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The media, liberals across the internet, and Democrat politicians are stumped by President Trump’s latest idea to deal with the crisis at the border with the influx of illegal aliens entering the U.S., where he is proposing to bus them all into cities that have declared themselves “sanctuary cities,” meaning they welcome all illegal immigrants with open arms, protecting them from being arrested and deported.

On April 12, 2019, the President tweeted “Due to the fact that Democrats are unwilling to change our very dangerous immigration laws, we are indeed, as reported, giving strong considerations to placing Illegal Immigrants in Sanctuary Cities only….” and concluded his statement with “….The Radical Left always seems to have an Open Borders, Open Arms policy – so this should make them very happy!”

The President then doubled down on that statement at a press conference when asked about his tweeted statement, shown below:

National Review offers the numbers to show how serious this border crisis has become, as liberal activist judges continue to obstruct the President as he tries to get a handle on this threat to the nation, while Democrat politicians refuse to work with the administration to fix the immigration system to stem the flow.

The president’s statement comes as the number of border apprehensions continues to skyrocket. The number of individuals apprehended between ports of entry was 92,607 last month, up from 66,884 in February. That included 8,975 unaccompanied children, a record 53,077 family units, and 30,555 single adults. The influx has widely been described, by administration officials and outside experts, as a “crisis.”

The media who just weeks ago was claiming that there was no crisis at the border after President Trump declared a national emergency on the southern border, now confirms it is at a “breaking point,” confirming what the President and Border patrol have been saying for years.


A number of varied reactions have been flowing across the internet, with politicians making statements, and the liberal media howling over the idea of sending the overflow of illegal aliens directly into sanctuary cities, rather than dispersing them throughout the U.S., and some conservatives getting behind the idea.

Conservative radio show host Rush Limbaugh thinks it is a great idea, he is just “jealous I didn’t come up with it,” but it is the reaction by liberals, Democrat politicians and the media that is the most interesting as their knee-jerk reactions show exactly what they really think about illegal immigrants that they are always publicly defending and protecting.

CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin went on-air to say that President Trump was using humans as “pestilence to spread around the country”  calling it “grotesque.” Twitchy helpfully offers a reminder of what pestilence is defined as: “Pestilence: n.: a fatal epidemic disease, especially bubonic plague.

So he calls them human beings, which they are, and then describes them as a pestilence, then goes further and actually uses the word “plague,” when the President never mentioned either of those words, meaning that is Toobin’s description, not President Trump’s.

I am old enough to remember when the media went nuts over the President calling MS-13 gang members, who rape young women, dismember people and murder them in hideous ways, “animals,” yet Toobin casually refers to these human beings as pestilence and the plague and no one bats an eye on the panel?

Democrat Senator Ed Markey referred to illegal immigrants as a “contagion,” stating “Trump’s plan to release migrants into “enemy” cities as if they are some kind of contagion is reprehensible. Trump is obsessed with the border and sanctuary cities because he only wins by dividing people.”

Note: While Markey put quotations around the word “enemy” cities, the president did not call them that in his statement, as you can see in the first video at the top of this piece, that is Markey’s word.


Now just imagine for one second the media frenzy that would follow if President Trump or any Republican politician said dispersing illegal aliens across the U.S. would be unleashing a “contagion” or a “plague,” or “pestilence”  into America.

The popular liberal website Share Blue, headlines with “Trump openly threatens to terrorize cities that welcome immigrants.”

Terrorize…… is that not a direct statement, from a liberal site that promotes illegal immigration, claiming that an influx of illegal immigrants, into cities that break federal law by publicly welcoming them with open arms, is a “terrorizing” idea?

Hmmmm…………….. sounds very anti-illegal immigrant [even racist] to me.

Via The Guardian we see the comments of one of the many democrat politicians running for President, Julián Castro, call the idea “cruelty.”

“The cruelty of this administration never seems to end,” said Julián Castro, who is seeking the Democratic nomination for president ahead of the 2020 election.

Speaking at a CNN town hall event on Thursday night, Castro compared the sanctuary cities proposal to family separation, which failed to deter people from coming to the border. 

“Now they are talking about bussing families to particular cities to target political opponents,” Castro said. “These folks want us to choose cruelty as a weapon against people and against political opponents.”

Cruel to who? If he is talking about being “cruel” to the cities breaking federal immigration laws by welcoming illegal immigrants, then he considers it a punishment, which again, sounds a lot like anti-illegal immigrant sentiment. If he is claiming it is “cruel” to the illegal aliens being sent there, then apparently the city itself is not as welcoming as they claim to be.



Also, what about the “targeting political opponents,” statement I am seeing mimicked by quite a few liberals this weekend? Generally “targeting” implies doing something to someone that they do not want, but sanctuary cities claim they do want illegal immigrants, so the optics of that word isn’t looking good for them either.

How do you “target” someone or a city by giving them exactly what they said they wanted?

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, elected in a sanctuary city herself,  that would be one of the destinations for President Trump’s idea, called it a “warped game to perpetuate fear and demonize immigrants,” yet the plan pertains only to illegal immigrants and it appears that it is liberals, media and democrat politicians that are “perpetuating fear,” by calling human beings a “contagion,” “pestilence” and a “plague.”

Who is demonizing them again?

The pattern that seems to be emerging is once again, President Trump trolled the Democrats, and their instant knee-jerk reactions exposed their own bias and disdain for illegal immigrants, and frankly it ain’t pretty, it is downright ugly.


Conservative Americans, despite what they media likes to claim, do not hate immigrants. The majority simply thinks immigrants should come in at entry points, legally, following the process and not enter the country illegally.

There is a crisis at the border, everyone knows it now and even the MSM is acknowledging it is at a “breaking point,” yet Democrats refuse to fund the wall, refuse to work with the president to reform immigration, while liberal activist judges continue to obstruct any actions the administration takes to get a handle on the crisis.

Make no mistake, this last resort measure to release illegal immigrants into sanctuary cities would not have been floated had liberal courts not stopped the administration’s policy to send asylum seekers to Mexico to wait until their asylum claims can be decided by immigration judges.

In a big win for the administration, after the President forced Democrats to expose their real feelings about illegal immigrants by floating this idea, the 9th circuit court of appeals, that has now been balanced out a bit with the confirmation of multiple Trump nomineeshas stayed the lower court’s decision, which will now allow immigration officials to send illegal immigrants to Mexico again until the appeals court hears arguments from the administration and civil groups next week.

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