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Lance Goodall   13 June 2016

Yesterday I wrote on the Together 2016 event with the likes of Hillsong United and Lacrae as guest artists in Washington DC in July , and also details of another event being held (Sept 21) later in the year in Dallas, called The Gathering 2016 

As a brief recap on The Gathering Event look who features on the guest list.

Some of the top Christian leaders in the country are convening in the Dallas area in September to pray and seek revival for America.

Dr. Leith Anderson, president of the National Association of Evangelicals

Follow the bread trail.

Heather Clark of Christian News reports on The Together 2016 organizer Nick Hall meeting with Pope Francis.

“Together 2016” is an event to be held on July 16 at the National Mall in Washington, and seeks to unite those of various backgrounds to “stand together for Jesus.” Both Christians and Catholics alike will be featured at the prayer and worship event.

“Together 2016 is about laying aside what divides us to lift up Jesus who unites us,” organizer Nick Hall of PULSE told Christian News Network. “We are coming together in historic unity to pray for a reset for our nation.”


 St. Peters Square in Rome                                                        Washington DC


“Jesus said that His followers are family. We believe that it is time for a family gathering,” he also said in an official statement. “It’s not about what divides us, but about the one who unites us—Jesus. The world sees division. We can change that.”

This week, Hall announced that Pope Francis, will be delivering a video message to those in attendance.

“We are humbled and honored by his involvement and are eager to share his message with the crowd that gathers at Together 2016,” he told the Christian Post. “That His Holiness would choose to speak into this historic day is a testament to the urgency and the need for followers of Jesus to unite in prayer for our nation and our world.”

Hall traveled to Rome on Thursday to meet with the Roman Catholic leader and other Vatican officials ahead of the event.

“We’ve been praying for this and God has been answering our prayers,” he said in an online video in speaking of Bergoglio’s support of the gathering, explaining that he and a representative from the Vatican discussed how to unite Christians and Catholics.

Hall also noted that he and Bergoglio would be praying together on Friday. “This is just what God’s been doing,” he asserted.

But who is Nick Hall?

Well according to the Pulse website

Nick Hall didn’t set out to found PULSE, he set out to share the hope of Jesus on his college campus—and so many people’s lives were impacted that PULSE was founded to help keep the message spreading.

nick hall evangelist international

At age 33, Nick has been tagged as an international voice in the cause of evangelism.

Nick sits on the leadership teams for the US Lausanne Committee, the National Association of Evangelicals, and the student advisory team for the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA).

As a voice to the next generation, Nick has shared the Gospel in person to nearly three million students and is regularly featured as a speaker for pastors gatherings, student conferences, training events, and festivals around the world. He has been featured on major media outlets including the US News & World Report, Fox News, Christianity Today, Moody Radio, Christian Broadcasting Network, Trinity Broadcast Network, The Christian Post, Decision Magazine, and Baptist Press.

Nick is married to his best friend, Tiffany, and they are proud parents of Truett (age 3) and Ruby (born October 2015). They live in Minneapolis, MN. Nick has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from NDSU and a Master’s in Leadership and Christian Thought from Bethel Seminary in St. Paul, MN.


UPDATE: Nick Hall and Together 2016 Revisited 

Sorry…Alarm Bells 

If you know about any of these organisations they are Ecumenical by nature veiled in a cloak of Evangelicalism








An Anglican theologian and Ecumenical advocate from the U.K., John Stott was the chief architect of the 1974 Lausanne Covenant.

A brief statement here will elude to the dark corridors of power that oversee these organizations — Read more 

The Lausanne Movement did not suddenly materialize out of nothingness, but was the long term project of the World Evangelical Fellowship which was formed in 1952 from the “dying embers” of the Evangelical Alliance which was founded in 1846 in Freemason’s Hall, London.  John Stott, the framer of the Lausanne Covenant, oversaw the formation of WEF and formulated its purposes.  In essence, Lausanne and indeed the entire ecumenical movement are a Masonic enterprise.

The following statement by Peter Beyerhaus displays his unabashed overtures toward the Roman Catholic Church and enthusiasm over the success of Vatican II, another Masonic project:

“The third obstacle to the formation of solid national churches that vigorously applied the Gospel to the needs of the people were the confessional and denominational divisions imported from the Western churches and proliferated by additional schisms and separatist movements, particularly in South Africa. Too much energy was consumed by such frictions! Therefore, I gladly participated in interdenominational enterprises such as student Christian associations and in-staff institutes for theological seminaries that were sponsored by the Theological Education Fund. These vehicles of fellowship brought about a new sense of fraternity across the various institutions, both Protestant and Roman Catholic. The inclusion of Roman Catholics, which would have appeared unthinkable in earlier times, had become possible as a result of the impact of the Second Vatican Council. It also served to broaden my own outlook for an ecumenical vision that combined faithfulness to my confessional heritage with a concern for a reunification of the body of Christ according to his intercession in chapter 17 of the Gospel of John.” [My Pilgrimage in Mission]

Supporters of the Together event include The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, the Luis Palau Association, CRU (formerly Campus Crusade for Christ), Intervarsity Christian Fellowship, Premiere Productions, the National Day of Prayer, YWAM, the American Bible Society and other organizations.

Confirmed speakers include Francis Chan, Ravi Zacharias, Josh McDowell, Southern Baptist Convention President Ronnie Floyd and National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference President Samuel Rodriquez. Music will be provided by Michael W. Smith, Hillsong United, Lecrae, Kari Jobe, Jeremy Camp, Lauren Daigle, Casting Crowns, Kirk Franklin, Andy Mineo and Matt Maher, among others.

“I love the name Together,” Joel Houston of Hillsong United said in a statement. “There’s a power in unity and a blessing that comes when people put aside their differences and gather together for one purpose. Our prayer is for this to be a reset for us as a generation of the church—in America and beyond.”

Worship leader, Matt Maher, who identifies as a Roman Catholic, has outlined at other ecumenical events that he believes it is his calling to work toward to the unification of Christians and Catholics.

“We’ve never seen a unified church before in the history of the church since the Reformation. We don’t even know what it looks like,” he said at OneThing 2015. “I think what the work of unity starts with [is]: It starts with us praying together. It starts with us fellowshipping together. It starts with us having a common respect for each other, a love for each other.”

However, not everyone believes that Christians should link arms with Roman Catholics and set aside major differences that go to the heart of the gospel.


“Nick Hall either does not know the exclusivity of the gospel of God or he does not know the Roman Catholic plan of salvation because they are diametrically opposed,” Mike Gendron of Proclaiming the Gospel Ministries told Christian News Network. Gendron is a former Roman Catholic who now teaches evangelicals how to share the gospel with Catholics.

“We’re divided on how one is born again: Rome says water baptism, the Bible says the work of the Spirit. We’re divided on how one is justified: Rome says faith plus works, the Bible says faith. We’re divided on how one is purified of sin: Rome says purgatory, the Bible says the blood of Jesus. We’re divided on the essentials of the gospel: Rome has other mediators, the Bible says it’s Christ alone,” he explained.

Gendron said that Jesus himself came to divide with truth, and prayed that His Church would be sanctified with that truth.

“It was the Lord Jesus Christ who came to divide: He divides with His word and His gospel. He divides mother against daughter, father against son—and we must remain sanctified and not united with any who are not born again,” he explained. “More than ever, we must maintain the exclusivity of the gospel of Christ. What hope does an unbelieving world have unless we maintain the purity of the gospel?”

Gendron also stated that he is concerned about the message that it will send when Christians see evangelical leaders involved with an event that validates Roman Catholicism, and therefore does not view those in the religion as a mission field.

“This is going to put the gospel off limits to many Roman Catholics who are there, so it will also confuse the evangelical Church,” he said.

In addition to concerns about unification with the Vatican, there are also questions about Hall’s inclusion of Andy Mineo at the event following his defense of profanity earlier this year on Twitter.

“Do you guys really think if a person uses ‘profanity’ (words we’ve given meaning) in their music they couldn’t possibly be Christian? Why?” Mineo asked, and later responded to a follower who said Christians shouldn’t be using profanity, “Your idea of Christianity is black and white. One day you’ll understand there is grey and it’s ok.”


The together website called reset says;

Moments of historic change are often marked by historic gatherings

whytogether-01Together 2016 is the day our generation will meet on the National Mall to come together around Jesus in unified prayer, worship, and a call for catalytic change. We’re coming together with as many people as possible who believe Jesus changes everything.

Pray for Together 2016.

When we pray, God moves. Together 2016 won’t happen without all of us joining in extraordinary prayer, to lift a unified sound.

But my comment is, just because you fill an area or arena with millions, does it necessarily mean anything of good will transpire, it could mean the complete opposite — err try Woodstock in the 60’s for example, or the recent Rock Am Ring music festival in Germany at the beginning of June.

And why are they meeting together around Jesus? Around Jesus? Shouldn’t they say they will meet to humble themselves before Jesus?

This has nothing to do with Evangelism it is simply as it says  – A coming together in a false unity.