Hospital construction underway

On Tuesday, I conducted an interview with a friend of mine that lives in China.  “Jack Russel,” which is not his real name to protect his identity, spoke with me via Skype and indicated that things are definitely being taken seriously in China concerning the coronavirus.  However, when asked about the new hospital being erected in Wuhan, he said that he believed it was simply Beijing attempting to convey to the people a sense that the government was at work and all would be well.


He also indicated that he was told by authorities that it might be up to 2 months that he would need to be self-quarantined, and he lives 1,200 kilometers from Wuhan!







First, consider that The National File just reported on the construction of this hospital.

Gabriel Keane reports:

Chinese state-run newspaper the Global Times posted an image of a purported “novel coronavirus hospital” called Huoshenshan Hospital on Twitter Monday.

1st building of #Wuhan‘s special novel #Coronavirus hospital, Huoshenshan Hospital, completed construction on Monday, in 16 hours,” the tweet read. “It is expected to be transferred to the military for management on February 2. Another Leishenshan Hospital is also under construction.”

The tweet was quickly scrutinized by people who noticed that the image of Huoshenshan Hospital provided by Global Times is actually an Alibaba stock photo for a portable “container school building