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Why quakes weren’t caused by seismic blasting or ‘unzipping’ faultline  – Or Perhaps they are?
The earth shook – and that was just the beginning…

When the earth shook in a massive magnitude 7.8 earthquake early on Monday morning, November 14, it was the beginning of a traumatic series of events.

Big earthquakes like the ones experienced this week can be unnerving and often lead to people searching for answers in unconventional places.

During the days since the earthquake, a handful of theories have emerged in an attempt to explain why the country shook early Monday morning.

We’d usually ignore these types of theories, but conspiracies and hoaxes as to the cause of the quakes are circulating on social media, so we think it’s important to address the rumours.

NZ QUAKE 14.11.16

Earlier this week there was a lot of talk about the moon causing the North Canterbury quakes. We will be looking at why the moon myth, along with talk of seismic blasting ships and an unzipping Alpine Fault aren’t worth your worry.

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The shock of Mondays's big earthquakes has everyone searching for answers, but some are looking in the wrong places.


The shock of Mondays’s big earthquakes has everyone searching for answers, but some are looking in the wrong places.

Most Kiwis are aware of the imminent danger posed by the Alpine Fault – when it ruptures, it’s expected to be a big one.

However, an “unzipping” fault is not responsible for the latest spate of quakes – if the Alpine Fault had gone, we’d all know about it.

GeoNet seismologist Dr John Ristau says the term “unzipping” isn’t one scientists use, but it refers to the fault rupturing.

The theory that the Alpine Fault on the South Island's West Coast is


The theory that the Alpine Fault on the South Island’s West Coast is “unzipping” is just another myth.

“Eventually the Alpine Fault is going to have an earthquake on it. Maybe even the entire fault will break.”

Amazon Warrior

The fault, located beneath the South Island, is currently building pressure, Ristau says.

But it hasn’t done anything since 1717.

Others are blaming the seismic blasting activity by an oil exploration ship off Wellington's coast.


Others are blaming the seismic blasting activity by an oil exploration ship off Wellington’s coast.

 Based on past patterns, the fault ruptures every 329 years, on average. We will be at 300 years next year. Though there is a margin of error of about 70 years either side.

The Alpine Fault marks the boundary between the Australian Plate to the west and the Pacific Plate to the east. Ultimately, the movement of these plates causes earthquakes in New Zealand but the Alpine Fault itself wasn’t involved this time.

Ristau says it’s natural for people to look to the Alpine Fault whenever there’s an earthquake in New Zealand, especially in the South Island.

While many will have questions about what caused the quake, it's best to head to verified official sources for data and ...


While many will have questions about what caused the quake, it’s best to head to verified official sources for data and analysis related to the quakes.

“There’s a fairly high probability of having that earthquake,” he says. But thankfully, that’s not what happened this time.


Another theory doing the rounds on social media is one of a ship stationed off Wellington’s coast being to blame.

What’s being touted as the world’s largest seismic blasting ship, the Amazon Warrior, was stationed off Rarangi in Cloudy Bay, in the Cook Strait, when the quake hit.

A raft of bloggers and social media users have since blamed the quakes on the ship’s activities.

One of the Facebook posts linking te seismic blasting ships to the earthquakes. CREDIT: FACEBOOK

The ship was contracted by Statoil and Chevron to look for oil off Wellington’s coast. And as part of their exploration, the ships send energy down into the earth through explosions or the use of an airgun.

Theorists say the Amazon Warrior was on top of a faultline and the blasts were enough to make the country shake.

But Ristau says the Warrior isn’t to blame for Monday morning’s quake.

Firstly, the quake originated about 100 kilometres south of where the ship was stationed.

There is also no way the blasts were deep enough – quakes originate well beneath the earth’s surface.

And the energy from the explosions or airguns wouldn’t have had the power to cause a shake, he says.

For context – South Island quarries constantly set off explosions bigger than those the ship would have used.


Seismologists have repeatedly stated there’s no known link between the oil drilling practice of fracking and earthquakes.

Despite these reassurances from the country’s leading earthquake researchers, Stuff has received comments and questions from readers about this supposed link since Monday’s big shake.

In 2012, GNS Science released a study – commissioned by Taranaki Regional Council – in response to growing public and media scrutiny of fracking.

The report stated that there was no evidence that hydraulic fracturing activities have had any impact on natural earthquake activity, nor would it cause any future earthquakes.

However, opponents of the oil drilling practice were unmoved by the report.

While many are opposed to fracking and oil drilling for a variety of reasons, the science doesn’t show any link between the activity and earthquakes.


We’ve touched on this one already this week, but let’s revisit the moon.

Put plainly, there’s no link between the current supermoon and the magnitude-7.8 earthquake.

More than a hundred years of scientific research into the relationship between the moon, tidal forces, and earthquakes has not produced any reliable evidence of a link between the moon’s gravitational pull and quakes.

Tidal stresses and their effects on the earth are tiny, but measurable, although many scientists remain unconvinced by the theory of “tidally-triggered earthquakes”.

University of Melbourne associate professor Mark Quigley and University of Melbourne applied geoscience lecturer Brendan Duffy addressed this very point in a recent post.

“Given the earthquake happened on the eve of a supermoon full moon, and the closest the Earth and moon will be since 1948, it wasn’t long before some tried to make a connection,” they write.

Basically, they say there’s a small chance tides could have a small effect on the size of a rupture.

“But the specific time, magnitude and location of this or any other large earthquake has not been successfully predicted in the short-term using tidal stresses or any other possible precursory phenomenon.

“Deliberately vague predictions that provide no specific information about the precise location and magnitude of a future earthquake are not predictions at all. Rather, these are hedged bets that get media air time due to the romantic misinterpretation that they were valid predictions.”


In a bizarre twist, a person took to social media on Thursday morning claiming to be a GeoNet employee.

The impersonator claimed seismologists are being muzzled by the government and that there is really a 70 per cent chance of the Alpine Fault rupturing due to the recent quakes.

Some people have used our brand & been impersonating us on social media, putting out incorrect info. Correct info at http://www.geonet.org.nz

GeoNet’s Ristau says sometimes it takes a while for New Zealand’s earthquake scientists to get information to the public because the data is very complex.

“But we’re not trying to hide anything.”

As soon as GeoNet has information, they did their best to get it out into the public arena.

His best advice to people worried about all the quake rumours circulating online is: get your information from the experts.

Visit verified social media accounts and websites of organisations like GeoNet, GNS Science and Victoria University.


Then over at Media Whores

There are trillions of dollars worth of Oil and Gas around NZ’s shores:


It has now been well reported (in the real / social media) that the US State department had advanced knowledge of the Christchurch Quakes – with John Key saying they were “man made” earthquakes. Surely the oil company banker would know?  Plus the usual dose of foreign spies with extra passports on scene – as there always is with most of these events……read more below:


Kaikoura was clearly the target of the latest ‘event’- now destroyed, and that basin is full of the precious oil for the foreign bankers and the only thing stopping them was the people of Kaikoura- now homeless and to be relocated by NZ navy ship.


And guess we now know why John Kerry was making a short notice / unexplained trip to NZ right in the middle of a fierce US ‘elitecon’….


US disaster relief ‘FEMA’ was in Christchurch the week before the Christchurch earthquake also. Strange how they seem to know when the quakes will strike isn’t it.

And low and behold – Navy war ships from all over the Pacific just happened to be in Auckland for the month of November. This was expected folks, that much is clear.


Surely John Key, Simon Bridges and their fellow foreign banker mafia should now be rounded up for questioning. People have died. Or perhaps Kiwis should just be thankful they haven’t been carpet bombed, like the same “club”  has done to Iraq, Libya and Syria for their resources. And Afghanistan for its opium of course.

The semi retarded Government sponsored “experts” are all over the media today explaining that there is no way such ships have the technology to trigger such a large quake. As if they would have access to accurate info on the latest military technology.

The owner of Media Works  – who are tasked with the cover up of terrorist attacks – Howard Marks, is also investing heavily in oil and gas now. All part of the same “club” as John Key calls it.

Kiwi tax payers will now pick up the tab for this  – and the oil companies and banks will stand to make billions. Not to mention Fletcher Building, the company given 100% / fascist control of all rebuilds.

Media Whores posted this article on Goldman Sachs and other globalists plans for the depopulation of the East Coast of New Zealand a few years back, before we were hacked and taken down by the New Zealand government…http://thecontrail.com/forum/topics/goldman-sachs-plans-for-the-depopulation-of-the-east-coast-of-nz

Yes some of what we are saying is speculative, but we think it is clear that this event was being planned for in the least. And theories and reports on HAARP are in no short supply……one such report in the videos below.

John Key 2011 Christchurch Earthquake — ‘Man Made’

At Contrail.com they suggest a similar thing

The World’s Biggest Seismic Testing Ship – The US “Amazon Warrior” – Parked On Top Of New Zealand Fault Line during the November 13, 2016 Earthquake!

The World’s biggest seismic blasting ship the Amazon Warrior was photographed off Rarangi Beach in Cloudy Bay last night. Right on top of a major fault line. The ship was met with protests when it arrived on the 13th! It was seen off the Coast of Kaikoura on Nov. 13th, but its ETA from Panama was 10 am on Nov 14th in Wellington.

The Amazon Warrior came from Panama, was seen off of Kaikoura on the 13th and then went to anchor off of Cloudy Bay at the top of the South Island, across the channel from Wellington. If you are steaming to NZ from Panama, and your destination is Wellington, then there is no need to go an extra 95 miles south before arriving at your charted destination; after a long sea journey of 7,353 miles. This fact alone shows that there was something very fishy going on in the state of Aotearoa.

If their scheduled arrival was for 10am on the 14th in Wellington, then their trip to Kaikoura was already calculated into their original ETA. The AW’s estimated project-to-project transit speed is 17 knots or 19.5633 mph. Thus traveling the 7353 miles to NZ will take around 16 days, and the last report in Vessel Finder was Oct 25, 2016 17:52 UTC which was probably the departure time from Panama.

Roughly Oct 26 to Oct 13 is 19 days, so they left plenty ofleeway to ensure they could make it to Kaikoura before heading to Wellington…however rather than 3 days leeway, it is only 2 days because NZ is one day ahead of Panama.

On a ship like the Amazon Warrior… to travel 95 miles distance from Kaikoura to Wellington it takes around 5 hours, so they have 1.75 days to engage in their seismic mayhem. The ship only pulled into Cloudy Bay to avoid the protesters at Wellington. Yea, rather obvious isn’t it. By their deeds shall they shall be known



The Amazon Warrior is owned by WesternGeco which is a geophysical services company. It is headquartered in the Schlumberger House on the property of London Gatwick Airport in Crawley, West Sussex, and also has an office in Denver CO. The company provides reservoir imaging, monitoring, and development services. The company, a business segment of Schlumberger, offers 3D and time-lapse seismic surveys, electromagnetic surveys, and multicomponent surveys for delineating prospects and reservoir management.

The giant defense contractor Raytheon, now holds all 12 HAARP patents. HAARP devises can be made mobile on ships, such as the HAARP Sea-Based X-Band Radar (SBX) platform. A HAARP phased array antenna system was transmitting the 2.5Hz ULF frequency and it triggered the 9.0 magnitude earthquake off of Japan and ensuing tsunami. The earthquake inducing 2.5 Hz ULF frequency was being broadcasted for two days prior to March 11, 2011…during which time the sky over Tokyo turned red as the ionosphere was pulled down into the oxygen rich atmosphere. DARPA is also developing an airborne version of HAARP. https://jlnavarro.blogspot.com/2011/04/haarp-to-blame-for-japan-quake.html

Any country that is in the way of an oil pipeline, has valuable and strategic resources, or threatens to drop the $US dollar standard – is in danger of being chemtrailed, HAARP zapped and attacked with earthquakes and extreme weather events. The earthquake frequency can be focused on an area during a solar flare event or full moon and once the earthquake is triggered, a seismic research vessel like the Amazon Warrior can take readings of the shockwaves moving through the earth’s crust and get an excellent picture of oil deposits even at very deep levels.

Ray Tomes: “America and NZ tested a system of using bombs to cause seismic activity and make tsunamis as a weapon in 1944 off the coat of NZ (yes, 72 years ago). “Preliminary modelling suggests that the earthquake was caused by a rupture of a northeast-striking fault that projects to the surface offshore”
story from the NZ Herald Android App.”


The Amazon Warrior is due to commence imminent seismic testing for oil on behalf of Norwegian Oil giant Statoil. Seismic testing involves the dragging of a seismic airgun along the seabed, emitting seismic blasts every 10 seconds, 24 hours a day, from now until next May. Statoil acquired their permit from American multinational oil corporation Chevron, and the permit extends along the eastern seaboard and to depths that are unprecedented for New Zealand. Seismic blasting has been proven to be disruptive and harmful to sea life, including marine mammals, and is opposed by coastal fishing interests and eco-tourism operators including Ngāi Tahu’s Whale Watch ventures. http://www.scoop.co.nz/…/seismic-testing-presents

Chevron Corporation (NYSE: CVX) is an American multinational energy corporation. One of the successor companies of Standard Oil, it is headquartered in San Ramon, California, and active in more than 180 countries. Standard Oil Co. Inc. was an American oil producing, transporting, refining, and marketing company.

Established in 1870 by John D. Rockefelleras a corporation in Ohio, it was the largest oil refiner in the world of its time. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chevron_Corporation

Tesla quaked Manhattan around Houston St. with a small resonant device attached to a beam in his workshop/lab.

And smashed it with a hammer when it started to shake things to a dangerous level,  which stopped the quake instantly. One of his basic working principles was resonance, mechanical and electromagnetic. It’s how the Tesla coil drives up huge voltage on a low current. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tesla_coil

HAARP is an adaptation of Tesla technology used for nefarious purposes. The microwave array broils the Upper Atmosphere to 100°F with a focused and steerable electromagnetic beam, that lifts areas of the ionosphere by heating those areas. Electromagnetic waves then bounce back onto earth and penetrate everything — living and dead. Along with chemtrails and this heating of the atmosphere with HAARP dries up precipitation thus producing drought. I learnt somewhere they

HAARP uses sunspot cycles, sunspots, solar flares, hurricanes, fault tension build ups etc… for a EMF assisted corporate-political warfare. HAARP is boost assist and director of natural energies. They can even reflect of the moon to generate massive explosions. On the HAARP web site in 2001 discussed successful moon bounce experiments (done since the 1960’s by HAM radio operators) see: HAARP array may use Moon as a reflector to reach distant targets on Earth to create Nuclear-Sized Explosions Without Radiation!. In order to target the moon you need a steerable array and three arrays minimum are required. http://www.superforce.com/haarp/index.htm
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yc4HQlLvpoQ&feature=related  —Antarctica HAARP facilities

http://youtube.com/watch?v=MnRPZOUVhJ4&feature=related —Informative video on HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Reasearch Program) the new weather modification and mind control Star Wars Defense Initiative (SDI)weapon of the US military. HAARP is capable of creating weather like hurricanes and tornadoes and tsunamis and earthquakes. It is also capable of altering people’s moods.

Earth tomography is used by the oil and gas industry to find deposits. Tomography refers to imaging by sections or sectioning, through the use of any kind of penetrating wave or mechanical method. ELF waves or extremely low frequency waves can trigger an earthquake on faults that have built up tension. Thus a ship like Amazon Warrior with even weak exploratory ELF waves can trigger fault lines into concussive domino effect earthquakes of “any” magnitude depending on how much tension is held in the tectonic ridges. See the video: H.A.A.R.P Weapon _ How to make Earthquakehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=foLDKQ00XJc

CONCLUSION: It appears that the earthquake was accidentally triggered by the Amazon Warrior’s exploratory ELF waves…then they quickly pulled out of the area to avoid being held responsible, but didn’t go to Wellington due to the protest, and possible fear of reprisal from the New Zealand Navy. However it is illegal to travel through New Zealand waters and conduct personal “business” PRIOR to checking in officially at one’s port of entry first.

I conclude that the 11/13 quakes were accidentally triggered by an oil exploratory vessel working for CHEVRON. So CHEVRON should be made responsible for picking up the tab for repairing the damage to the country’s infrastructure and the lives of the people by this little chiropractic adjustment to the backbone of New Zealand. The ship went about their business conducting their “research” in New Zealand territorial waters PRIOR to officially checking in with customs. Plus this sortie was premeditated due to the original ETA, and so their actions were criminal and secretive…by going for the gold (oil) first before being invited into the country.

However reading the shenanigans of US officials in Christchurch before and after the 2011 quake….it appears that the 11/13/16 quake swarm was likely deliberate, and appears to be an act of economic war. http://metaphysicalmusing.com/blog/2016/11/13/earthquakes-in-new-ze… —Manmade Earthquakes in New Zealand / 2011 by Susan Ferguson



Goldman Sachs appears to be undertaking economic warfare on areas to drive up the prices of its commodities and stocks, and to lay claim to resources.Canadian wildfires, pipeline attacks in Nigeria and the Gulf Oil Spill are likely sabotage undertaken by Goldman Sachs to drive up prices for its own benefit. In New Zealand now, the Christchurch and Kaikoura quakes and the Rena shipwreck toxic spill event are acts of war against a sovereign nation for economic gain and to intimidate and demoralize Kiwis into submission to the poisoning and sacking of their country.

5 October 2011 the Rena ran aground near Tauranga, New Zealand, resulting in an oil spill. The spill has been described as New Zealand’s worst maritime environmental disaster.The ship was carrying 1,368 containers, eight of which contained hazardous materials, as well as 1,700 tonnes of heavy fuel oil and 200 tonnes of marine diesel oil. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rena_oil_spill

Goldman Sachs Plans for the DEPOPULATION of the East Coast of New Zealand for Oil & Gas Drilling by BP, Shell Oil & Todd Energy Wednesday, 18 April 201202:49 | From MediaWhores

The election of the ex-Goldman Sachs exec “John Keys” is key to the implementation of the disaster capitalization and resource rape of New Zealand.

Goldman Sachs Now Sees Chevron Better Off Than Exxon Mobil. Goldman Sachs is now buying and selling enough natural gas to make it one of the key players on the market—even reportedly overtaking oil major Exxon Mobil and Chevron. According to a recent regulatory filing, Goldman Sachs bought and sold 1.2 trillion cubic feet of physical gas in the U.S. in 2015, which equates to 25 percent of the country’s residential consumption and more than double its 2013 volumes. These figures turn Goldman Sachs and its J Aron commodities division into the seventh largest gas marketer in North America. http://oilprice.com/Latest-Energy-News/World-News/Goldman-Sachs-Is-…

Goldman Sachs, Chevron, the owners of the Amazon Warrior and the American Military Industrial Machine should be charged with war crimes, deliberate environmental sabotage and held accountable to damages.

John Kerry is in bed with Goldman Sachs as is evidenced by their joint white washing projects… WASHINGTON, D.C., March 9, 2015 – Secretary of State John Kerry and Lloyd C. Blankfein, chairman and CEO of The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. (NYSE: GS), in partnership with Harvard Kennedy School, today announced the first-ever cross-border exchange and leadership program to support emerging women leaders across the private and non-profit sectors in the Middle East and Northern Africa.

Senator John Kerry appears to be Goldman Sachs running man, or rather flying man…but appears to be innocent of their crimes of international disaster capitalism.

John Kerry is the most Carbon Intensive Politician on the Planet—I guess we now know why John Kerry was making a short notice / unexplained trip to NZ right in the middle of a fierce US ‘elitecon’…He went to Antarctica, which has a HAARP at the US base. Kerry is said to be on a climate saving mission… Speaking Sunday in Wellington, New Zealand before flying to Oman via Singapore…after NZ he flew to Oman, and another Arab Gulf states and then Morocco before winging to Peru and then back home.. John Kerry’s current trip could be said to be responsible for 853.4 metric tons of CO2 – as many as 52 average Americans produce in a year. The average CO2 emission for aircraft at 53.3 pounds per air mile. CarbonFootprint.com

Trillions of dollars of oil and gas off of Northlands West Coast. http://www.nzherald.co.nz/northern-advocate/news/article.cfm?c_id=1503450&objectid=10977871