beforeitsnews 20 Dec 2014

Before you read the story, I just want to say there are two things you must do aftewards.  First pray to God that mistakes happen and that the baby is saved this year!  Secondly, I want all of you to spread this to as many as you can over the next 24 hours.  We have the proof – it’s all REAL!  By not helping, you are giving consent to this evil!

As incredible as this story may sound, it’s all true and Stew Webb has accumulated the proof with all his sources with US Intelligence and the secret service.  He also has the legal sworn testimony of Anthony Lavey who is the  son of Anton Lavey, founder of the church of satan.  Anthony gives an incredible testimony of what he witnessed in the video below.  He saw US Presidents attending this event and Stew has gotten confirmation from many in US Intel and secret service that this is true.  So look at ALL the evidence and all the videos.  It’s all real and Stew Webb broke the story.  It’s even confirmed by local news when they caught a guy in Oklahoma working for the Illuminati trying to kidnap an infant for the sacrifice.! That video is also below. The building shown above is called “The Navarre” and it’s the location where the Illuminati Council of 13 sacrifice an infant on the Summer and Winter solstice every year.   The Winter Solstice sacrifice happens in the early morning hours of December 21st this year.  The Navarre is a reference to the witches high procession. The Illuminati Council of 13 meets in the basement of The Navarre which has a special location along magnetic ley lines and why they like to do it here.   In this short few minute video it explains the Council of 13 and the powerful grip they have on the world.  

  There are tunnels leading from the Brown Palace Hotel across the street and Stew can tell you where the door to the tunnels is, it’s very near the Ship’s Tavern bar in the hotel. US Intel reported to Stew Webb that last year they parked a special satellite over the event last year and saw 12 hooded figures sacrifice a baby, drink it’s blood and eat it’s heart!    We are hoping that we can get much more attention on this event this year.  If you are in the Denver area and want to help expose this event, please contact Stew Webb on the numbers listed on his his website and bring your camera and a big group with you!  By the way, the Council of 13 is really 12 men, they leave the 13th seat empty for satan to occupy if he decides they’ve done enough evil I guess for the last 6 months! The Navarre used to be an old whorehouse and sits across the street from the swanky Brown Palace Hotel in downtown Denver.  There is actually a tunnel with an entrance near the restrooms for the bar inside the Brown Palace called the Ship’s Tavern that allows guests of the hotels to go under the street and over to the Navarre in secret.  The cover for The Navarre is that it’s an “art studio” but it’s only open for the public once or twice a year last Stew checked on it!  They aren’t making ANY money only being open once a year so clearly the main purpose of this building is NOT as a museum! You can read more about Anthony Lavey including his sworn legal statement here: Stew also has some very shocking footage of an FBI raid on a real satanic sacrifice that I will not even link to because it’s really too shocking for most of the readers.  It’s on the front page of his website at but don’t even look for it if you are easily shocked because it’s very disgusting and it’s real.  They killed over 25 people at this one home alone and there were body parts everywhere when they busted down the doors.  Not good stuff to view at all!  Here’s the shocking testimony of Anthony Lavey. Anthony Lavey – Witness to the Illuminati Council of 13 Sacrifice in Denver!  He saw US Presidents attending when he was younger!   Stew has his sworn legal statement on the matter.  After Anthony gave this interview to Stew, he was beaten up badly!      Stew Webb ( and VeteransToday) broke the story of the Illuminati sacrifice after many years of doing research about it.  Some of Stew’s best sources within the government wouldn’t tell him where it was for fear it would mean his death.  They’ve tried to kill Stew many times already including hitting him Anthrax while he was in prison illegally, and running him off the road twice almost killing him both times. VeteransToday actually proved that this sacrifice existed when they caught a guy in 2013 that was kidnapping a kid in a Walmart.  Before he died, he told police he had to kidnap the kid for the Illuminati sacrifice.  This was all put on local news but sadly all controlled opposition “tip of the spears” in alternative censored it! Here’s the TV broadcast of the incredible story that should have been the top story of every alliterative media outlet on the planet but wasn’t!   If you didn’t hear about it, you are listening to controlled opposition working for the Illuminati because nobody else would censor the biggest story of 2013!

VT Was Right: Illuminati Sacrifice Busted! Illuminati Abduction Attempt in Oklahoma BUSTED!  Man admitted he was kidnapping an infant for the Illuminati sacrifice on the summer solstice!

 Testimony of Ex Satanist 

Also note that this is the time of pagan festivities, Christ Mass is the death of the Eucharist (not the birth) and has nothing whatsoever to do with the birth of Jesus