A vaccine is not a cure, it’s to kickstart your immune system




Your immune system and not a vaccine is your protection against any virus. A vaccine is not a cure, it’s to aid, support and help kickstart your immune system.


Chinese researchers have discovered that all those who died from this current virus had much fewer T cells, which produce virus-fighting chemicals.

Essentially they had poor immunity.

The truth is that you CAN boost immunity and T Cells – but not with medication – only with nutrition and wellness principles.

When you are exposed to a typical virus – you may already have immunity thanks to exposure in the past . . . however with a ‘novel’ or new virus – no one has any immunity!

Those with strong immune systems will be fine and will actually help us all to lessen the effect due to herd immunity. An outbreak eventually fizzles out because there are fewer viable hosts for the virus to infect.

If we control the spread by all the social distancing, we SLOW the spread, but don’t really defeat the disease. That’s why in the Netherlands for example, with an excellent health care system – is letting the Coronavirus spread in a controlled way, but protecting those at most risk.

The real problem is the load on the healthcare system – and that is why we need to ‘flatten the curve’ as they say.

Basically, slow the spread. It’s sort of the same as ‘controlled burning’ to avoid dangerously spreading bushfires!

That’s why some experts think that the full lockdown is not warranted – and that those high risk patients (mainly the elderly) are the ones that needed to be isolated.

The rest of us should focus on Boosting our Immune Systems.