The Search for MH 370 Continues

A Dutch company has been employed by Australia to lead a search of a part of the Indian Ocean which has been identified as the most likely place to find the missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370.


Fugro Survey Pty will search a 60,000 sq km area of sea floor off the coast using two ships equipped with deep water vehicles, sonar equipment and cameras.

MH370 search

Warren Thus, Australian deputy prime minister says that he is “cautiously optimistic” that the missing plane will be found, on Wednesday. It is no secret that the disappearance of MH370 on 8th March is among the greatest mysteries in civil aviation. The search is now concentrated on a remote part of the Indian Ocean off Western Australia. However despite months of searching there is no trace of the jet. The police and investigators in Malaysia have a speculative theory that the aircraft was deliberately diverted from its course before crashing in to the southern part of the Indian Ocean.

‘Someone’ is hiding something about MH370, says Dr Mahathir

Fugro has a reputation in subsea searches and one of its vessels, Fugro Equator is currently acquiring depth data in the search sea. In early April, hopes were raised when two ships received electrical signals which were, at the time, believed to emitted by the black box of the missing plane but now it is doubtful if they were from the MH370 or not.
It will be truly baffling if the mystery remains unsolved for long, considering the fact that the largest international search effort has been deployed to find the missing plane.