By Joshua Manning • 20 June 2022 • 16:17

Russia’s Baltic Fleet will reportedly launch live-fire exercises in the Kaliningrad Region with an estimated 1,000 servicemen and over 100 units of military hardware taking part.

Russia’s Baltic Fleet is set to launch the alleged exercises following escalating tensions with Lithuania due to a blockade of Russian transit cargo.

“About 1,000 servicemen and over 100 units of combat and special equipment of artillery and missile units will take part in the maneuvers in the Kaliningrad region,” stated the report according to RBC.

The firing exercises will reportedly be carried out by artillerymen using “Grad and Uragan multiple rocket launchers,Hyacinth large-calibre guns, Msta-S, Acacia dn Gvozdika self-propelled artillery systems.”

The news follows Russia threatening to revoke the recognition of Lithuania as an EU state due to the blockade in the Kaliningrad region, as stated by the Chairman of the Provisional Commission of the Federation Council on Protection of State Sovereignty and Prevention of Interference in Russia’s Internal Affairs, Senator Andrei Klimov, on Monday, June, 20.

Speaking on Russia’s threat to revoke recognition of Lithuania as an EU member state, the Senator stated:

“The European Union, if it does not immediately correct the insolent prank of Vilnius, will itself disavow for us the legitimacy of all documents on Lithuania’s membership in the EU and untie its hands to solve the Kaliningrad transit problem created by Lithuania by any means we choose.”


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