I would apear that as part of their “Emergency Act” powers, the Canadian government has BLOCKED all social media posts originating from inside of Canada. Twitter, Facebook, etc., have been affected by the block.

Users can post, but what they post WILL NOT APPEAR on any feeds, anywhere if their originating IP address is located in CANADA.

Users are  (for now) getting around this limitation by using Virtual Private Networks (VPN’s).

This is what Liberals actually are, folks!  Outright tyrants.

History has shown countless times, there’s only one way to stop tyranny. . . 

The government in Canada had already positioned itself to enact such measures just 8 months ago

Trudeau’s Party Passes Bill to Regulate Social Media, Streaming

  • Move would prioritize Canadian content, echoing broadcast law
  • But critics say it threatens free speech on user-driven sites
Justin Trudeau.
Justin Trudeau.Photographer: Thierry Monasse/Bloomberg

Kait Bolongaro June 22, 2021, 9:31 PM GMT+10 Bloomberg

Canadian lawmakers passed a controversial bill that aims to regulate programming distributed by media streaming services and social platforms like Facebook and YouTube, a measure that critics warn could infringe on individual speech.

The legislation drafted by Justin Trudeau’s government, known as Bill C-10, is meant to subject tech giants to the same requirements as traditional broadcasters — effectively compelling companies like Netflix Inc. and TikTok Inc. to finance and promote Canadian content. It’s among the most far-reaching plans by governments anywhere to regulate the algorithms tech companies use to amplify or recommend content.

And, in an age when everyone is a potential publisher, the Act to Amend the Broadcasting Act could affect individual expression on social media and other digital platforms that rely on user-generated content.

It’s unclear whether the bill will become law, however. The legislation needs to win passage through the Senate, a process that could be pre-empted by an election later this year that would effectively kill the bill. If that happens, a new government would have to put it through the legislative mill again if it wants the rules to come into effect.

Trudeau’s government hailed its passage. “There are other issues we have to address when it comes to broadcasting and creation, and we will,” Heritage Minister Steven Guilbeault said during the final debate Monday evening. “Bill C-10 is a first step in that direction.”

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