3:00PM  1 May 2018 Charisma news 

Taya Smith, the voice behind Hillsong United hits like “Oceans” and “Touch the Sky,” tied the knot recently with Ben, the man she says is a “gift from God, honestly.”

So what did it take to sweep the worship artist off her feet?

Smith says she knew he was the man for her one afternoon while the couple was surfing.

“He goes out there, just walks up, hangs a five, where you stick your toes over the board, comes back, comes in, and I’m just like, ‘Oh my gosh, he’s so good,'” Smith says.

“He’s walking up the beach, and it’s probably like a Baywatch moment but I know it was like for me, ‘Oh my gosh, this boy.'”

Smith says she really admires how Ben has his own relationship with Jesus and how he’s comfortable in his own skin.

“I thought I liked people and I thought I loved Jesus, but he’s just better in all those categories,” Smith says.


Watch the video to see the rest of their story.

Do you agree there is such a thing a soul mate, or just our best match. Or is marriage a simple choice based on compatibility?


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