in February 2013, has been living a secluded existence inside the Vatican walls.

Back in 2012

Tupac Shakur rocked the Coachella music festival Sunday night, and videos of the late rapper strutting the stage like he never died have become a viral sensation. People are calling it a hologram. But despite being an impressive optical illusion, what’s commonly being described as a hologram isn’t a hologram at all, explains Ars Technica.


Tupac walked the stage with a technique called Pepper’s Ghost, which dates back to the 16th century. Basically, the trick requires two rooms, a main room (in this case, a stage) and an adjacent hidden room. In the main room, there’s an angled piece of glass that reflects an image from the hidden room so that it appears like it’s actually there.

A professor named John Pepper used the technique on stage in the mid 19th century, and it’s now known by his name. Ars has more, and explains why this particular ghost was so lifelike:

However, these days, AV Concepts, the San Diego-based company behind the Tupac performance, used a proprietary Mylar foil, known as Musion Eyeliner, rather than glass. The company said in a press release on Monday that its on-site server “delivered uncompressed media for 3 stacked 1920 x 1080 images, delivering 54,000 lumens of incredibly clear projected imagery.”

“What’s happening in Coachella is virtually the same thing that was happening in 1862,” Jim Steinmeyer, an illusion designer who has written extensively on Pepper’s Ghost, told the Wall Street Journal. “One difference: In the Victorian era, Pepper’s Ghost was normally used to reflect actual, physical objects or actors, making them appear “dimensional” in ways that the projected or computer-generated imagery typically used today do not.

Warning:  Explicit Language – Holographic Tupac at Concert



Pepper’s Ghosts have been used by everyone from Al Gore to Richard Branson and Madonna. Tupac isn’t the first music legend who’s been brought back from the dead either – Frank Sinatra made an appearance at a 2003 concert. This one, however, was a step above. The real trick wasn’t 16th century smoke and mirrors – it was the elaborate stagecraft, the brilliant job with the audio and the deployment of the larger-than-life figure that is Tupac Shakur

I can only ask what is next??

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