Posted 25th June 2014

The following video clip is where Brian Houston of Hillsong asks Pastor Gary  Clarke of Hillsong London, if he was ready for the word.

hillsong london2

What you are about to witness is back in 2010 at Hillsong Conference London. This focus of Entertaining the masses at all costs is long standing…

The next few minutes tells you just how ‘important’ the word is to Hillsong!



Brian Houston and Gary Clarke become mockers and throw off the importance of the word of God.

Sure Brian we are ready for the word! Like the children of Israel in the wilderness, “Sure Lord we’ll obey you and walk in your statutes ,and commandments”

When they finally get finished with all this hoopla and carry on, no-one will have the stomach for the Word.

This is a church culture where the congregants are only given a diet of Coke and candy floss!

This is a sophisticated modern day version of blasphemy!