By Stefan Stanford – All News Pipeline – Live Free Or Die

While the story of a mile-long convoy of United Nations vehicles being driven northbound through South Carolina wasn’t accompanied by any pictures or videos, the UN sighting was deemed ‘very spooky’ by the eyewitness, a long-time friend and colleague of the blog.

As we’re told, there was nothing but heavy equipment carriers, cargo transport trucks and construction equipment trailers that looked ‘beat up and well used’ according to their story.

Generally we take an eyewitness report like this at face value when their are no pictures or videos to go along with the report but as we can see in the newly released videos below and pictures within this story, an awful lot of military convoy movement is again taking place across America in preparation for a still unnamed event.

Why would a United Nations convoy be in America? Is this preparation for the coming total collapse of the US economy? As Michael Snyder recently told us in this story at The Economic Collapse Blog, there are at least 13 different catastrophic events that could soon lead to an American apocalypse.

According to the Global Challenges Foundation which Snyder quotes in his story, the 13 potential catastrophes waiting to bring America to our collective knees include:

Volcanic eruptions,


natural pandemics,

engineered pandemics,

artificial intelligence,


nuclear war,

Islamic terror,

power grid failure,


economic collapse,

civil unrest/martial law

catastrophic earthquakes.

Snyder continues to tell us that just one of those happening on a big enough scale would be enough to change our society.

Certainly any of those reasons could be why the UN is on US soil and the US military preparing for something massive with another few options being: 1) Preparing to disarm the American people 2) Preparing to bring in the North American Union or 3) Preparing to deny Donald Trump the election and continuing their ‘new world order’ damn the American voter being just a few.

Of course, several of those also go hand in hand with each other such as power grid failure with martial law, economic collapse with martial law, economic collapse with nuclear war and nuclear war with martial law being several.


As we learn in this story from Mac Slavo at SHTFPlan, an EMP attack upon America would not only completely destroy civilization, it would quite literally be ‘a nightmare we’ll never wake up from’ for everyone experiencing it, much more so for those who didn’t bother to prepare. In fact, according to the new story at All Self Sustained, 25 to 50 million Americans could die within 90 days after the US dollar collapse, those who refused to see the warning signs on the road ahead and neglected to prepare. They also tell us: “You cannot stop what is coming”.

King World News recently told us, when the global ponzi scheme is exposed, there is going to be a massive panic. Are we now closing in on that moment, necessitating UN and US military in the streets in an attempt to prevent from happening here what’s already happening in Venezuela as shared by Susan Duclos in this linked story? Brandon Smith over at told us today how a collapse in South America could even trigger martial law for America.

On ANP we have been reporting about almost all of the various 13 catastrophes that might soon fall upon America in various stories throughout our history and while some have called out stories ‘fear porn’, all we’re trying to do is to report the facts while reporting what those facts could possibly mean for Americans.

We pray that many of the ‘speculative aspects’ of our stories never come true as none of us wants any of these 13 catastrophes to take down our Republic. However, pretending these possibilities do not exist is no way to prevent them from happening. We posit that as Americans, if we prepare ourselves the best we can for any of them, we’re best prepared for nearly all of them.

In the first videos below we see military convoys in Texas. We cannot argue with the fact that there are military convoys seemingly all across America at a time when grave danger is warned for our nation.


March 2016 Convoy Trains Transporting Military Vehicles Tanks Carrying Hauling Moving Equipment USA

Published on 22 Mar 2016

Recent Footage from This & past few months all around the United States. What are the Illuminati NWO Elite Planning? Is Obama waiting for next major event to declare martial law, run for a third term, WW3 ? FEMA UWEX 2016 the new Jade Helm?


A recent alert from the website of Steve Quayle republished below helps to share the sense of anxiety that many Americans across the entire country are feeling right now. Is this part of the reason for all of the preparation we’re now seeing?

Brazil Indiana—Long story short a bank had less than 3500 in cash to hand out in an entire day.

My name is Grant, and I live in Brazil, Indiana.

Saturday the 30th of April, my grandmother and I went into a First Financial bank to withdraw 3500 in cash and we were told there was no money to loan out. We informed the desk clerk that we didn’t want to take out a loan, we just simply want to withdraw money from my savings account. She then proceeded to tell me “sir there isn’t that much money here for you to withdraw” After about 40 min of dealing with managers and what I call (hire ups) they finally said it’ll be a little bit, but we’ll have the money ready for you to pick up that next day. Knowing that next day was a Sunday I asked “how am I supposed to get cash on a Sunday?

She then proceeded to tell me “sir you’ll have to work with us in order for you get the whole 3500 in cash”.

I started to get upset and she could tell. I said “I’ll be back in an hour and my money better be ready for me to pick up. She said “sir can’t you use your card or write a check for what your intending to buy?” I told her no I want what’s mine. Not 3 minutes after I left the bank I received a call saying there was all the cash I needed at Bank in South Terre Haute. Long story short a bank had less than 3500 in cash to hand out in an entire day. I was shocked. Thought you might want to know that we are in fact headed towards a cashless society. Thank you Steve for making the numbskulls aware of what the world and banking system is really like.