Doctors say death rate similar to flu, and sheltering at home weakens immunity

Two California physicians with advanced degrees in microbiology contend that their testing of more than 5,200 patients along with public data show the coronavirus is no more deadly than the seasonal flu and that the sheltering-in-place policy in the United States and most of the Western world not only is unnecessary, it’s harmful.

“Do we need to still shelter in place? Our answer is emphatically no.”

Erickson explained that for hundreds of years, societies have relied on herd immunity to fight viruses.

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“Viruses kill people. End of story. The flu kills people. Covid kills people. But for the rest of us, we develop herd immunity. We develop the ability to take this virus in and defeat it,” he said.

“And for the vast majority — 95% of those around the globe — this is true. And when we look at people that have locked down and people that haven’t locked down, we have massive data.

“It is not statistically signficiant whether you lock down or not,” he said. “So why are we doing it?”


Businesses should reopen and people should return to work as the testing continues, he said.

The physicians, noting they each have studied microbiology for 20 years, said that the nation’s initial response to the outbreak was probably a good idea “when you don’t have any facts.”

“Now that we have the facts,” said Erickson. “It’s time to get back to work.”

Historically, they argued, we’ve always quarantined the sick.

“We’ve never seen where you quarantine the healthy.”

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