25th April 2020 – (Moscow) A Russian microbiologist, Petr Chumakovt  who works at the Engelhardt Institute of Molecular Biology in Moscow said recently that Wuhan laboratory scientists “did absolutely crazy things” to alter coronavirus and enabled it to infect humans. He has fuelled speculation the virus could have accidentally originated in a Wuhan laboratory potentially during research for other vaccines.

Meanwhile, the US president’s TV network of choice, Fox News, has reported that “multiple sources” in the American government believe initial transmission of the virus was bat-to-human in a virology lab in Wuhan. Due to weak safety protocols, an infected lab worker then went to a wet market where the virus spread.

Professor Petr Chumakov, said the purpose of the mostly Chinese research team was to study the pathogenicity of the virus and not “with malicious intent” to deliberately create an infectious virus like COVID-19. Chumakov said the Wuhan Laboratory team has been actively involved in the development of various coronavirus variants for over 10 years, possibly in the name of HIV vaccine research.

Professor Chumakov is also connected to Russia’s Federal Research Centre for Research and Development of Immunobiological Preparations. He alleged that the Wuhan laboratory received funding from the US via the George Soros Foundation.

“They did absolutely crazy things, in my opinion,” he told a Moscow Moskovsky Komsomolets newspapers. As reported by the Moskovsky Komsomolets newspaper, he stated that there are several inserts as the substitutions of the natural sequence of the genome which gave it special properties.

“It is interesting that the Chinese and Americans who worked with them published all their works in the open (scientific) press. I think that an investigation will nevertheless be initiated, as a result of which new rules will be developed that regulate the work with the genomes of such dangerous viruses. It’s too early to blame anyone.”

Meanwhile, the head of the Institute of Virology in the Chinese city of Wuhan rejected allegations in the US that the novel coronavirus could have originated in his laboratory.

A spokesman for Russian President Vladimir Putin warned earlier that the virus should not be determined to be man-made without sufficient scientific evidence. Veronika Skvortsova, director of the Russian Federal Agency for Biomedicine, also pointed out that the statement was too early, but she also said that COVID-19 virus has many differences from SARS, also from the coronavirus genus. No possibility can be ruled out.

Nobel winning French professor Luc Montagnier recently claimed that the novel Coronavirus was created inside a lab and mentioned that the virus which infected over 2.7 million people globally was accidentally released from Wuhan Institution of Virology.

Earlier, we reported that a Czech molecular biologist, Dr. Soňa Peková explained in detail why she believed that the novel coronavirus originated from the laboratory and the American scientists tried to refute it. She also tried to disprove the claim which appeared on Nature Medicine journal that the virus evolved from a natural mutation. The paradox is that Dr.Peková made reference to a laboratory in Wuhan, that is the well-known National Biosafety Laboratory at the Wuhan Institute of Virology but it is not China that needs to refute anything about this theory, it is the American scientists that should worry about it instead.