Several News Outlets suggest that no raid occurred in Frankfurt Germany.

False reports claim election servers were seized in Germany

The New York Times said the story was false

Fact Check said that the U.S. Army Didn’t Seize Election Servers in Germany

From Newsmax: Huge claims. History unfolding…?

Trump Staff Brian Trascher Confirms Server Raid In Germany, Currently Analyzing Raw Data.

 ”Things that are going to come out will shake the globalists to the core.”

“On election night within 68 seconds Trump went from being 10,000′s of votes ahead — I think it was in Wisconsin –  to being behind by tens of thousands of votes. That’s a statistical anomaly, it cannot happen.”

“The fact that Dominion and Smartmatic have become household names on Twitter is freaking the Democrats out. You can see the media melting down…”

“Today is the first time we’re going to be appearing in the Federal Court, all these little suits that got dismissed were state courts run by democrat hack judges.”

Brian Trascher‘s website and on Twitter @BTrascherRating: 9.0/10 (52 votes cast)Trump’s team have German servers, raw data, warn of violence as bombshells will be released, 9.0 out of 10 based on 52 ratings