Masai tribesmen, Kenya 1979


The Ancient Giants of North America

An important part of these historical secrets are the ancient giants of North America! If you have never heard of it, don’t be surprised, because the existence of human giants in the earth’s past is one of the best-kept secrets in history!

In the time of the first European settlers in North America, thousands of old pyramid-shaped burial mounds were discovered all over the country and these graves often contained the skeletons of human giants up to four meters in size! The reason why it was no longer reported after the 19th century was that these giants in no way fit into the pattern of traditional historiography or human evolution.

Any researcher who nevertheless dared to report on it was discredited or lost his job – the notions of real giants did not fit into the image of socially accepted knowledge. Today there is almost no mention of these giants in any textbook in the world. But they are still mentioned in numerous ancient writings and also in the Bible and the Koran.


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A key role in the cover-up of the North American giants was played by the American Smithsonian Institution, now headed by the government and military. The institution’s archaeologists have removed hundreds, if not thousands, of the giant skeletons from the Mounds, the tombs of the giants.

Most of these giants had a size of more than 2.40 m, some of the giant skeletons had flat skulls and six fingers and toes! Since 1774 it also came to the discovery of the old buildings of the giants.

They created whole cities long before the first Indians appeared in North America! Until the beginning of the 20th century, it was regularly reported in the newspapers of that time, even in the New York Times!

Many of the giants’ large stone plants show similarities to numerous other ancient megalith plants all over the world. All these buildings were designed according to precise astronomical and mathematical criteria, which is also completely ignored by school science today. Where did this knowledge come from?

One of the first researchers to report on all this is the American Jim Vieira, his first lectures and documentaries have been deleted and censored several times from the web or YouTube and only over the years had he managed to bring his knowledge to the public! Today Vieira is a star on the History Channel because he has been hosting the programme “Search for the Lost Giants” since 2014.

According to Jim Vieira, there is an ongoing cover-up of America’s historical history. Historians wrote their own version and decided to completely conceal certain parts of the exciting culture of ancient North America. This included the mysterious culture of the ancient giants, which was extremely advanced and astonishing.

The puzzle around this lost part of the story has to be put back together piece by piece. Old stone structures in New England have undergone C-14 tests and it has been determined that they are several thousand years old. It is written in the Bible that gods once resided on earth, and these gods were giants. The battle of David against Goliath is also famous.

Another well-known researcher who has devoted himself to the history of the giants is Michael Tellinger. Tellinger points to another passage in the Bible in which it can be read that the Nephilim were so tall that normal people acted like grasshoppers against them. For example, Michael Tellinger was able to locate a femur from a human skeleton 3.5 meters tall!

Science Giant Of Castelnau


This femur was in the archives of Witwatersrand University in Johannesburg, South Africa. It was discovered in the 1960s by miners in Namibia – so the giants also existed in Africa. This find proves the existence of human-like giants in southern Africa at least 40,000 years ago! (Perhaps 4000 is more like it)

There is also a video in which the director of the Institute of Human Evolution at the University of Witwatersrand, Professor Francis Thackeray, Michael Tellinger, presents the giant’s bone.

Such inappropriate finds are largely ignored by academic research today. But that was not always the case. Before the broad acceptance of Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution, the giant skeletons were still accepted by archaeology and it was generally assumed that giants once populated all of North America.

President Abraham Lincoln and the Giants

There is a speech by former President Abraham Lincoln from 1848 in which he points out the existence of the giants. The Lincoln family was familiar with the history of the many Indian tribes of North America, and they also knew about the finds of giant skeletons in the burial mounds of the Indians.

Since that time, almost all physical evidence for the giants has been taken aside or destroyed, only then could the history of human development be rewritten as desired. Only through this falsified, controlled historical historiography could mankind be put in spiritual chains even more effectively.

But Micheal Tellinger and Jim Vieira aren’t alone and more and more alternative explorers are searching for the lost knowledge about the true past of the earth and the giants. Various sources even report that a few giants have survived to this day in remote areas of the earth in underground installations and caves.

There is an operation report from 2002, according to which US soldiers found a living giant in a very remote area of Afghanistan. A whole unit was reported missing, another patrol was sent out to find the first one. A soldier later described what he saw when he arrived on the other side of a mountain.

There was a cave entrance with many loose rocks and a row of bones. The second unit was not close enough to determine what kind of bones were involved, but the bones were also one of their own missing communication devices. What happened to your comrades? To avoid ambush, the whole patrol took cover. Not much later, the men saw something coming out of the cave that made them freeze.

Giant Of Kandahar Afghanistan United States


This was a man at least four meters tall – a monster with a red beard and long red hair. One of the soldiers ran stunned towards him and opened fire. Everyone started shooting now and one screamed that one should shoot the giant in the face. The giant took several goals, but still stayed on his feet.

Eventually, however, he fell over dead and one of the men on patrol was killed by him. A short time later a military helicopter came and threw off a transport net because there were instructions to wrap and transport the giant. This was then also done as follows.

The soldier who reported the incident further explained that the white giant had pale skin and six fingers and toes. After the debriefing of the mission, every soldier involved was ordered to rewrite his mission report so that it no longer contained a giant – this was supposedly demanded of the “bigwigs”!

Giants in Afghanistan

Another special ops soldier in Afghanistan could tell another story about the giant. He said that the story of the killed giant was told around the base. It wasn’t until later that he realized that the giant was actually three times the size of an ordinary man!

Another special unit was called in to pick up the dead giant. The two soldiers who reported on this experience gave an interview to the alternative researcher and author L. A. Marzulli. There was also a pilot who later confirmed the transport of the giant.

This pilot had landed in Afghanistan on the US base and was instructed to fly a special cargo – absolutely no cameras were allowed. The pilot said it was a dead guy, extremely tall, at least 5’8″. The dead man lay rolled up in a fetal position on a large wooden pallet, which was also necessary to transport him. He weighed about 500 kg!

There have been rumors of cannibalistic giants living in caves among the locals in Afghanistan for a long time. The soldiers, who did not speak the local language, understood these rumors as legends, although there had been regular bone finds near cave entrances indicating that something lived in these caves that killed and ate people.

Sometimes this happened by chance, but every now and then the giants were also given people as offerings, the locals explained. This cannibalistic race of redheaded giants had probably ruled the whole world once, for there are reports of them also from North and South America and they still appear in the traditions and folklore of the Indian tribes.

The giants had probably become a constant threat to the indigenous tribes and it had finally been decided to eradicate them for the good of all. The last giants finally hid in caves and were surrounded by the natives. There were fires to smoke them out and kill them.

Those who dared to storm out of the caves were the victims of retaliatory attacks, for these giants had killed a large number of people. But there are also reports from Corey Goode, a former member of a secret space program, that the leaders and members of the royal caste of giants had laid down in so-called “stasis chambers” in which they could survive thousands of years in deep sleep.

They should stay there until the time of their return has come – today! After that they should take up their old role on earth again – but will this actually happen? It is written in the Bible that God wiped the evil giants from the earth by the Flood.

The soldiers are of the opinion that the history of the giants is concealed because giants do not fit into Darwinian evolutionary theory and also confirm the events of the Bible – this is not desired by certain powerful and influential circles! Evidence of the existence of the giants is a great danger to established Darwinism and the false historical history of the world!

It is still claimed today that human evolution has been an uninterrupted development pattern for hundreds of thousands of years, never disturbed by any other species – but it is not! There is a whole series of counter evidence and unusual mummy and skeleton finds!

Proof of one or more unknown human species on Earth would completely destroy Darwinism as well as the fake historical history of the Earth. But it is high time to find out the truth about our true past and our place in the universe. The fact is, we are not the only intelligent species in the universe, but there are many other human-like species like us!

It is now time to bring to light all the evidence of their existence and to present information, finds, and artifacts that have been hidden and denied so far.

More and more whistleblowers and eyewitnesses have the courage to openly report on their experiences, and so it is now possible to put the puzzle together and finally unravel the secret history of the earth and humanity!