Russia Deploys S-300 Within 50 Miles of LATVIA

The Russian Army has deployed S-300 air defense missiles to within 50 miles of the border with LATVIA.

In the image below, a truck carrying S-300 interceptor missiles is seen driving on a road toward LATVIA.

Behind it is the Radar and Fire Control truck:

Behind that are two additional trucks carrying S-300 missiles:

The final deployment location is not yet known (by me) but intel sources tell me that the final location is “beyond artillery range.  It would take a missile strike to take them out– and the S-300 can detect and shoot down most missiles.”

The map below better shows the location where these trucks were caught on camera:

Why Russia is deploying air defense missiles near the LATIVA border is an interesting question.   From the look of it, Russia seems to be actively preparing for an attack BY NATO, and as such, they are preparing vast and varied defenses to defend Russian territory anywhere NATO might strike.