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Climate Activists Stuck In ICE — Rescued by helicopter




Andrew Bolt, Sky News Host

An Arctic tours ship named MS MALMO with 16 passengers on board became stuck in ice halfway between Norway and North Pole.

The ship was on an Arctic tour with a climate change documentary film team, and tourists concerned with climate change and melting Arctic ice. Now I can’t find out who these global warming activists are.

Sweden’s Aftenposten hasn’t identified them either.

But I love the image. Global warmists determined to scare us about how arctic ice is melting wind up getting trapped in exactly the ice they thought wasn’t there. And they had to be rescued by helicopters. Think of all those emissions. Even funnier is that this has happened before. More than once. Six years ago we were told of another ship of global warmists off to study a polar ice cap, this time Antarctica. That man was Professor Chris Turney and his expedition included Greens Senator Janet rice who was very excited about seeing how global warming had wrecked Antarctica. “I’m off to Antarctica tomorrow,” she tweeted before the trip. “It seems appropriate that my last post here before I go is about campaigning for effective action on climate change.”



But Rice, Turney and their ship of warmists hit such thick ice that an icebreaker couldn’t free them and they, too, had to rescued by helicopters.

You want another example? Easy.

Two years ago British adventurer Pen Hadow announced his own expedition to prove that the global warming was melting away the whole north pole. The media left ate it up. But what few in the media reported was that the impossible was still impossible. His Yacht got stuck in sea ice when still 1000 km from the north pole, and had to turn back.

But, like I said, not much publicity. Scares sell, and the failures to back them up do not. For instance, the ABC 11 years ago screened a very scary documentary to huge applause – claiming the arctic would very soon be melted clean away. But the ABC won’t say sorry for that, because that melting away of the north pole never happened.

The data shows that, yes, there was some melting – we’re still retreating from the little ice age – but we’ve never had less than 4 million square kilometers of ice in recent times the south pole – ice there is close to the long term average. Look, I am not saying there hasn’t been some global warming. But it’s been very small, about .13 of a degree each decade. How much is that natural, we can’t be sure.

And whether it’s actually bad to have a bit of warming – that is very debatable. Food crops, for instance, have never been as big as we’ve seen over the past few years. But most people don’t know that. They hear of the scares and the scary expeditions. They aren’t told of the good news or when the scary expeditions flop. That’s the context we should remember when we hear global warming scaremongers now.



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