Saudi Arabia Unloading U.S. Treasuries; Lowest level in 7 years!

Loss of confidence in the US Dollar is growing. Saudi Arabia has begun earnestly dumping US Treasuries, with the Oil-rich nation now having fewer US Treasuries than anytime in the past 7 years.

This trend with Saudi Arabia is being mirrored by many other countries which are fearful the US has already over-spent itself (into oblivion) and will NOT be able to actually repay the money it owes.

Other countries have also been unloading US debt notes.

As the US sees it’s hegemony over the world slipping away, they are becoming more and more warlike; seemingly TRYING TO START WW3.

Such a war would result in tens of millions of Americans killed, which is exactly, precisely what the US NEEDS TO HAPPEN, so they can cry for debt relief and get out of the debts they owe.