As a result of our prominent wholistic wellness focus in the Savvy Team, everyday we have people reaching out to us for assistance in improving their overall wellbeing.

Sometimes people are looking for help to overcome a specific issue and other times they just believe that ‘prevention is better and cure’ and are looking for ways to generally optimise their health.

Rather than focus on ‘fixing a problem’ – we tend to focus on helping a person to rectify the ‘underlying issues’ or ‘Bio-Influences’ that are affecting their everyday wellness. People often experience dramatic changes when they simply optimise the positive ‘bio-influences’ and look to avoid the negative ones. It’s a simple process – and it’s why our ‘catch-cry’ is ‘Wellness – It’s Not That Hard’!

However, we are recently seeing a disturbing influence that’s appearing more readily in the ‘Nutritional & Environmental Bio-influence‘ Hair Analysis testing we perform on a regular basis . . . and that is the effect of Electromagnetic Pollution on people’s bio-chemistry.

Here’s what we want you to know  . . .

Earlier this year, the ABC Australia Catalyst Program did a great story on the possible effects of Wi-Fi and Mobile Phone Radiation.

Take a look at the expose by the ABC Catalyst team

[A full transcript is also available, here on their page]


Dr Devra Davis Interview

Dr Devra Davis shared 10 Things You Can Do to Reduce Risk on her site, Environmental Health Trust.


We Can Help!

To minimise exposure, we suggest you follow our advice, such as implementing the 10 Tips above and look for all avenues of reducing exposure. If you would like to find out if you are actually being affected, we recommend you get your own Bio Influence Analysis Report. This is available at greatly discounted prices for friends of the Savvy Team (so just let us know how you found out about us).

You can have your report back quickly and easily, in fact even without leaving your home (apart from visiting your nearest Post Office) and without incurring any extra appointment fees or set up times to have the test taken. You do it yourself – for details of how this works, just download this form.

Getting this inexpensive test is an easy way to find out the various factors affecting your health. Most people are shocked at what shows up, that is affecting their wellbeing, and stunned at how easy it is to turn things around.

In addition to giving you this bio-map of your health – the Savvy Team works with brands that provide solutions for Mobile Phone radiation and other EMF exposures. We source solutions such as phone guards and air-tube technology headsets as well as solutions for in-home EMF and Radio-frequency pollution.

Contact us via email: If you are concerned about this growing health issue. We would love to help. Children are particular susceptible to this radiation.