New York’s Coming Tsunami

New York_tsunami-1024x594

Kelvin Mireku has been seeing vision of asteroids and meteors frequently. In his vision, he saw that asteroid hit the earth which generated huge tsunami and big earthquake. He believed that it would happen so soon. At the time of asteroid hitting the earth, the three days of darkness will start. Some believers will be transformed at that time already. This is time to seek God. It is time to repent and pursue the holiness and righteousness. It is time to surrender all to Jesus. It is time to focus thoroughly to Jesus. Spend more time to pray…



And then more detail in the following video from Kevin Mirasi from a vision in 2012 which confirms the same thing. 

Kevin Mirasi has received several revelations, prophetic dreams & visions concerning devastating Tsunamis in the East coast, earthquakes in California & Virginia, and Imminent signs of the rapture of Christ’s church.

May the Holy Spirit of God help you understand His message e let us all be ready at all times! God Bless you!

(The narrator is not Kevin Mirasi. She narrated what Kevin Mirasi wrote .)