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Common Questions or Concerns Regarding this Formation:

1) Shape. The Bible does not state the Ark was a rectangle. It does not say it is 50 cubits from “end to end.” Width in ships is given as an average. Additionally, the Hebrew word for Ark in reference to Noah is “Tebah,” only used one other place in the Bible, being the basket baby Moses was saved in which was likely round. The Ark of the Covenant has a different root word.

2) Location. The Bible does not say it came to rest on Mount Ararat. It says it came to rest “upon the mountainS of Ararat,” which includes all the surrounding area. Additionally, Mount Ararat is a volcano and likely did not exist at the time of the flood. There is no reason anyone should look for Noah’s Ark on Mount Ararat.

3) Gilgamesh. The story of the deluge exists all over the world. One story did not come from another; they instead come from the actual event happening and people preserved the story to tell later generations. It doesn’t matter which tablets or writings are older.

4) Ron Wyatt. There is not a single substantiated claim against his character that holds water. One of the many claims was that the Israeli Antiquities Authority had never met Ron nor granted him permission or permits to excavate in Jerusalem. Ron was still alive to answer for this when questioned:…

5) Dave Fasold believed it was Noah’s Ark, then turned against the research, then later in life returned to believing it. Nobody has come forward with clarity on why. Fasold wrote a great book with great details on this discovery. Anyone who reads that book will never believe the author could have any doubts whatsoever.

6) “Why don’t I see wood?” This ship was roughly 1000 feet higher and was pushed down the mountain via mud and/or lava flow and buried. Petrified wood has been pulled from the formation and lab tested.

7) Metal Rivets also found. People often don’t believe metal could have existed during this period, however refer to Gen 4:22

8) “This tourist attraction brings money to Eastern Turkey.” This common statement couldn’t be farther from truth. There is very little tourism in this part of the country. It costs nothing to go see the Ark.

9) Anchor stones. They were not constructed as religious symbols which is the reason stones more recently found buried never have any markings on them. An 8,700 lb stone discovered would weigh 2,270 lbs when displaced in saltwater and thus, the hole is sufficient to carry the weight. Ref. The Ark of Noah pg 170. Additionally, they have been called “Armenian tombstones,” of which there has never been a single one discovered in Russia with a hole pierced through it’s top. Ref. The Ark of Noah pg 168