X-Men: Apocalypse is an upcoming American  superhero film based on the X-Men characters that appear in Marvel Comics.

Intended as a sequel to 2014’s X-Men: Days of Future Past and the ninth installment in the X-Men film series . X-Men: Apocalypse is scheduled for release on May 27, 2016, in North America 

However it makes some anti biblical statements, as well as a veiled reference to this dark being providing an answer when all society fails. The Beast rises.

In a trailer released earlier this month by 20th Century Fox, the 2016 film “X-Men: Apocalypse” finds the group of superpower-laden heroes battling an ancient villain named Apocalypse.”I’ve been called many things over many lifetimes,” says Apocalypse, who lists Yahweh,  the Egyptian god Ra and the Hindu god Krishna as the names he’s been called.

Later in the trailer, it is noted that Apocalypse always chooses “Four Horsemen” to help him enact his will.

When a character said “he got that from the Bible,” another replies “or the Bible got it from him.”
Does this mean that the newest X-Men movie will have a sacrilegious theme? Not sure. After all, the trailer is only 2 and a half minutes long, but it should be treated with caution. After all these creatures are hybrids…. (Read Gen 6:1-6)
As Relevant Magazine has pointed out, the movie is fraught with religious symbolism, though none which will endear it to believing audiences. Much about the film is still unknown, however, and it’s uncertain what part these biblical motifs will ultimately play in the story.

Minor note: it looks like Nightcrawler will be in the cast of characters. The Nightcrawler character is known to be a devout Christian.

Might be interesting to see if he gets to express his belief on all this comparing Apocalypse to the Almighty.