June 18, 2019

Why Are Almost ALL Western Nations Succumbing To The Same Evil Madness?

This shows there really is a New World Order global conspiracy to enslave the entire planet!

William B. Stoecker – All News Pipeline

Recently, Stefan Stanford posted an article warning us all of the dangerous diseases being brought across our borders and the evidence that this is part of a monstrously evil and deliberate plan. His main points are worth restating, and the way the open borders agenda coincides with some other events (also brought about by our Deep State/New World Order masters) seems guaranteed to ensure the rapid spread of these diseases. Along with the danger of nuclear war, this may be the greatest threat facing humanity in the near future.

Our open borders policy is sheer madness, guaranteed to bring about the destruction of our culture and our free republic, turning the US into an overpopulated Third World hellhole.

It is noteworthy that most European nations are following a similar course, allowing themselves to be overrun by mostly Third World and Islamic invaders, giving those invaders special privileges and benefits, looking the other way when they commit crimes, and even punishing any of their own citizens if they complain about it. If the Western nations are truly free and independent of one another, why have they all succumbed to the same evil madness? Does this not at least hint that there really is a New World Order global conspiracy to enslave the entire planet under one government?

Note that this madness has been caused by the same global elite who continually preach the necessity of a sudden and drastic decrease in the human population to “save the planet” and the cute widdle polar bears or whatever. We are, they say, menaced by man-caused global warming, for which there is not an atom of evidence, caused (they claim) by our living standards (which need to be lowered) as well as our excessive population. Yet America’s population is only growing because of our open borders and the high birthrate of the immigrants. Such leftist luminaries as Paul Ehrlich have called for a drastic reduction in population, but then, year after year, Ehrlich predicted imminent mass famine, which never happened. Though as Stefan will also report in a story later today, mass famine may still be ahead with our nation’s food supply suffering more and more recalls and seemingly under sustained attack.

Henry Kissinger considered human beings to be expendable, and said “The elderly are useless eaters.” This from a man in his nineties who never in his life did one day of useful, productive work. I have pointed out previously that the UN wildlands project is intended to confine human beings to very small areas and deny us the resources of much of what is left. The UN has published maps showing the U.S., for example, with most of the land no longer open to agriculture, mining, logging, or even watershed. Even a vague familiarity with how much land we need for farming makes it obvious that the remnant human population will be crowded into urban areas where they will slowly starve to death. These maps have never been disavowed by our glorious leaders; even Trump has never protested.

The borders of our late, great republic are totally open and uncontrolled, and illegal immigrants have been given the “right” to a hearing before being deported.

As I have pointed out before, no such right is mentioned anywhere in our former Constitution. In fact, illegals do not even have a right to a trial before being summarily executed for any crime they commit. And even without the illegals, our legal immigration quotas of hundreds of thousands per year (supported by Trump) are enough to overpopulate us and utterly destroy our Western culture.

And note that when a country is more heavily populated, epidemics can spread more easily, and they can get started and spread faster when a nation’s health care system is already overburdened…as ours is, by immigrants and by our own growing horde of welfare parasites, for all of which we can thank our leftist masters.

We can also thank our masters for the exploding population of “homeless” people, a term that is more politically correct than “derelicts.” Many of these people are criminals, drug addicts, and the mentally ill, people who belong in prison or in mental hospitals…but that would violate their “rights.” Here on the West Coast in particular, the problem has reached crisis proportions, with hypodermic needles, human faeces, and garbage covering the sidewalks in LA and San Francisco. Seattle and Portland and Sacramento (where I live) are almost as bad, and all are getting worse by the day.


Rats at the police station, filth on L.A. streets — scenes from the collapse of a city that’s lost control

Piles of trash remain at the corner of East 10th Street and Naomi Avenue in downtown Los Angeles. (Robert Gauthier / Los Angeles Times)

LA is overrun by rats, already carrying typhus, a disease once almost eradicated in the US, but now spreading rapidly.

Meanwhile, immigrant invaders have brought in a variety of tropical diseases once almost unknown here, along with drug-resistant TB, which can cause a slow, bloody, agonizing death, as it did for many before the development of antibiotics. Many bacterial diseases are becoming resistant to antibiotics, including many STDs like gonorrhea, putting more strain on our medical facilities. And, lurking here all along, we have bubonic plague, carried by wild rodents and likely to spread via the rats. A brief discussion of some of these diseases is in order.

Bubonic plague is a bacterial infection, which can still be treated with antibiotics, but if it is not diagnosed and treated right away, the victim may still die or suffer permanent damage, and is in for some horrible suffering, with painfully swollen lymph nodes, which may break open, and gangrene may develop, with the living patient’s skin literally rotting. Symptoms include weakness, pain, vomiting blood, coma, and a death rate of 30 to 90 percent if not treated. During the sixth century a plague, believed to be bubonic plague, swept the world, including the Western and Eastern (Byzantine) halves of the Roman Empire, where it appeared in 542 A.D. and was named Justinian’s Plague after the Byzantine Emperor.

The sixth century was a period of global cooling, and the plague returned in the fourteenth century when the Earth cooled again following the Medieval Warm Period, and killed between 25 and 60 percent of all the people in Europe, with similar death rates in Asia and other parts of the world. The pneumonic version of the plague can be spread by coughs and sneezes, but most often plague is spread by the bites of fleas carried by infected rats…and LA and some other areas are now overrun with rats. The plague is still with us, surfacing in Europe in the seventeenth century, and with minor outbreaks since, including the San Francisco Bay Area as late as 1907, and in Los Angeles in 1924…note that these same two cities are vulnerable today, with rats, homeless people, garbage, and human excrement everywhere.

Typhus has already reappeared in California, spread by lice, which are often carried by rats. It is really a group of diseases, and outbreaks tend to occur during wars, or any time sanitation breaks down…like in our growing homeless population. Symptoms include a fever, headaches, and a rash, and it is often fatal if not treated.

On 30 May 19 at least 117 Congolese “refugees” crossed from Mexico into Texas (who paid their airfare to Mexico and why did the Mexican government allow them into their country?) and the Border Patrol was not allowed to keep them out.

Fox News has reported that many of them seem to have a great deal of money, even after the expenses of travelling here, and are very evasive when asked how they paid for all their expenses. Some of them said they had travelled to Ecuador, then Mexico, and then here, raising a good many questions. They settled for a time in San Antonio, but may be shipped to other parts of the US at our expense, which has become the standard practice. 

And it is a practice ideal for spreading diseases like Ebola virus, a disease that has broken out again…in the Congo region of Africa. First identified in 1976, Ebola, a hemorrhagic fever, begins with flu-like symptoms, and can cause liver and kidney damage. There may be internal and external bleeding, and it is 25 to 90 percent fatal if untreated, with death usually caused by fluid loss…and it is very difficult to treat. It is normally not terribly contagious, requiring direct physical contact with an infected person, but sometimes can spread for a short distance due to a cough or sneeze.

All these factors are converging at once: overpopulation, increasing homelessness, and the importation of new diseases (or re-emergence of old ones). In fact, new diseases like Lyme Disease have appeared since recombinant DNA was developed, and Lyme Disease emerged just opposite Plum Island, where the US government had a disease research facility. And note that virtually everything our leftist masters have done for years has been harmful to our health or destructive of institutions like marriage and the family. And what could be a better excuse for martial law and quarantines than a major outbreak of multiple diseases at once?

What could provide a better justification for coerced vaccination? Anyone opposing mandatory vaccination would be seen as a public enemy aiding and abetting the spread of disease. And if the vaccines are worthless or even cause eventual suffering and death, who will notice before it is too late? What better excuse to cull the herd and leave only the elites, served by robots, along with a remnant human population kept around as sex slaves and sacrificial victims? Of course the ultimate goal of the elites’ own ultimate master is the moral degradation and complete extermination of the human race.

As terrible as the Black Death, the bubonic plague of the fourteenth century was, humanity suffered an even greater holocaust when European explorers and settlers brought a whole cocktail of diseases to the New World, diseases including, but not limited to smallpox, to which the American indians had no resistance. Estimates of the death toll in the decades that follow run as high as ninety percent; the plagues finished off the Mound Builder culture in what is now the US, and destroyed the advanced agricultural civilization of Amazonia. But perhaps we, a nation that has allowed the murder of 60 million of the unborn (and, lately, some newborns) deserve no better.



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