A very unusual approach to try to raise awareness of organ donation is also raising plenty of concern with church groups.

The campaign’s creator is defending using a crucifixion theme in an ad, which encourages people to donate their organs.

In the new TV ad, Jesus is being used to promote organ donation. He can be seen consenting on the cross and encouraging others to do the same.

The ad depicts two soldiers asking Jesus, pinned to the cross, if he would like to donate his organs.

“Not all of us are going to the eternal paradise, and your organs could save the lives of six people,” a character clad in armour says to the actor depicting Jesus.

The ad shows an actor depicting Jesus on the cross as he is asked to donate his organs.

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The ad shows an actor depicting Jesus on the cross. Source: 7News

It’s a conversation transplant advocates say we need to have.

“Eighty per cent of Australians will tell you that they’re willing to donate organs, but only 34 per cent have registered,” Richard Bullock, Director of the advertisement said.

The commercial, set to run Australia-wide, is designed to explain the new two-step process to signing up.

However, it has also generated criticism, for making light of the crucifixion.

The Catholic Church declined to comment on the use of Jesus’ image.


The Catholic Church declined to comment? I guess they are too busy hiding from the shame and disgrace surrounding their ongoing global sex abuse scandal.

But according to organ transplant groups, all major churches support the life-saving practice?

Blog Editor:

If this is true then we really have a problem in this country!

“The entire principle of this is my body and I’m giving it up for you, is a principle of the church, is exactly the principle of organ donation,” Mr Bullock said.


Editor: Really…. yet what would I know. Perhaps we could use a dying Australian soldier in Iraq or Afghanistan and ask him if would like to donate his organs as he take his last dying breath, and see how well people accept that idea.

Two soldiers ask 'Jesus' to donate his organs (pictured)

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Two soldiers ask ‘Jesus’ to donate his organs (pictured). Source: 7News
One of the soldiers “You are going save the lives of many people today.’
Yes…He was to save the lives of many that day, but not through organ donation, which is both a mockery and blasphemy.
Although the director Richard Bullock clearly fails the ‘Christianity for Dummies’ test, because Jesus was to deliver us and set us free from the Law of Sin and death. (Rom 8:2)
But he is right about one thing, and that is, “Not all of us are going to the eternal paradise’, especially if we condone adverts like this one.