by Adan Salazar February 6th 2023, 1:29 pm infowars

Farmer says nine days after he changed feed he “went from getting zero eggs” to getting close to two dozen.

A chicken farmer claims his hens which had stopped laying for months once again began producing eggs after he switched out his chicken feed.

In yet another video confirming fears of tainted feed, the farmer says nine days after he made the change he “went from getting zero eggs” to getting over a dozen.

“This is what we’ve got in the past three days after we changed from Family Farm and Home Tractor Supply feed,” the farmer said, opening up a carton to show 21 eggs.

“There you go if that isn’t proof that you guys should be changing your feed immediately I don’t know what to tell you. Change your feed,” he urges viewers.

A table provided in the farmer’s YouTube comments showed egg output increased day by day.

The farmer’s evidence comes as other chicken farmers have documented a similar phenomenon on social media claiming their hens suddenly stopped producing eggs – then suddenly began producing again after switching namely from Purina Dumor and Tractor Supply Producer’s Pride feeds.

In a recent fact-check, the Associated Press claimed, “No, sabotaged chicken feed isn’t making backyard hens stop laying.”

The AP looked at the claim: “Chicken feed companies have altered their products to stop backyard hens from laying eggs and drive up demand for commercial eggs.”

“We confirm there have not been formulation changes to Purina poultry feed products,” a Land O’Lakes/Purina rep stated.

A Tractor Supply rep also “confirmed there has been ‘no change to the nutritional profile’ of their products.”

So, according to the AP, the numerous farmers who documented the exact same phenomenon were all wrong and merely victims of a grand coincidence!