Are we paying attention to these massive drills, GLOBALLY?

Israel’s Largest Emergency Drill Ever

The State of Israel is under attack from Syria, Lebanon and Gaza according to the practice exercise starting Sunday.The IDF Home Front Command, in cooperation with the recently-established National Emergency Authority, called “Rachel” for its Hebrew acronym, local authorities, different governmental offices, security and rescue teams and the educational system will participate in a comprehensive national training exercise which will take place across the country beginning Sunday.

Israelis awoke to radio announcers describing the scenario being practiced for: It is the fourth day of the war. Israel is under missile attack from the Hizbullah in Lebanon and from Syria. Kassam rockets and Grad-type Katyusha missiles are being launched at Netivot and Ashkelon from Gaza.

The IDF dispatched a statement assuring citizens that the drill has been planned “as part of the IDF 2008 work plan,” and emphasizing: The exercise was not planned in relation to any current events.

Syria and Lebanon are reportedly on high alert, nonetheless. Army Radio reported that while the practice exercizes are being held, Hizbullah terrorists and Syria will be deployed and readied for an all-out confrontation – something Syria is claiming is a result of the fear that Israel will launch an attack.


Published on 27 Jul 2015

Largest Exercise Ever, CYBER DRILL, World Stock Markets in Trouble.

Israel Prepares Homefront For All Out Missile War