by Bryan Hupperts

There has been so much in the Christian news about a worldwide
revival taking place that I just had to start looking for it. Revival
properly understood is essentially a new beginning of obedience
to God. Jesus said you would know something by the fruit it
produces. Look at the fruit of what is occurring and then ask: Is
it really revival?

When the Spirit of God is poured over your city but husbands will
not love their wives, and wives will not obey their husbands, is it
really revival?

What the Bible is mocked and doctrine called “a divisive tool of
the devil”, when the “old” gifts of the Spirit are thrown out in favor
of a new, secret gift allegedly from the Holy Spirit, is it really revival?

When the love of Unity supercedes the love of the Absolute Truth,
is it really revival?

When a move of the Spirit of God is measured by bodies piled
on the floor and not by the number of repentant prayers baptized
by tears at an altar, is it really revival?

When leaders openly confess some personal lust of their heart
and publicly challenge God with statements like, “This is the
desire of my heart and I demand this from you, Lord. If you do
not produce it immediately, on the authority of your own Word,
I declare you a liar,” and then the crowd of on-looking fools
squeals “Amen!” – where is the fear of the Lord? Is this really revival?

When tried and tested prophets of the Lord warn of impending
judgment for sin and are mocked by the Christian media who
want to whoop it up with the pervading party spirit in the church,
is this really revival?

When the church is more concerned with her own welfare and
well being and not that of a lost, dying world, and calls it
“intimacy with God,” is it really revival?

When “don’t judge anything” is seen as a litmus test for spiritual
maturity instead of honoring the Lord who loves “righteous
judgment,” is this really revival?

When churches who are claiming supernatural visitations of all
manner of angelic beings but cannot seem to open their doors
to welcome mere humans of differing color and social and
economic status, is it really revival?

When the saints of the Most High run from marathon meeting to
marathon meeting blind to the needs of the widow down the
street from them who cannot get her lawn mowed or has no one
to help her get to the market to buy food, is it really revival?

When fellowship chat lines are filled on the net with loving, wise
believers who cannot seem to spare 15 minutes outside of
cyberspace to pray with their flesh and blood spouse and children
before bed, is it really revival?

When believers can “bind the strongman” over a city but cannot
rule their own tongues, is it really revival?

When practical holiness is branded as fleshly legalism, it is really revival?

When people walk away from awesome spiritual encounters only
to then be plagued with thoughts of suicide, depression, the ability
to see demons but not angels, and a pervading sense of
hopelessness, is it really revival?

When the love of the saints is not extended to those who cautiously
question your movement, and who are then labeled, branded really,
as being possessed by “a spirit of criticism,” is it really revival?

When believers flock to get a word from the prophet but cannot
seem to take the time to lock themselves in their prayer closet to
get a word from God, or better yet, simply commune with Him, is
it really revival?

When angel worship (which means paying honor and homage) is
welcomed and embraced in the church, and being touched by an
angel is somehow more glorious than being touched by the Lord,
is it really revival?

When Jesus is honored with passioned cries of “Lord, Lord,” but
is then not obeyed, is this really revival?

When you finally have God figured out and can order Him around
to suit your desires, you can prophesy on cue, and behave in
such an other-worldly bizarre manner that even the cults are
afraid of you, is it really revival?

When being filled with the Holy Spirit is evidenced by all manner
of manifestation EXCEPT Holiness, is it really revival?

Have you gone to the Cross daily to die to self? Have you come
to a place of total surrender to Christ, to a new obedience to the
Living God, to a true love of the Truth and genuine worship that
springs from a cleansed, joyful heart? Is there a declaration of
the absolute Lordship of Jesus Christ in your life? If so, then
you have experienced true revival. If not, ask yourself: Is this
really revival?

Be revived, and strengthen the things that remain.

Bryan Hupperts
(c) 1998.