The Syrian regime began a military raid to restore the province of Adlib, the last stronghold of the armed Islamic groups based in Syria.

Adlib is the only region which is still outside the control of the Syrian regime. The military operation comes under confusing circumstances, due to the conflict that still exists between the external parties in the Syrian conflict,

As well as the international community’s fear of war crimes and that civilians there would pay the price.

Despite the changing situations of the countries concerned upside down over the Syrian issue, and many have changed their opinion over the departure of Assad as a principle to end the Syrian war, but the national and strategic interests of each of these countries may impede the objectives of the Syrian regime and its Russian ally.


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Syrian rebels are the armed wing of the opposition movement that emerged out of the 2011 uprising against the regime of President Bashar al-Assad. They do not represent the whole of Syria’s diverse opposition, but they stand on the frontline of Syria’s civil war.

The importance of the Adlib operation is backed to the geographic and strategic importance of the province, located in the north-west of Syria on the border with Turkey.

The latter has largely supported Islamist and rebel groups opposed to Bashar al-Assad in the region.

Ankara has assembled the main rebel groups in a single coalition, formed in early August under the banner of the so-called “National Liberation Front”. This coalition, supported by Ankara, bringing together two important Islamist groups: Ahrar al-Sham and Nur al-Din al-Zanki, as well as four other factions, including the Freemen Army.

There are about 70,000 fighters and jihadists and rebels in the region, some of whom were transferred by the Syrian regime itself during previous battles.

The Al-Sham Liberation Organization controls 60 percent of Adlib province (which is made up of fighters in the Nasra Front, the former arm of al Qaeda in Syria) under the leadership of Mohammed al-Julani.

As well as the establishment of dormant cells belonging to Daesh organization which adopted many bombings in August.

The province lies on the border with the coastal province of Latakia, the stronghold of the regime and the Syrian president’s family. In recent years, the province’s population has increased significantly. It is currently estimated to have a population of about 2.5 million, due to the influx of rebels and civilians who have been evicted from the fortresses seized by the regime (al-Ghouta, Aleppo and Daraa) according to agreements with Damascus, which Turkey has guaranteed.





Rebel False Flag Imminent, Chemicals Already in White Helmet Hands

The sources for the gas attack reports are the rebel forces, their own media, and the “White Helmets,” who are notorious for creating “regime change” propaganda against the Assad government.  Famed investigative reporter Seymour Hersh has documented that the last large sarin attack blamed on the Syrian government was actually carried out by terrorist groups with the support of Turkey and Saudi Arabia.  Hersch also documented that chemical weapons were transported from Libya to U.S.-backed rebel groups in Syria by the CIA and Hillary Clinton’s State Department. 

Yet the mainstream media do not mention any of this.  They immediately jump all over this story like trained dogs. They ask no tough questions.  They entertain no doubts. They repeat previous lies that have already been debunked. They unashamedly interview sources who have long been cheerleaders for military intervention in Syria.

The enemies of Syria don’t even wait for an investigation to begin.  As if on cue, the White House, Members of Congress, Israel, the UK, France, the European Union and even Amnesty International are condemning the Syrian government.

So sit back and enjoy the show.  Watch a False Flag operation in motion.  Marvel at the coordination and power that the plotters have at their command.  See if you can solve the mystery.

Who is really behind this False Flag?  Besieged and desperate terrorists? Their supporters in Saudi Arabia, Turkey, NATO and the U.S.?  What is their intention?  Is it a last ditch attempt to revive “regime change” war and terrorists in Syria?  Is it an excuse for deploying more U.S. troop to Syria?  A cover for the apparent U.S. strategy of breaking up Syria into small pieces?