Iran President: "U.S. Blocking our Ships from ALL Countries for 10 days . . ."


President of Iran Hassan Rouhani told the Iranian people via television today that the United States has blocked ALL Iranian vessels from ports in ALL countries for the past ten days.  

“We haven’t encountered a similar situation in 40 years of revolution history. We won’t surrender” he said.

He went on to say the United States tracks all Iranian vessels via satellite and when it appears a vessel is heading to a particular port, the US either sends a military vessel into that port, or US officials contact the port, to remind them of Sanctions, which causes the port to REJECT the Iranian vessel from docking.

This is having a devastating effect upon Iran economically.  Unable to sell its domestically produced products or raw materials (like oil), the country is rapidly going broke.

They will soon reach a point where they have to negotiate an end to sanctions, go to war, or succumb to national bankruptcy.

Rouhani was clear “We will not surrender.”


In the meantime, US troops stationed in north Eastern Poland had a day off celebrating Memorial Day in states, and hit local towns for some R&R.

Local bar owners had a busy day filled with Americans. One cab driver told me he heard the troops say they’re shipping out of Poland within days heading to the Middle East.

Looks like war is on the menu between the US and Iran.