by Colin Wilson,
Highland Christian News

Dear Christian believer,
For a considerable time now you have been strangely unsettled in
your spirit. This has perplexed you – as you have just been getting
on with your Christian walk and participating in the general life of
the church. But you have been disturbed in yourself. You have
re-read the pages of the Bible relating to the dynamic works of the
apostles and the early disciples; and then compared these with
what you have been experiencing in your own life and fellowship
setting. And you have perceived a huge “mis-match”; a yawning
gap between where (spiritually-speaking) things are now, and
where the early followers of Christ were in their day. (Note: I am
not suggesting that Pentecost is to be repeated; but rather
continued.. Eph 5:18.)

In different times and circumstances you may have felt that it was
time to “move on to a new situation” in your journey with Christ,
but in a strange way you have not felt any clear direction regarding
which way to go. You have not felt called to “re-locate”; indeed you
may have been feeling and continuing to feel that you need strive
to indentify more closely with your immediate neighbours and that
section of society (neighbourhood/ workplace, etc.) in your
immediate orbit.

In a strange way, any striving that you have done to draw closer to
Christ, and to be more committed to His calling and God’s word,
has increased rather than reduced the dis-satisfaction and unrest
that you have been feeling. And you have felt lonely even when
surrounded by other Christians who do not seem to be disturbed
in spirit in the way that you are. Most other Christians in fact seem
to be just happily getting on with their lives. And this adds to your
perplexity. “Is it just me? Why am I feeling this way? There must
be something wrong with me; as most others seem to be getting along OK.”

You have been concerned that you might be getting cynical and
critical over what you see as the increasing worldliness in the
church. And you long for fellowship with others whom you feel might
understand – in some measure at least – “where you are”. But as
you cautiously yet honestly open up to others whom you sense
may be walking the same path, you find that they too in their heart
of hearts have been going through exactly the same inner spiritual
processes and turmoil as yourself.

If you have been sensing or experiencing any of these things take
heart dear child of God. I believe that what you have been going
through is a God-given unsettledness, a Holy dissatisfaction with
“what is”; and what He has been creating in you is to prepare you
for the days to come.

I believe a great crisis lies ahead – for society, its peoples and the
religious system which many would call “the church”; and God
needs those who have been weaned away from dependancy on
the structures, programmes and other facets of organised
churchianity. He is looking for those who hunger and thirst after
righteousness; and long to be filled with the life-giving Spirit of God.
The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is searching for those who
are – and will seek to be – Kingdom-builders (as opposed to empire-
builders). He is desiring and preparing those who will seek to know
nothing but Jesus Christ and Him crucified; those who will find no
satisfaction in the trinkets of this world and who will spurn the
carnal methods, the fixation with “success” and the worldly
measurements of “spirituality” and “commitment” that have invaded the

But, if you have not done so already, please consider some
questions. Are you a believer who is prepared to “abandon all” in
the cause of Christ and His Great Commission to reach the lost?
Have you considered the cost, and are you prepared to pay that
price in the context of the measure of grace that has been shown
to you? Indeed, in your spirit, you realise that nothing short of total
submission will slake your thirst for God and satisfy the desires
of your heart. The way ahead could involve great sacrifice; and you
may face rejection and much criticism – even from those around
you and close to you in the “church”,  but it is this type of sacrifice
in which the Lord delights (Matt 5:11&12). And indeed the cost of
turning away from His calling upon your life will be even greater.

Take heart dear follower of “the Way”, you are not alone. Many
others are being spoken to in exactly the same way as God is
speaking to you. If it is not apparent to you yet, time will reveal
those who will stand with you. Meanwhile equip yourself with
(a knowledge of) His Word and abandon yourself to (the leading
of) His Spirit, that He might use you to the extent that He would,
as the God of all ages works out His purposes in our fallen and
needy world; both now and forever.

Your God and my God has clearly stated through His Son Jesus
Christ: “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst after righteous-
ness, because they shall be filled. Blessed are those who are
persecuted because of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom
of heaven. Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute
you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me.
Rejoice and be glad, because great is your reward in heaven.”

-Your brother, Colin Wilson.