Posted on October 28, 2021 by Wes Rhinier

There is a special place in hell for these people who are now going after children.

Any parent that allows this poison to be injected into their kids should be publicly hanged.

If you still have kids in the public school indoctrination camps, you best get them out right now. I guarantee there will be stories before long of kids being vaccinated without their parents permission. GUARANTEED!!!

We often ask what will be the spark that sets this all off? See Above! A lot of talk is turning out there amongst the blogosphere. It’s now talk of how do we begin. Who do we go after first? I think many are about done waiting. Going after the kids is going to set this country on fire.

By targeting the kids it will force those still in hiding to choose between good and evil. Make no mistake we are up against pure evil. They are committing Genocide. It makes me sick, and every day the evil is ramped up another notch.

The sad thing is most adults couldn’t withstand the pressure to not even wear a mask let alone get this poison injected into them. So many kids are going to be harmed by getting this crap injected into them. Teachers, so many will go along with this forced vaccination. There is a special place in hell for you also. Protect these kids!

Psalm 138:7 |

I don’t know why this push is on for something that doesn’t even phase the kids. Evil Bastards! Perhaps they want and need the chaos. They are sure to get it messing with the children. We must protect the children from this move at all cost. The future of the human race will depend on our actions and how many children we can protect from this evil.

This is going to be ugly, this is going to be hard. But in the end good always triumphs, in the END.