by Jamie WhiteJanuary 5th 2021, 3:05 pm

Is Big Tech trying to stymie Rally to Save America turnout?

Numerous people on social media are reporting that Apple Maps is failing to pull up directions to Washington D.C., prompting some to suggest Big Tech is trying to stymie the Rally to Save America march called for by President Trump.

Prominent conservative figures like Todd Starnes, Stephanie Hamill, and Brigitt Gabriel showed screenshots of directions to D.C. failing to appear.

Reports are coming in that several bridges into the city are being shut down ahead of the January 6th march in addition to the many road closures, which could be a contributing factor in the Apple Maps “glitch.”

DC appears to be closing bridges into the city.— Anti-Oligarch Action, PhD (@YeetedInto) January 5, 2021

DC Mayor Muriel Bowser called in the National Guard to monitor the event, accusing the Trump supporters of bringing “violence” and “criminal activity” into the city.