September 15, 2016

US General Warns Of ‘Trigger Event’ – Possible ‘Loose Nukes Dilemma On Industrial Scale’ As ‘Biblical Events’ Continue To Unfold Across The Planet


By Stefan Stanford – All News Pipeline – Live Free Or Die

According to United States General Raymond Thomas as heard in the 1st video below, “in the event of implosion of the North Korean regime or ‘some other trigger event’, we would have the loose nuke dilemma on an industrial scale” in North Korea afterexperts warned that North Korea should be able to produce 20 nuclear weapons this year alone. In the 2nd video below, Rick Wiles from TruNews discusses the urgent meeting that recently took place between the US, South Korea and Japan on the worsening situation in that region and the South’s recent ‘nuclear ultimatum’ to the North.

The new story from The Sun tells us about the urgency being felt by all in the region after experts warned the regime of ‘tubby tyrant’ Kim Jong-un could have enough uranium to produce 20 nuclear weapons this year, this after North Korea conducted another nuclear weapons test last week. As this new story from the Associated Press tells us, according to the Secretary-General of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon, he’s never seen tensions as high in the Koreas as they are now. Calling on the UN Security Council to take urgent actions to prevent ‘provocative actions’ by North Korea, we learn they’ve already been taking ‘provocative actions’ this year, launching more than 20 ballistic missiles this year alone as part of their program to improve their delivery systems for nuclear weapons.


As we’re told in this new story from NBCNews, three times in the last two months, the United States has flown B-1 bombers on missions in Europe and Asia to ‘send messages to Russia, China and North Korea’ and North Korea’s Kim is not the least bit happy about the US’s decision to send bombers over the region this past Tuesday as also seen in the 4th video below. While North Korea recently stated they will not submit to the US’s ‘nuclear blackmail’, they nevertheless continue to taunt Obama and the West and claim that they are ready to conduct another nuclear test ‘at any time’. And as we also hear from top US General Raymond Thomas in the 1st video below, it’s the US that is being held nuclear hostage by North Korea, and not the other way around.

With South Korea’s military now on ‘full combat alert’, we’re told that the war drums are beating on both sides as South Korea threatens to turn the North to ashes if they fire another missile towards the South, “with every Pyongyang district completely destroyed.” The strongest words yet to come out of the mouths of the government of South Korea, we watch new hostilities seemingly unfolding every year in this region with Kim carrying out more nuclear tests and the South and the US continuing to carry out massive military drills despite North Korea’s continued threats against them doing so.


We’re also not the least bit surprised that this is all happening now. With the presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton continuing to collapse, and the globalists possibly coming close to losing America, their biggest prize, ANP expects that something massive might soon happen on the world stage to take the eyes of America and the world off of Hillary. ‘When all else fail, they bring us to war’ we have been warned, and with the globalists ‘best bet’ now in freefall, we have to ask if they are preparing to use a deadly conflict in the Korea’s to their advantage? We’re also told in the 1st video below that this latest ‘nuclear arms race’ by North Korea appears to be much more than their usual posturing.

As we’re shown in the final video below, we’re now witnessing Biblical signs across the world, not only in North Korea’s recent nuclear test and the continued threats coming from all sides that appear to be edging us towards a nuclear apocalypse but in many other events as detailed in that compilation video.


Does General Thomas’ warning of a ‘loose nukes dilemma on an industrial scale’ signify that the globalists are possibly preparing to ‘depose’ of Kim Jong-un as they took down other dictators throughout the Middle East? Should we even be concerned about these events that are happening halfway across the planet?

As we’ve also previously reported on ANP, North Korea has two satellites flying over America several times daily that could possiblydeliver a devasting EMP weapon that could nearly instantly send us back to the dark ages.

It’s clear that there are no easy answers to the dilemma that a nuclear-armed-to-the-teeth Kim and North Korea pose to the world and to America’s next president. However, with even Russia now expressing support for sanctions against North Korea while the nation is being pounded by deadly floods which led to the unusual move of their government calling out for assistance, we feel our best policy is to have an America so strong that no other nation even dreams of messing with us for to do so would result in their complete destruction. As long as Kim (or any other tyrant) realizes that to launch a nuclear attack upon America will end with the deaths of nearly all of his nations people, we hope that knowledge alone will lead him to keeping a cooler head in the days ahead.

At this moment in time, as is true most every moment in time, the very last thing our planet needs is nuclear war.

At this moment in time, as is true most every moment in time, the very last thing our planet needs is nuclear war.