500 crashes, schools closed and MORE to come: ‘Omega Block’ storm smothers Midwest in snow as big freeze is set to leave Texas colder than ALASKA

  • As much as 16.5 inches of snow has fallen in Minnesota thanks to arctic air
  • Wisconsin, Michigan, Dakotas and Montana also hit by wintry storms
  • Dozens of schools in the affected states closed, with more opening late
  • State Patrols have reported more than 500 road crashes since Monday
  • Unusual weather caused by superstorm off Alaska bending the jet stream
  • Remnants of Typhoon Nuri has warped air flows, sending cold across U.S. 
  • Winds swept south, chilling Texas, Missouri, Colorado by some 50 degrees
  • System also sucked warm to Alaska, which will be unseasonably warm 

The first major snowstorms of winter have dumped more than a foot of snow across parts of the Midwest, freezing hundreds of students out of their school classes and causing chaos on the roads.

More than 500 crashes were reported Monday, as the worst-hit parts of states including Minnesota, Wisconsin and the Dakotas were coated with up to 16 inches of snow.

It came as cold winds swept south over Colorado and Texas, sending temperatures plummeting by as much as 50 degrees in a few hours.

The cold weather is part of a phenomenon known as the Omega Block, in which unusual weather patterns warp the jet stream and drag hot and cold air thousands of miles from where they would usually be.

This Daily Mail story warns that Texas will be COLDER than Alaska; according to Dave Hodges, Dr. Miku Kaku is leaving out the role of HAARP in this ‘weather attack’.

A week ago we reported that a huge order of Hazmat suits had been ordered for Dallas, Texas. And remembering it was Dallas which had its first Ebola scare with Thomas Eric Duncan (TED).


With scientists warning Ebola needs cold weather to go airborne, this warning below from a concerned American about what appears to be a coming ‘bio-war’ upon Americans beginning in Dallas is another sign that there’s a WHOLE LOT more going on than what we’re being told.

Jackknife: This truck crashed on the US-63 route near Cumberland, Wisconsin. The Department for Transportation in the state reported visibility of less than 100 yards in some places


Weird weather: The above map shows everywhere except the West Coast can expect chilly temperatures - while Alaska will bask in comparative warmth

Weird weather: The above map shows everywhere except the West Coast can expect chilly temperatures – while Alaska will bask in comparative warmth

The epicenter of the phenomenon is the remnants of Typhoon Nuri, which is causing areas of exceptionally low pressure over the Bering Sea, between Russia and Alaska.

This has bent the jet stream, a barrier of wind which usually keeps hot and cold air separate, pulling warm air north and pushing cold air south.

The pattern of pressures forms a bulge that resembles the Greek letter omega (Ω), and is therefore referred to as an Omega Block.

Cold air which would usually sits near Canada has been pulled down as far as Texas, while warmer air from around the United States sails north. As the front approached, temperatures in Texas, Oklahoma and Missouri plunged from the 70s into the teens in a matter of hours.

In Colorado, a huge dust storm accompanied the advancing front, and was pictured from above by an airplane passenger

The same phenomenon is warming up Alaska, with the result that, later this week, even the north of the region could be warmer than Dallas or Atlanta.

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