As covered in today’s Situation Update podcast (below), US leaders such as US Sen. Lindsey Graham are playing a dangerous game of “chicken” with Russian president Vladimir Putin, seemingly obviously to the fact that Russia has vastly superior military weapons technology that renders much of the US military arsenal obsolete.

The most dangerous drone planned for the Russian military in the coming years is the Poseidon, which is slated to come into service in 2027. While several years away in development, the weapon is chilling. It is an undersea drone launched from a submarine that is equipped with a nuclear warhead of up to two megatons. – Image: Creative Commons.

For example, Russia has a Poseidon underwater drone system that can unleash a dirty bomb effect onto an enemy’s coastal regions by detonating a cobalt-enriched nuclear warhead under the ocean, several miles off the coast.

If detonated anywhere near the US East Coast, it would utterly destroy the United States government and end America. It would render the entire eastern seaboard uninhabitable for centuries. Wall Street would collapse and the dollar would be instantly worthless. US naval assets in Virginia would be rendered unusable and even the Pentagon would have to be evacuated for centuries. The entire infrastructure of transportation, government, finance and military would be decimated. America would end.

According to some analysts, Putin has already positioned Poseidon drones off the coastline of the USA and can detonate these doomsday machines at any time. There is no defense against these weapons.

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