Dead cattle litter the ground in drought ridden Ethiopia Photo: Orthodox Christian Network

Millions of African’s face starvation after “Super El-Niño” causes drought throughout the continent killing millions of cattle and destroying crops
The Big Wobble 11 Feb 2017

Kenya’s president has declared the drought, which has affected as much as half the country, a national disaster.


Uhuru Kenyatta appealed for international aid and said the government would increase food handouts to the most needy communities.


Kenya’s Red Cross says 2.7 million people face starvation if more help is not provided.


Other countries in the region have also been hit by the drought, blamed on last year’s El Nino weather phenomenon.
In Somalia, nearly half the population, over 5 million, is suffering from food shortages and the UN says there is a risk of famine in several parts of the country.


During the last drought on this scale in 2011, famine killed about 250,000 Somalis.


In a statement, Mr Kenyatta said the government had allocated $105m to tackle the drought which has affected people, livestock and wildlife in 23 of Kenya’s 47 counties.


“Support from our partners would complement government’s efforts in mitigating the effects of drought,” he said.
Mr Kenyatta added that all purchases of food and other items would be made in a transparent way.



“I will not tolerate anybody who would try to take advantage of this situation to defraud public funds,” the president said.


An El Nino weather pattern, which ended in May, triggered drought conditions across the southern and eastern African region that hit the staple, maize, and other crops and dented economic growth.



More than 1 million people in drought-hit southern Madagascar are experiencing “alarming” levels of hunger, and more aid is needed to prevent a dire situation from becoming a “catastrophe”, UN agencies said on Thursday.



This is the latest warning by the agencies who have been scaling up their response to a crisis affecting more than half the population in the south of the island nation.


Some 20% of households in the affected areas are now experiencing emergency levels of hunger, according to the latest food survey.


Meanwhile as South Africa contends with a severe drought, officials at Kruger National Park have put a plan into action that they say will help avert mass die-offs of wildlife-through the selective culling of some of the park’s largest grazers.


This week, rangers began killing around 350 of the park’s 7,500 hippos and 47,000 buffalo.


The populations of both species are at their highest ever, according to officials.


Reducing their numbers will not put either species at risk, rangers say, but will reduce some of the strain on the park’s grasslands and water holes.


Zimbabwe is one of many countries feeling the strain of El Nino, which has dried up rainfall across southern Africa over the last year, killing crops, disrupting hydropower production and forcing local water authorities to enforce stringent water rationing in some areas.


More than 5 million people are facing food and water shortages.


Livestock experts say parched pastures are causing the deaths of thousands of cattle across the country.


Last year, the agriculture ministry’s livestock department estimated that the national cattle herd stood at 5.3 million animals, down from over 6 million in 2014.


According to the Government, Kilifi is the worst hit by the drought followed by Kwale, Tana River and Taita Taveta counties in the Coastal region/FILE

Ken Peters

I saw the Tribulation, this video is recorded in 2005 at Prophecy Club. Ken Peters had dreams about end-time and tribulation in 1980. His dream greatly disturbed him, as he had no biblical knowledge of end times, the second coming of Christ or Tribulation.

A few weeks after the dream, he accept Jesus as his savior.

The last part of video have prophecies. This is summary of prophecies;

Future Events

1. All countries the US entered outside of God’s will, God has considered encroachment and will allow these nations to afflict the US.

2. The US has until the end of 2003 to change it’s course back to God, if it fails to do so God will judge the US as a goat nation. America’s determined time. [ ^ Events surrounding this prophecy.]

3. Judgment will begin soon on unrepentant cities, regional blessing or judgment. (Psalm 110:1-3)

4. Blessing of revival and harvest to regions responsive to Holy Spirit direction to bring unity and love to cities. (Daniel 11:32-35)

5. Time of Aligning of the nations. China, Korea, Japan and Pacific Rim being aligned for end-time confederacy. L.O.N. – League of Orient Nations

6. Castro’s replacement will make him seem like a kitty cat. We must intercede!

7. Africa and South America will be born-again Nations, “Nations for Jesus”.

8. America’s debauchery ruled regions will see more judgment. The homosexual agenda will launch an all out attack with open opposition to Christianity.

9. America will adopt “new laws and times”. We must pray to stop this!

10. The church will loose it’s non-tax status.

11. More leaders will come under national exposure until God brings forth a Righteous Church, clean without spot or blemish. (1 Peter 4:16-19)

12. More leaders in Government will be exposed to reveal our deceptions regarding the need for character and righteousness in our elected officials.

13. Judgment is coming on the Mortgage Business.

14. Bombings will increase on US soil on unrepentant cities.

15. Earthquakes to continue with frequency and intensity of destruction and loss of lives, on US soil also.

16. This decade will release the greatest famine, pestilence, floods and disasters in history. With no slow down as a woman in travail.

17. El Nino type weather on a regular basis.

18. Riots and violence will be unleashed on lawless regions, especially those regions scorning God and His laws.

19. More shootings and martyrs on American soil.

20. Mainline churches will die from gross compromise.

21. 1994 Prophecy: god’s of sports and entertainment to fall before 1999. More will follow!

22. Judgment will come on America’s farmers for failing to enthrone the God of the harvest.

How to Prepare

1. Get and stay out of consumer debt, a debtors prison will return.

2. Get out of the system of Babylon. Gad and Meni gods of prosperity and destiny. (Isaiah 65:8-15)

3. Return to your first love; Jesus. Not His word, prophecy, or gifts – but Him. (Rev 2:2-5)

4. Love your neighbor, avoid the spirit of intolerance and hatred.

5. Don’t run after signs or you will be deceived. Tear down idolatry. NOW!

6. Begin to fast and pray, sanctify yourselves now, don’t be foolish virgins.

7. Put assets into Gold and Silver.

8. Avoid slick technology that gives away your personal power.

9. Don’t fail to study God’s word, keep your path lit. (2 Tim 2:15)

10. Continually stand in the Gap. Repent as did Daniel and God will hear. (2 Chr 7:14)