haul trucks following one after another
(Photo : Quintin Gellar / Pexels)

Following the phenomenon of Canada’s Freedom Convoy, American truckers have expressed they will be mirroring the protesters’ efforts on fighting the COVID-19 vaccine mandates.

Right Side Broadcasting Network reported that American truckers have revealed plans to launch a convoy from California that will converge in Washington, D.C. The American truckers are in the process of putting up the initiative following the Freedom Convoy’s 45-mile queue hitting the streets of Ottawa last week.

While Fox News said the group’s name is “Convoy to D.C. 2022,” which is a Facebook group composed of 67,000 members. The American truckers say they “are part of many large groups who believe in our founding fathers.”

“We believe everyone has a voice. We support our freedom. Help us spread the word about this group and together we all can make it a better place…God Bless America,” Convoy to D.C. 2022 said.

This is in the face of the United States Department of Homeland Security’s vaccination requirement for non-U.S. citizens upon accessing ports of entry whether by land or ferry locations. The requirement was announced last January 20 and is said to affect unvaccinated truckers who will bring supplies across the U.S.-Mexico and U.S.-Canada borders.

“If the current reports on the American truckers come to fruition, another record-setting convoy may soon be heading for Washington D.C. to let the tyrannical politicians in office know exactly how American workers feel about mandatory vaccinations,” RSBN said.

Your Basin clarified that the American truckers has not announced when they intend to start the convoy but did indicate that it will be scheduled soon.

Censorship against truth

Facebook, unsuprisingly, removed the truckers’ page on Wednesday as an apparent act of censorship. The American truckers’ organizer, Jeremy Johnson, called it “censorship at its finest,” as his personal account was also removed. Johnson revealed that he has already sought a civil rights lawyer on the matter.

“They like to silence people that speak the truth,” Johnson said.

Facebook, through a spokesperson from its parent company Meta, accused the group of violating their community policies and tagged the group as “QAnon.” This gives them reason to remove Johnson’s account being an admin of their page, as per their October 2020 policy on those labeled as “QAnon.”

“We have removed this group for repeatedly violating our policies around QAnon,” Facebook claimed.

Wham explained that QAnon has become infamous for being a conspiracy group allegedly “spreading misinformation and malicious rhetoric.” This has become a label for anyone supporting a range of “unfounded theory.”

As such, “Convoy To DC 2022” Co-Organizer Brian Brase rebuked Facebook’s claim of their group being QAnon. Brase pointed out in an interview with “Fox & Friends” that they were not even given an option prior to removing their Facebook group page.

“I have to laugh about that. Can they contact me or something? Can we talk? That’s not true. They actually had offered the administrators to remove content and then request to review again. They didn’t even give that option,” Brase said.

“They literally wiped Mike Landis and Jeremy completely out of Facebook. They don’t even have a profile anymore, so how are you supposed to request a review or remove anything?” He added.

Fighting for freedom

The Freedom Convoy has become a global sensation after hitting the road last week from British Columbia to Ottawa, Canada where the truckers from across the country converged to protest the governments vaccination mandate.

Tamara Lich, the event’s co-organizer, said part of the funds withheld in their GoFundMe account, which has accumulated more than $10 million as of this article’s writing, was already released to them.

Previously, GoFundMe has withheld the funds due to a lack of clarity in its purpose. In a press conference on Wednesday, Lich stressed that they will “continue” their protest until the government has ended the mandates.

“We are calling on all levels of Government in Canada to end all COVID mandates and restrictions. We will continue our protest until we see a clear plan for their elimination,” Lich said.