Study: ‘Ebola may live more than 28-days on surfaces in cold weather, can spread via aerial particulates’, i.e. chemtrails

  October 27, 2014 5:08 pm EDT



Chemtrail particulates floating down onto the populace (Photo Credit: Emily Regan/Flickr)

It looks like the mainstream media, in conjunction with the Obama Administration, have been hiding the truth about the deadly Ebola virus from the general public. Not only have they concealed the fact that Ebola was patented by the U.S. Government in 2009and is a known bioweapon, they are also hiding how it transmits.

A study published by the Journal of Applied Microbiology on May 22, 2010, titledThe survival of filovirues in liquids, in solid substrates and in a dynamic aerosol concludes that the Zaire Ebola virus (ZEBOV) “can survive for “long periods” on various surfaces, especially “plastic” and “glass” at “low temperatures for over 3 weeks”.

Shockingly, the study also concludes that flilovirues, such as ZEBOV, can transmit via aerosol particulates and were likely already weaponized in 1999, adding grave concern to people in-the-know.

To learn more about chemtrails and Obama’s secret chemtrail budget, read an article titled Exposed: Secret Presidential Chemtrail Budget Uncovered – Congress Exceeds Billions To Spray Populace Like Roaches written by Avalon and myself back in March of 2010.


The survival of filovirues in liquids, in solid substrates and in a dynamic aerosol — Journal of Applied Microbiology

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