Entire Country To Be Locked Down 4 Days! Sierra Leone Countrywide Lockdown Coming Soon! Will This Soon Be Coming To America?

Saturday, September 6, 2014 17:11

(Before It’s News)

With the rapid spread of the Ebola disease in Africa, one country is taking what some are calling drastic measures by making the decision to lock down their entire country for four days; for the days of September 18th through the 21st, citizens of Sierra Leone will not be permitted to leave their homes. While some are calling these moves going above and beyond, authorities say this is necessary to stop this spread of Ebola once and for all. Is this lockdown necessary? If successful in Sierra Leone and Ebola makes an appearance here in America, will US authorities use the same measures? Medical martial law? Video reports are below. 


Sierra Leone will impose a four-day, countrywide “lockdown” forcing residents to stay in their homes in an escalation of efforts to halt the spread of Ebola, a senior official in the president’s office said on Friday.

Citizens will not be allowed to leave their homes between 18 and 21 September in a bid to prevent the disease from spreading further.

Ibrahim Ben Kargbo, a presidential advisor on the country’s Ebola task force. said: “The aggressive approach is necessary to deal with the spread of Ebola once and for all.”