Folks, this is exceedingly serious. Who ORGANIZED this MASSIVE exodus and why?

ISIS is behind this & not everyone migrating are “regular people” Terrorists are on the move ready to infiltrate GLOBALLY!! The Trojan Horse is a tried and true method and it is being used once again in FRONT OF OUR FACES.

This does NOT affect Europe only, this is a precursor. FEMA is prepared. Are you?

Questions this broadcast answers:
1.) Why would Syrian refugees make the dangerous and extremely long journey to European nations and U.S. (who hold damnable doctrine and life-styles according to the Quran) rather than the Arab nations (who are Islamic oriented) around them?
2.) Why has it taken 5 full years (length of civil war in certain parts of Syria) for Syrians in the particular regions to leave?
3.) Why are refugees tossing out good water and food given to them by western governments on their arrival?
4.) Why are many of the refugees young men?
5.) Why are the 5 wealthiest Gulf Nations refusing to take even one refugee? What do they know that we don’t?
6.) Could it be this refugee crisis is not really a crisis at all but a Trojan Horse?
7.) Could it be that we could be looking at the most massive Infiltration of Muslims and the religion of Islam the West has EVER seen in History
8.) Could it be this “refugee crisis” is a planned takeover by the United Nations, U.S. and EU sensitive to the Caliphate of Islamic Teachings?
9.) Could it be that due to Russian intervention in the Syrian war backing Assad this Exodus of Syrians is due to a major surprise all-out attack to be launched by the U.S. and Nato in Syria making Damascus a “ruinous heap”?
10.) Does the China and Russia warships spotted off the coast of Alaska and Georgia U.S. last week indicate something far more threatening and sinister is about to take place on the global scene?
Tune in and get the answers to these questions and much more!
Headlines used:
6 charts and a map that show where Europe’s refugees are coming from – and the perilous journeys they are taking:…
ISIS plotting Trojan Horse campaign by smuggling militants into western Europe disguised as refugees:…
Refugees refuses food and water from Red Cross because of the “Cross”:…

UN Calls for Countries to Accept 180,000 Syrian Refugees as ISIS Says They’re Using Refugees as Trojan Horse:…


ISIS plotting Trojan Horse campaign by smuggling militants into western Europe disguised as refugees

  • ISIS militants plan to enter Turkey disguised as refugees fleeing the fighting
  • Hundreds of Kurds cross the ‘chaotic’ Syrian-Turkish border every day
  • And it would be almost impossible to spot militants blending in with crowds  
  • From there they plan to travel through Europe equipped with fake passports
  • New Trojan Horse tactic could unleash a wave of terror attacks on continent 

ISIS is plotting to smuggle militants into Western Europe disguised as refugees so that they can launch devastating terror attacks, according to US intelligence sources.

Encrypted communications unravelled by American military intelligence have revealed that Islamic State leaders are planning to take advantage of the ‘chaotic conditions’ on the Syria-Turkey crossing.

Relaxed border controls would allow IS militants to blend in with the thousands of genuine refugees spilling over the border in search of safety, reports International Business Times.

The Trojan Horse tactic would see fighters equipped with fake passports, leaving them free to travel around European countries and plot terrorist attacks unchecked.

A US intelligence source, speaking to German newspaper Bild,  said that ISIS was moving away from plans to conduct aircraft hijackings for fear of tight security – and that they were looking to land a new strategy.

‘In view of the chaotic conditions on the Syria-Turkey border, it is nearly impossible to catch Isis terrorists in the wave of refugees,’ wrote Bild.

Because hundreds of refugees cross the Syrian-Turkish border every day, the jihadists have a good chance of remaining unnoticed in the crowds. Read More






As reported by infowars, Images of “refugees” arriving in Europe who previously fought for jihadist rebel factions in Syria are stoking further concerns that ISIS could be exploiting the crisis to infiltrate terrorists into the west.

At least three individuals have been identified entering Europe who have previously been pictured fighting for Al-Qaeda-linked militant groups.

The most widely circulated photos are these images of Laith Al Saleh, who was profiled by the Associated Press last month. Al Saleh was the commander of a 700-strong FSA rebel unit in Syria.

BBC News attempted to debunk the notion that Al Saleh was a jihadist, despite the fact that the Free Syrian Army fought alongside ISIS and has committed a plethora of war crimes and human rights violations, including forcing a child to behead a prisoner.

Another image shows a “refugee” who was previously alleged to have fought alongside Jabhat al-Nusra, an Al-Qaeda offshoot that has been responsible for innumerable atrocities in Syria, including beheadings.

A third set of images shows a “refugee” who had previously been pictured heavily armed fighting for a jihadist faction in Syria.

After the images were circulated on social media, Hungary’s M1 television reported, “Islamist terrorists, disguised as refugees, have showed up in Europe. [The] pictures were uploaded on various social networks to show that terrorists are now present in most European cities. Many, who are now illegal immigrants, fought alongside Islamic State before.”

Although it is likely the men pictured fought with jihadist rebel factions in Syria – not ISIS – many of the so-called “moderate” rebels share the same ideology and went on to join ISIS.

“From what I can see in the report it was an investigation of Facebook pages of individuals, who in the past associated with terror groups, and who now on their personal pages are posting pictures of themselves, showing that they are in Germany, they are in the West,” Tony Robinson, co-director of humanitarian organization Pressenza, told RT. “Either way there are almost certainly individuals, who have belonged to terrorist groups in the past, some of them, no doubt will be radicalized to the extent that they will be prepared to commit acts of violence and terrorism against cities of Europe.”

Earlier this year, ISIS threatened to flood Europe with half a million migrants as part of a “psychological attack,” fulfilling Colonel Gaddafi’s 2011 warning that the Mediterranean would become a “sea of chaos”. Gaddafi also warned that jihadists would later “conquer Rome”.

An ISIS operative revealed last week that the clandestine plan had been a “complete success” and that Islamic State now had infiltrated around 4,000 fighters into Europe as a result of western nations’ generosity towards refugees.

“Just wait,” the operative told Buzzfeed. “It’s our dream that there should be a caliphate not only in Syria but in all the world and we will have it soon, God willing.”

“They are going like refugees,” he added. “Others just go to Europe to be ready.”

As the Sydney Morning Herald reports, in some areas 90% of the migrants arrive claiming they are Syrian refugees yet have no evidence to prove it at all, with many discarding their real IDs before they cross the border.