J R Nyquist 2 Feb 22

The last three months it is organized by both sides … with a clear division of labor. Good cop and bad cop….

This campaign stated that Putin is preparing to activate troops for a full-scale invasion to a big war, for a big war to conquer a substantial portion of Ukraine, with encirclement of major Ukrainian cities.

And now we can see that many Western medias are publishing maps showing all these arrows of Russian troops moving into Ukraine territory and conquering that territory that there will be a huge war. Mr. Putin has decided to reinforce these claims. But Putin’s forces are insufficient for what is needed.


I would be cautious about describing the Russian mobilization as an “empty threat.” It is not “empty.”

This is the largest mobilization of Russian forces since the end of the Cold War. It is a real threat made with tanks, troops, aircraft and missiles. In his interview with Frank Gaffney, Illarionov’s arguments regarding the Russian deployments were not well-informed or well-considered.

Illarionov had no clear idea of the extent of the Russian mobilization. The exercise underway is not merely a 100,000-man troop exercise. It is much larger and includes units of the Belarussian Army (involved in their own “drills”). The Russian deployments now form a double envelopment, with Russian troops being positioned on the territory of four former Soviet Republics (Russia, Belarus, Moldova and Ukraine). And this mobilization is continuing — with implications for other military theaters (i.e., the Far East and Middle East). In fact, Putin’s meeting with Xi may well underscore a consequential shift in the global balance of power. I am sorry, but this is NOT about calling Russia’s bluff.

This is about Russia and China calling America’s bluff. And we have been bluffing, as our inadequate defense measures indicate.

The fiasco in Afghanistan is only a foretaste of things to come. And we should be more reserved when it comes to praising Ukraine’s fighting spirit; for Ukraine has not mobilized her reserves, which may well signal that Kiev’s is ripe for a new union treaty with Moscow. Setting aside Zelensky’s “statesmanlike” unreadiness for war — what valiant name shall we give NATO’s unwillingness to mobilize man for man what Russia has been mobilizing? What accounts for America’s unwillingness to match China and Russia as we fall further and further behind? Is the received wisdom of today, in every crisis, to balk mobilization as alarmist?

But then, with regard to Russia, complacency has long been considered a virtue even as underestimating Moscow is been accounted wise.

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