M1A2 Abrams Tanks Rebuilt at Joint Systems Manufacturing Lima Ohio ...


Trainloads of Tanks in Desert Paint, heading to ports . . . IRAN

America Opens its Arsenal; Trainloads of Tanks in Desert Paint, heading to ports . . . IRAN


Those who have been watching developments in the Middle East have thought Iran was likely to face US Military action over its nuclear program.

On Sunday, May 12, that became crystal clear as trainloads of M1A2 Abrams tanks left American Armories toward ports to be shipped out of the country.  The tanks are painted Desert color – IRAN now seems to have REAL trouble . . .

The video below, taken in southern California on May 12, shows literally HUNDREDS of M1A2 tanks on a train heading toward Port Hueneme, for transit out of the USA.   The paint job on the tanks indicates the environment they will be operating in: Desert Color

If Iran thought it could simply ignore the United States, and ignore US concerns about the terrible nuclear deal negotiated under the incompetent Obama regime, then Iran is in error.  The United States cannot — and will not — be ignored.

The United States has serious concerns about Iran becoming a nuclear-armed nation.  It is not something the US — or most of the world — can tolerate.  The safety of millions is at stake, and the regime in Iran has a vile track record of state-sponsored terrorism in many countries around the world.

To allow such a regime to produce and possess nuclear weapons, is simply untenable.

Report to Congress on Status of Iran's Nuclear Programs - USNI News


For months, the USA has told Iran the nuclear deal must be re-negotiated.  For months, Iran has refused.

The US has imposed ever-worsening economic sanctions in an effort to spur Iran to return to the bargaining table.  Iran has refused.

Recently, Iran began moving its own military assets into positions that will enable it to attack US bases in the Middle East, attack US allies in the Middle East, and to put the free flow of oil at market prices, in jeopardy by affecting the Persian Gulf and its strategically important Strait of Hormuz.

Iran is a formidable country with a considerable military.  Respectable in every regard.  NONE OF THAT MATTERS.

Being formidable is wonderful when it comes to military challenges; but “formidable” is meaningless when facing a super-power like the USA.

Iran’s weapons systems will inflict some damage, but not enough to deter, never mind halt, a US military operation.  Iran’s technology is child-like compared to the US.

The reality is unless Iran agrees to return to the bargaining table, and to peacefully re-negotiate a deal the USA can live with, it faces the mightiest military power ever to exist on this planet.

Iran would likely see it’s military smashed into oblivion, it’s power plants destroyed, it’s water treatment facilities wrecked, its highway bridges destroyed, its railroad networks obliterated and its people deprived of normalcy — and of their lives — in very short order.

US weaponry cannot be defended against.  Even if some of that weaponry can be intercepted or shot down, the shear volume of an American military onslaught is insurmountable.

Why go that route when negotiations can avoid all of those horrors?

Members of Iran’s military have been shooting their mouths off recently on TV, about how they are not afraid of the US, and about how our troops, ships, and bases are “targets” for the mighty Iranian military.  Those boasts have now begotten the opening of US arsenals, and the commencement of tank shipments toward the Middle East.

Iran seems to have no connection to reality when it comes to acknowledging what they face.

Reality is coming.

Iran would do well to wise-up.


Americans need to also understand reality.  Iran is the largest state-sponsor of terrorism on this planet and they will use those resources to attack Americans HERE, inside the US, when hostilities commence.

We should expect bombings of our public places; sabotage of our public water and of our electric grid.  Attacks upon our highway interchange bridges, railroads, oil and gas lines.  We should expect release of chemical or biological weapons.   All these things would be designed to disrupt our lives, and (theoretically) reduce our ability to fight.

Americans need to PREPARE in order to get through what may be coming our way.  HERE is a list of suggested “preps.”