By Stefan Stanford – All News Pipeline – Live Free Or Die

While double-vaxxed and double-boosted Joe Biden has tested positive for COVID once again, the latest proof to Americans that the vax never worked to prevent COVID and the latest evidence to the so-called ‘anti-vaxxers‘ that their judgement in not taking the hastily created shot was correct, if only Dr. Anthony Fauci had listened to his own words from back in February of 1999.

With Fauci speaking in the video we’ve embedded directly below during the entire AIDS mess, as the announcer to the brief video leads off before Fauci enters, “Many scientists are beginning to believe that a vaccine against AIDS may be impossible to make and too dangerous to test.” 

Fauci then enters, claiming the following words of advice he and other so-called ‘experts‘ definitely should have paid attention to over the past couple of years but must have, conveniently, ‘forgotten‘. 

“If you take it and then a year goes by and everybody’s fine then you say okay, that’s good, now let’s give it to 500 people. And then a year goes by and everything’s fine, say, well now let’s give it to thousands of people. And then you find out that it takes 12 years for all hell to break loose and then what have you done.”

Proving to us that way back then in 1999, more than 23 years ago now, that he fully understood that sometimes, it takes 10 or more years for the ‘end game‘ of such ‘vaccines‘ to come out, then why were he, Biden and the globalists in such a mad rush to get people to take a new vax in the modern era, when he fully understood back then it might take ‘12 years for all hell to break loose?‘ 

That very brief video before we continue.

And as this American Greatness story reports, with Biden originally testing positive for COVID on July 21st, that positive diagnosis came on the 1-year-anniversary of Biden falsely claiming the vaccinated couldn’t get COVID. 

Just the latest reason why the American people don’t trust our government or top institutions as far as we could throw them as seen in this Gallup poll showing Americans trust in government now at an all time low, did ‘science‘ change so much between Fauci claiming in 1999 that we won’t know the end results of vaccines for over a decade and now, when newly concocted vaxxes are being rolled out for seemingly every new variant as if our lives depended upon it, with the full approval of Fauci and the medical establishment?  

Certainly with quadruple vaxxed Biden joining quadruple vaxxed Fauci in ‘catching COVID‘ despite the vaxxes just more proof to everyone paying attention that we’ve been lied to by our public servants every step of the way, why would the long term vaccine trials that Fauci referred to back in 1999 be totally ignored in our present day unless something incredibly sinister was at play? 

As Wayne Allen Root warns in this July 28th story titled “My List of Studies & Government Data from Around World Proving the Covid Vaccine is Dangerous and Deadly, and the Worst Heathcare Disaster in World History,” if you believe what Biden and Fauci have said about the vax, you’re a braindead sheep. From that story.: 

First, I wrote a column about my own personal Covid vaccine death and disease cluster. I wrote about my wedding November 21, 2021 to the beautiful Cindy Parker Root. We’re still in our honeymoon year- that was only eight months ago. But a strange and tragic thing has happened since that date. 33 people that my bride Cindy and I know have either died suddenly, or suffered severe disabling health issues. 

33. That is a remarkable number. That is an unimaginable number. That is an impossible number. That is a one-in-a-billion number. 

Even more remarkable, I did my research and found out all 33 were vaccinated. Yet since that same date eight months ago, not one person I know who is unvaccinated has either died or gotten seriously ill. Quite a case study. Quite a damning cluster of death and disease for one group- the vaccinated. 

I hate to be harsh, but if you see that story and don’t believe something is very wrong…don’t suspect the Covid vaccine is a killer…don’t demand an investigation…don’t demand questions be asked…or still trust anything the government, Biden, Dr. Fauci, the FDA, CDC or your own doctor says about the Covid vaccine…you’re a brain-dead sheep.

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And while there will always be those who completely trust the government and will be the first to line up for any new boosters that are created for any new variants, and that’s certainly their own choice, just as we here at ANP make ours (I’ve personally never even had a ‘flu‘ vax!,) as we were warned in the section above, more and more evidence keeps emerging the vax is nothing less than a killer. 

With Fauci totally ignoring the ‘science‘ from 1999 that dictated trials be carried out on any new vaxxes for many years before determining if they were safe or not, hoping to avoid any scenario where a ‘genie was released from a laboratory-created bottle,’ we’re also way less than 2 years into the COVID vax experiment, with who knows exactly what the end result will be unless it was created for ‘depopulation.’

And with the vast majority of pharmacology, psychiatry, vaccine science and published research a complete fraud in 2022 America as reported in this Natural News story as also heard in the 2nd video at the bottom of this story, as we’re warned, what’s known as ‘vaccine science’ today is nothing but FRAUD, pushing dangerous, deadly experimental injections that they don’t even pretend have succeeded in long-term clinical trials showing safety and efficacy.

The kind of ‘long term clinical trials‘ Dr. Anthony Fauci actually himself touted more than 23 years ago, ‘science‘ that understood that what might look promising or even ‘good‘ at one point could, like a witches brew, turn into something monstrous and disastrous ‘12 years later.‘ 

In the very brief 1st video below from a hearing before a Tennessee House Health Subcommittee featuring medical experts testifying the COVID vaxxes neither prevent someone from getting COVID, passing it on to others or dying from COVID, that’s something most Americans know by now yet they keep pushing ‘the vax is the answer‘, while in the final video, the Health Ranger Report takes a look at Project Coast

Warning us of the historical proof about how race-based depopulation bioweapons are being disguised as “vaccines“, we see how the ‘unsuspecting sheep’ all across America are being set up for the globalists ‘end game‘, especially if the true purpose of these vaxxes is ‘depopulation‘ since they’re clearly not stopping anyone from getting COVID, with Joe Biden and Dr. Anthony themselves proof.

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