When Christine Ford’s testimony resumed, Rachel Mitchell, the Maricopa County, AZ, prosecutor who is conducting the questioning on behalf of the GOP members of the Senate Judiciary Committee, finally got around to asking about why all the people she says were at the house say that nothing like what Ford describes ever happened. Two of them, Kavanaugh and his friend Mark Judge, have a reason to deny it. They are both the villains in Ford’s fantasy.


The one whose denial can’t be explained is her lifelong friend, the former Mrs. Bob Beckel, Leland Keyser.

Dana Loesch


Is Ford doesn’t think Leland Keyser is credible because of “health issues” then why did she name her? When Keyser disputed the account it seems her health was then called into question?

Katie Pavlich


Dr. Ford accuses her longtime friend and fellow woman Leland Keyser of “having health issues” and therefore can’t remember being at the party. Keyser, along with all the other witnesses named by Ford, have no recollection the party occurred.

Charles C. W. Cooke


So Leland, whose testimony is matched by others, must be unable to remember the alleged party because she has “health issues,” but Ford, whose testimony is matched by nobody, must be assumed to be telling the truth. Why? https://twitter.com/LeonHWolf/status/1045374840193142785 

Leon WolFFFFFFF, is that enough about the F’s


Ford says Leland is saying she doesn’t remember the party in question because she “is focusing on her health issues?”


Sean Davis


Mitchell: Why did everyone you named as witness, including your best female friend Leland Keyser, say she had no memory of anything you alleged.

Ford: She has health issues and needs to take care of herself.